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Signs That Im In-Love

Updated on August 30, 2011

Confusion Of Love

Signs that i am in love is written for the many young men and women that confuse love with infatuation. If you have a crush on someone that doesn't mean you're in love. The truth is that most will never experience what real love is if they are basing it on movies or others seemingly perfect relationships. Having great sex doesn't mean you're in love either. So what does being in love consist of and how can you see the signs that you are falling in love with someone? Its simple and I've layed it out for you....

Being In-Love Tattle Tale Signs

1. You feel a bond like you've never felt

2. You can share your innermost thoughts

3. A happiness fills inside you when you're together and a loneliness when apart

4. You can accept each others short comings

5. You can make certain sacrifices for each other

6. You can willingly accept each others family and friends as your own

7. You'd do just about anything to make each other happy

8. You can be truthful about anything towards one another

9. You know what the other is feeling at any given moment

10. Get past the little arguments

11. Believe in each other

12. Fantasize about starting a life or family with each other

13. The very thought of each other makes you smile

14. Everything feels like the first time all over again

Some say you always remember your first love, but i don't believe that's true. For some the first love is mistaken because it was just a starting point into opening your emotions. I believe you will always remember your exes but that love you thought was there will fade and if love has faded that means it was never there to begin with. Real love never fades no matter how far apart you grow from someone. Real love travels with you and if you're still in love with someone when entering into the next relationship it wont work out because that person wont ever be able to compete with the person in your heart so this is what causes many breakups of fresh relationships.

Is It Just A Crush?

What is a crush? A crush is something entirely different than love. When you have a crush you are thinking about that person everyday,looking forward to seeing them even if just a glance,putting yourself in places just to be close to them,wearing things or doing things to get yourself noticed. Then when you get the attention you wanted from that person you are somehow no longer interested in them and the excitement of the chase ends. A crush is like an infatuation you'd have on one of your favorite movie stars, you know the chances of hooking up with this person and actually staying together are slim to none but at least you have a story to tell later.

I had a crush on a guy named Lorenzo when I was in elementary school, but even though he and I was were real close friends thats all he looked at me as. I was pretty too but yet he chose Shonda because word was out that she did certain things good girls didnt. After the Shonda phase was over he tried to hook up with me as more than a friend but I was already over him and didnt make that move. You do get over a crush, but you never get over love especially when someone you love breaks your heart.


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