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Single Mom Poetry

Updated on August 18, 2013

Way back in time

A spark was lit

Between two lovers

Our hearts just fit

We were so very young

We were careless and free

We lived for the moment

We loved perfectly

We decided to become

Husband and wife

And live happily together

For the rest of this life

Our love was young

It was so fresh and pure

But like every joined couple

We had hardships to endure

Each year we celebrated

One, two and three

Then we decided we wanted

To start a family

Pregnancy didn't come easily

We shed many tears

Unsure if a baby was possible

We had been married six years

Then like a miracle it happened

After so long the wait

We would finally be parents

Nine months to the date

The arrival was early

And my heart gripped with fear

As they told me the news

I didn't want to hear

He would have to stay with them

Until he grew and became stronger

I'd waited this long

I could wait a little longer.

My baby boy was precious

A gift from above

My heart was overjoyed

And filled with new love

The days went by

And then three years had past

We had a second son

My family was complete at last

But what happened next

Would change my life's course

My home ripped apart

By a devastating divorce

I was scared and unsure

What life had in store

Lost and alone

I couldn't take anymore

But then I looked at my boys

And that's when I knew

I'd be faced with challenges

But together we'd make it through

Days turned to months

Then months became years

I watched my boys grow

Through laughter and tears

Ten years down the road

With teenagers today

I'm still all alone

A single mom I stay

I've dated so many

And a few were great fun

But it's just never happened

I've not found the one

I tried to find

But I just couldn't see

How to love someone else

When I didn't love me

This life that I live

Each and every day

This person you see

Is the character I portray

For my heart I can't help

I can't make it trust

It's ability to love again

Has vanished to dust

Often times I'm lonely

And I desire to find

A special man in my life

But it's all in mind

Till the day when my heart

Stops beating I guess

I will never find love

So this I confess

If I look like I'm happy

You may never know

I've learned through the years

My feelings won't show

What you see on the outside

Is not the true me

It's a superb portrayal

Of what I want you to see

I've learned how to lie

And cover up the pain

In private I cry

But my smile I sustain

Don't look at me sadly

I have all I need

My wonderful kids

Give me much love indeed

And if that's all I have

Till the day that I die

Then nothing more i need

And peacefully I will lie.


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