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Some Natural Problems Those We Face In Our Daily Life And Its Solutions

Updated on September 21, 2011

Some Beautiful Life Scraps With Beautiful Quotes To Show the Direction of Life

Some Problems Raise in Life And Its Solutions

Life has been given by God. It is a blessing of god and we are somehow little bit lucky that we are born as human being. It is up to us that how or in which way lead our life. Life – the word somehow has a philosophic significance that how a person look at meaning of life or what a life means to a person. Well it varies from man to man. But we all have some common features that we all have heart, physical parts and we have some qualities like anger, happiness, sorrow, jealous etc. Now it also depends on us that how we use all these qualities and these all are the reason or base of our life style and latter the material need comes.

Now a days it has been seen that we have become very much dynamic in our life and we are having lack in emotion. We are somehow become machine, a machine of earning money. A person who is bound himself into a routine. We neither have that much time to spend with ourselves nor have that much patient to think what going on our surrounding. We sometimes smile remembering our past life, about our childhood. We use to say that childhood was the best time ever in our life; we don’t have tension, nothing to be worried about. But never try that much to come out of all worries those we are facing at the present time. We have become ever ready to compete with each other, but never try to invent something, never think that wow; we have a new thing to learn. But in the race of life, where there is no livelihood, we have become very slow and slowly we go far away from our closed one. Due to lack of spending time with each other, we even become unable to think what our partner, our children our parents or those who are close to us are thinking about, how much they use to miss us. We become unable to recognize their depression. Material needs are not sufficient to live a happy life along with those we need mainly emotional support, mental support, and love from each other, which we cannot give properly due to our work pressure.

And due to feeling lonely we get so much depressed and feel ourselves insecure. We use to think whether our partner don’t love me any more, whether they have someone else in their life or whether we did something wrong. This may also cause a type of lack of self-confidence. Such mental depression goes to that level that it seems almost impossible to bring them back in their normal life and even some also becomes mad for this. Sometimes it seems that they are talking less, not responding to your conversations and even their emotional attachment has been got down so much, they cannot think emotionally properly and even rationally. All these are just for long time depression that they were facing or suffering which they could not able to speak out to any body and we have a lack of time to listen carefully all their problem and even to think about it. Sometimes when they came to us to say about their feelings, we react to them very badly and even don’t bother that they were hurting. And when we come to understand it has been too late.

In case of children same can also happen. They all time want their parents to be always with them. But now mother-father both is earning to get a successful and luxurious life. After doing hard work for hours when we come to home get too much tired so that we cannot be able to give that much attention to our child that what they are eating or saying, many time they use to spend with the governess. Sometimes they also don’t behave properly with our children and our children become mentally depressed slowly. When they come to us to explain we also don’t bother too much also don’t pay that much attention that what they are saying actually or we think that they are just saying to get freedom to play or do something else. But it is very rare that we properly listen to them. Beside this in holidays we use to be busy in teaching them and even if they request to play with them we ignore it by saying look I have so many works, don’t disturb, then they again become hopeless and depressed. Then they started playing with machine, especially we all have computers in our home and they become familiar with that machine, they started watching TV, or playing vide games, And they also become physically unfit as they don’t do such physical work. Study pressure, home work pressure and ignorance from parents all make them mentally apart from their parents and sometimes they start going in a wrong way. Then we stated blaming on them that they are not listening to us, they forget how to behave with their parents and all manners. But we ignored the base where the seed was bowed long times before when they were unable to understand what is good or bad. It is up to us to guide them properly from the very beginning of their life by giving those maximum times.

I am not saying that, just leave all your works and spend all time with your family only. My concern is to create a balance between work and family. Professional and personal life should be stayed in their limits. We should be very careful that if one is not overtaking the other one. Otherwise the problem will arise. I am saying that during work we can also be in touch with our closed one. Now in the generation of technology we have so many things in our hand to use and which also don’t consume so much time. We can call them just for a couple of minutes and ask what they are doing and what is going or anything else, then send them some messages also during work, now we all have mobile phone is our hands and sending a message does not take a huge amount, its very easy for us to type and send messages within minutes and within a reasonable price. To show them a direction we take also help of messages where indirectly and in a different way we can show them the right way either at the time of when they are sad or they have any problem or at any time when we feel better to send. Even at weekend we can go for a short tour also that is also a good way to spend time together. And in case of shortage of time we can at least go out for a movie twice in a month or some place where there some entertainment are available along with our family members. Every day at least we can do dinner together and gossip with each other and that is also a better way to know what is going on in our family and then we can also share the problems that our closed one suffers and make a solution.

We all have internet connection in our home or we often go to cyber café to spend sometimes by searching net. So there is a good chance to communicate with each other. There are so many social sites and we can keep in touch with each other through those sites where we can send them beautiful scraps. Now there are so many sites available with huge collection of images like Funny scraps, Life Scraps, Friendship Scraps, Love Scraps, and Nature Scraps etc. And it’s also very easy for us to send those scraps just by copying the code and paste that to the others’ profile. Similarly so many messages sites are also available with their huge collection such as Humour SMS, Friendship SMS, Life SMS, Advice SMS, and Love SMS etc to send. We can also get messages from there which we can think fit to send. Those can also help them to think what is good or bad and also get entertainment from those. Where by saying something we don’t able to bring a smile on their face, a single message can do that easily and speaks all the unspoken words that we want to share with them and they can also help them from getting out of being bored. Over all its up to us that how much we are concern about our family and our closed one, about them whom we love, who are close to our heart. Its up to us that how much we are interested in our family and which one is important to us, whether our family or our work. It is not right to say whatever we are doing is for our family, because in doing so we get apart from them slowly and slowly. Earning money is very important but not in exchange of the happiness and comfort those we get from our beloved persons and their love.


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