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Some Dating Advice to Boost Dating Proficiency

Updated on April 11, 2014

Dating advice

Dating advice is always helpful to anyone - to those who are just beginning to date, to those who are fairly experienced, to those who are regular daters, and to those who haven't dated for long and then want to start again. Interested or frequent daters should always keep a plentiful stock of dating advice in mind, because different moves work for different people with different backgrounds and opinions regarding what it means to date. One piece of dating advice may work very well for one person, may work only moderately well for another, and may not work or even backfire on another one. There are pieces of dating advice, however, which prove to work for most daters, and here they are:

1. Prepare yourself. Dating is something that can be practiced - it is not just a mere activity used to pass time by. This could be the single most important parcel of dating advice ever given, for it covers not only the activities covered in dating itself, but also the subtle minutiae surrounding dating. While finding out what you really want to get out of dating and also what your idea of a suitable date is are important, prepare yourself also for the rejections that you may meet. How will you respond? Know as much as you can beforehand.

2. Keep yourself fit. This is another piece of dating advice worth remembering for all time - daters can't help relying on first impressions as they see their dates, and they will notice physical appearance first. How can you look your prime? Get physically fit by going to a gym. Eat the right foods and stray away from unhealthy ones. Get enough sleep.

3. Groom yourself well. Nearly a truism, but one dating advice always needing and awaiting emphasis. For is this is forgotten the date will be a disaster. Choose the right apparel for the occasion - you do not want it to be too formal or too casual as to be awkward. Buying new clothes is also an option, although it ultimately is up to the dater on how to bring his or her clothes to the occasion.

4. Meet new people. Typically potential daters do not get dates because even if they have the personality, they do not have the proximity to other people. New people can be met anywhere - from clubs, gyms, sports gatherings, theaters, church, school, etc. There should be at least one person who will prove to be a good match.

5. Get along with like-minded people. This is one underrated dating advice, but something which will decide what you think about dating. Why go with people who think negatively and can possibly implant unfavorable thoughts about dating in your mind? Go along with people who support your dating ventures and can give you advice, and support theirs too.

Dating advice is just as simple as common sense; they just keep reiterating again and again so that they will be remembered in times of necessity. Others are likely to follow this catalogue of dating advice as well, so it is best to be ready by observing the common etiquette.


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