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Surrounding yourself with positive people

Updated on January 25, 2012
Happiness the true key to a successful life
Happiness the true key to a successful life

Making your life worth living

How many times in a day have you encountered negative, nasty people, that totally drain you and your life? They are constant complainers about life, their health, money, and all the turmoil they live in.

Sometimes we all encounter these people, however you have to seperate yourself from them and be determined that they won't ruin your day.

In this life you should surround yourself with happy people who are positive and love themselves and life. In order to have happiness in your life you have to have loving people on your side. As long as you keep hanging out with negative people, you will be negative also.

We all know that you must love yourself in order to love others better, but you also have to surround yourself with love to enjoy life.

Some people will say I only need my dog to make me happy but I can't imagine life without my family and few friends.

If you are one of those negative people who complain constantly about your health, money, life, your agony, then you need to do something about it or get help. No one wants to spend the day with a downer every single day of their life.

We all have bad days and bad times in our life, but if every day for you is bad and you can't find one ounce of happiness in your life then you may be depressed or suffering from something and should get checked out. No one should be unhappy every single day.

Surround yourself with love and positive thoughts even if your not having the best time in your life. Life is only what you make it and if you don't try to make it happy then you will spend it being miserable.

We can't always get rid of people who are unhappy in our lives such as our co-workers or bosses but you can try to turn their frown upside down by showing them love.

Don't worry be happy!


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    • celeste inscribed profile image

      Celeste Wilson 4 years ago

      Nice article, I always say, laughter is my walking stick, it won't let me fall.

    • profile image

      Tammi 6 years ago

      Great article! One of my favorite things to do for myself is to always be on the lookout for opportunities to do small acts of kindness for strangers. Small things like letting someone pull in front of me at the last minute on the freeway, a kind word to a convenience store clerk when the previous customer was a jerk, anything that may make just enough of a difference that they are nice to the next person they encounter. It doesn't change the world but who knows, it may circle back to me one day when I need that small act of kindness on a dark day...

    • Kristin Baldonado profile image

      Kristin Baldonado 6 years ago from San Pedro, CA

      good stuff