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Secrets About Women Decoded

Updated on September 10, 2012

Women are the complement of us, males. They were created to be our companion and more than just a friendly partner. We all have a mother who raised us and happened to be a female. From the beginning of times they were, like they say, almost 'behind the scenes.'

The typical Neolithic woman was behind her male partner from the beginning of the human tale. We are sure that sex was part of their every day lifestyle. Going to our point of discussion: There are five senses in a woman that decide at the end of her own physical and mental experience which male of interest will eventually win her heart or her despise.


Our Looks

Some women pay attention to every detail, including colors and even that trendy perfume or cologne. We can say that by age fourteen, they know how we looking at our fingernails, and the particular way of approaching them, and not forgetting that 'staring.'

A tie, a belt, a too thick eyebrow, or the way we males move our lips, and even the shape of it; too rounded on the edges, too shiny, too wet.


Our Attitude

Some women by the age of 12, are already memorizing or putting together a profile of their prospective future boyfriend. Indeed, they talk about it on that women's restroom and even in the back of our cars. Most of them start a rough profile after their father's ways. You might say I hated my dad! What about that math teacher? Or your uncle who spoiled you more than your own dad? Well women need a male figure just to have a purpose of her sweet existence. Those high heels are waiting for you Jane!



A hidden and almost subtle perspiration might start the spark to make the genetic move on both sides. Ever wonder why women love men who work ou,t and flex those muscles? Not you Lady Ga-Ga. There is a hidden reaction in the Hypothalamus. A chemical reaction that will make women act silly or ready to run away from you!

A YOUNG Little GIRL inside.

Who we can appeal to. They love that attention, those surprises...mmh! those candies or chocolates needed ever 28 days or so....Did you get the point? And why pink, huh? and the hush in women's chat, which is stopped as soon as we male butt in. Some hate our football games, but love those 'chic flicks.' They need us in the end, and they need attention with no end.

They Want That conservative male inside Tarzan

Sure, that might be changing by now. Young girls are keeping up with the times. Nostalgia from mom's times are almost stinct. Some romantic ways..which most of us(males) have almost forgotten all about are giving way to the informal chatting. But when they grow older and double check that life already half way, they want to go back to the basics, and some just settle with the smartest.

That Nasty Male Inside the average dude...

Women , Oh Lord!! They love that "macho" with lots of imagination. The Jane from 200 years ago is still in them to keep up with Prince William and that Royal protocol. Just a very graphic example: how many times did they have to grab your hands and makeyou slap them the side of those hips, or maybe buttocks? And they almost surprised will mutter, "Oh my God, Steve, you might think I'm a whore, which I'm not! Harder now, please"

A guy in charge or else!

Is just genetics and inherited behavior. Women love a man, a male who knows what he wants from her and absolutely, from Life. No revenge of the nerds apply in here.

That survival of the fittest

Women will search out and away according to their needs. A supermodel won't even look for that Garbage man. Jane Doe won't even try to get Bratt Pitt, Unless Angelina files for divorce! or dump him... but nice try. She's got her man and it seems that for quite a few years...Sorry Jenny Aniston and... Ricky Martin.


I love talking to you (especially after sex). Which is hard for us males... after sex, we tend to fall asleep due to a hormone...which I forgot to get hold of its technical name.

Wow! every day you look better!

Take my platinum credit card and go shopping! Forget about the economy, or those tips for saving money.

Can we just hold hands, Kathy? Lets go for a walk. I want to go to that lake where... I kissed you for the first time. Women might say: 'What's wrong with him? Maybe This ass## cheated and want to mend his act!' Please Kathy Why are you checking out my cell's text messages? Would you stop it?


What do you want selfish male? A woman who feels needed every night? Or just the partner who was already 'conquered' and will go back to her only... only if you need intimacy again. Is that fair? Put yourself in her own shoes...alright! You need to go to work tomorrow morning and you don't have time for this foolish, corny, mellow and presumptuous need of your own woman!

You have been warned. There is... I remember this woman that got tired and told her hubby. I make love in this house at 11pm. whether you are here or not!! This guy made sure he was home every night at 10PM. He'd miss that Superbowl with his buddies and friends. He'd make sure he let Buster, his dog out, before 11pm. Buster? Why did she named him Buster anyway?


Women might say that, but is the sign that you have reached a point of no return! Sensations and arousal are 'one on one.' They might say...nah!! who then, us? Nooo! is you guys who just want to get in our pants! Although... can you help me to scratch my back..?



Well my friend, between you and me...shhh! If she tells you, "Oh pleaseee! Steve can't you kiss any better? I mean I will have to teach you..!" That means you are done, Finito, Kapput!

Body Language-- Heidi Montag


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  • Levertis Steele profile image

    Levertis Steele 6 years ago from Southern Clime

    People say that boys need good, supportive male figures. True. They also need good, supportive female figures, their first teachers of understanding and appreciating women. I have known men who divorced their wives because they misunderstood a simple issue that was just "a woman's thing."

    One day someone will add to academic curriculums "Understanding the Phenomenal Woman" and that should be a required course for all males.

    Once I was in a public place and overheard a man talking to a female on a cell phone. Exasperated, he disconnected, turned to me (a stranger) and asked, "Why do you women act like that!" Speechless, I just smiled and starred. He collected himself and added, "Oh, that was my wife. Women!" He walked away.

    This is a very interesting and informative hub, and your writing style kept me engaged. I am appreciative.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hey Epi!

    Thank you my friend!... you know what do you deserve? a poem from your best friend....ready?

  • epigramman profile image

    epigramman 6 years ago the title here and of course the way you write in your own inimitable style - and that's what makes you stand out from the rest - your perspectives when it comes to writing are unique and fresh and witty ....

    lake erie time ontario canada 6:59am I'm sure there's a parallel article out there somewhere called THE SECRETS ABOUT MEN DECODED .....

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Ok, Thanks for the reading. More was left behind but oh well... We need to find out what they really want...I cannot give it all away. I'm 100% male and my feminine side gets lost on that thin I gotta be careful. Just joking!

  • profile image

    leann2800 6 years ago

    huh? I will agree to disagree. But, I don't disagree with your writing style. It caught my attention to the very end.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Carrie. Thanks so much for your appreciation. You were a real inspiration!

  • carriethomson profile image

    carriethomson 6 years ago from United Kingdom

    WOW great hub!! i have always heard men saying... women are just impossible to understand, i guess this hub is for all of them!! THE SECRETS ABOUT WOMEN DECODED :) up and intesting!!