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Succession of Nature

Updated on October 12, 2015

Can’t change the spots

Natural descent was explained in that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Both aspirations and failures can be compartmentalized with such perspective. We all have faced the bothersome fact of not wanting to be like our parents, and turns out we’ve become just that. But the perspective of the line is where this and any article should start.

While routine is mistakenly done to exhibit destructive habits, so also do we employ models of success which become leading examples we all relate to, as if we should follow in order to attain the type of status we want for.

In this article can we explore some ideas that can help us determine cause and affect the why of our actions and if we’re following suit, in relation to the where we come from? I should like to open my own heart and story first in how I’ve recognized this to be true based upon those I work with and minister to. This will help us realize how evident can be stories so near and dear to our own lives and families.

As I think about the many errors I’d made relationally, saying hurtful things because I was once hurt, can seem a bit irresponsible when just making excuse for actions. But, who hasn’t done this? We do and say things as hurt to our ego, and seek revenge to avenge and save the status of our pride so that it can live in harmony with the world around.

Perhaps the thought of growing out of it helps, and to some degree, but succession in nature defies and resurrects a law unto us all. We’ll never escape the patterns by overdeveloping but by addressing the concerns first, and so from there can we discover some answers together?

Return to the trough

As hopeful wants and wishes meet with repeated actions, I really found this to be true for me even 2 decades after the first time displaying such behaviors, which is why I have brought this to get examined. Because I see this so many times during a course of the week, when men cause the same turmoil year after year not knowing why they find no power or capacity to change it, can disturb us.

Whole communities can suffer under such ills with recidivism and chronic health issues and disorders that pose threat to the security of that particular community. Let’s learn together to inventory such things in our lives, again whether for the good or for the bad, we must take inventory of our lives:

1. What motivated your expectation?

By now you should already be aware of the fact that any relationship, even with yourself has to have proper, acceptable expectations. Much frustration can begin with taking inventory in this area. Being too hard on yourself doesn’t make you a better, it only makes you a “frustrate-er”. Being too soft also has the same want to be inconsistent.

Setting the bar too low can seem a good idea, but never drives anyone to mature through a matter, but only in their mind will they feel achievement until a tough situation shall arise and we’re defeated by that simple succession of nature.

Determine to prove yourself to be the aware keeper of the success and failure often, so when encountering each issue in light of, you can know how to respond based upon your expectations. You know what you want the picture to look like each day. Determine to get out there and paint it in accordance with that talent you have.

Don’t waste energy and time on frustrations and pity-parties, reset and go after the expectations to improve and refine the passion based on skill set, or sphere of influence.

2. What do you see?

You will never see the offender until you first see the offender in the mirror. This image holds true for success too. You must picture prior to what you desire to see first, before you’ll see it. Focus solely on what you’re currently seeing, and what you want to see. So put the mental image in your mind long enough and sure enough so that when looking in the mirror you’ll discover portrayal.

After aligning what you see with what you believe expectation-wise, put the patterns to work by your communication. Your speech, your actions, and your deeds should all align with the image you saw. Get in the habit of looking in the mirror each day, and discover what you see about yourself and write those things down as in a journal.

We all can look without seeing and see with looking; we all can forget quickly what we saw in the mirror previously because of certain situations arise that we can’t control. Don’t let that disturb you, but again refocus on expectations and communication and reset to excel. This must be a matter of daily discipline. Use grit and determination to overcome such things constantly.

3. Adjust techniques, tactics, and procedures

Level of input, determines strength of recipe sounds like something from the Cooking Channel, and probably is since I just made it up to prove a point. We get out of something obviously what we put in. If you want to be just like the bad example that’s a reflection of what you try hard to avoid, do nothing. The recipe will turn out the same each time.

If you want to improve it, try new techniques or new tactics and see how they work out. If they do, fine. Write those things down in your journal. Take note of what works and what doesn’t. Maybe those things are right but in the wrong order, so try new procedures.

Think deeply and thoroughly about how to line up your adjustments with you expectations and communications so that the picture you’re seeing looks better, more clearly defined. When this new image begins to develop, don’t stop but continue on looking for opportunities to leverage better chances to improve upon, update, and re-evaluate your situation and lot.

Doom is the edge

In closing there’s always going to be continuous frustration and rejection. Don’t allow these to be focal points, but reference points from your journal. For what seems a hopeless elusive pursuit is exactly where a shattered bulb, if it holds any value begins a tedious process of restoration.

Unless a seed goes in the ground and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, the element of regeneration occurs giving new life qualitatively which is the hope for all of us no matter our spiritual beliefs.

Hope we’ve discovered something of value today that can be a starting line for your life as it has been for mine.


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