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Reasons Why You Should Never Joke About Breaking Up

Updated on January 7, 2017

I've been recently out of a relationship, and my question for all of you is "should you beg someone to stay?" and "should you go back to someone who begged you to stay?"

During my relationship, I've experienced being happy, sad, jealous, excited, and all the typical feels that you can feel during a relationship. As I can say, our relationship was not the "boring" type. It goes up and down. We didn't have any problem, I enjoyed every moment of it, but there comes a point when the other one doesn't feel it anymore.

We were a happy couple, yes; but I didn't feel it anymore, so I broke it off, he then begged me to stay. From my experience, begging someone who doesn't want to stay doesn't do anything. It only makes the other one feel pity. You shouldn't beg someone to stay with you, because if they really wanted to be there, they wouldn't even think of leaving you. After he begged, I felt pity for him, although I realized how much he loved me and how much he wanted me to stay. It's just not right to go back and be with him again. He deserves more.

I know it's very tempting to go back to someone who loves you so much, but think of that someone too. Does that someone deserve the love you are giving? You wanted to leave that someone and after he begged you, you realized how much that someone loves you, and that someone deserves to be with someone who is sure of them, not someone who needs reassurance for themselves. If you really love someone, you wouldn't do something that will put your relationship at risk.

If you need reassurance, please don't consider them begging for you to stay as a reassurance, think of the him/her too. It puts them in a lot of pain. They swallow their whole pride for you to stay, so please if you ever go back to that someone, please don't ever leave them, because they deserve it.

So before you ever leave someone, think about it hard. Not everyone will beg you to stay and not everyone will go back to how it's used to be. And not everyone will get the chance of that kind of love, so please take care of him/her, while he/she is yours to take good care of.

We are still broken up, we're both happy in our separate ways and I don't regret anything that ever happened between us and even though I haven't been able to fully move on from him and I don't think I ever will, I'm just happy were my life is going.


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