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The Toilet Seat Personometer

Updated on January 10, 2015

The Toilet Seat Tells a Lot About You

Let me preface this article by saying, I do not have a college research group that has looked this up and tested it for me. I do not have any facts outside of observation. Sometimes being observant produces better results and they are usually more accurate. I put my thoughts together on this subject by asking myself this question. Why do I always shut the toilet seat when I am finished taking care of my business? What does that say about me?

Toilet Seat Down

The Toilet Seat Down Type

I am most likely to leave the toilet seat down where ever and when ever I am finished. I am more familiar with this type because this is the category that I would fall under. So, why do I shut the toilet seat.? I would have to think that a reason would be that I am thinking of the next person who may need to use it. The next person may not need the seat up to complete their business and putting the seat down helps them to start with a fresh slate so to speak. At my house the men in the family shut the seat unless they are waking from a perfect sleep to do what needs to be done. My wife will verify that in our restroom the seat is normally down. In a public area the seats are normally all up so if I am forced to use a toilet instead of the more convenient avenue, yes I will shut the toilet seat. If I do not leave the seat down I feel like I am being a little lazy and inconsiderate, unless the seat is not sanitary at all then I will pass. I also think that it compliments cleanliness by having the seat down. I like to look nice without being arrogant and my habitual toilet seat placement could say that I like nice and neat. In the thought process of placing the toilet seat down it states that something of this nature is not below me it could show a humble side that some people need to realize is very important. I am not forced by the powers that be to always put down the toilet seat but it is something that I do willingly because believe it or not it is part of what makes me who I am or who I am perceived to be.

Toilet Seat Half Open Half Shut

The Toilet Seat Half Down Type

Okay, when I use a public restroom, it seems the half down types are more than evident. It seems that more often than not these types of people perhaps are the most rampant. They aren't thinking of being sanitary or considerate. They are people who most likely have high stress situations that they can't figure out. They obviously do not wait for completeness because they leave a telltale dribble on the seat and make someone else worry about it. They are most likely impatient and are almost impossible to please. I could see these people not even taking the time to clean their hands, just head for the door. The main thought perhaps on these minds are deadlines, goals, and how to make a fast buck. There minds probably are not even thinking of the now. They are somewhere not even close to their present situation. They very likely lack an almost lost art form entitled common sense. The half down types fit the majority of the general public and a toilet seat left half open and half closed could be the sign of a degenerating society.

Toilet Seat Left Up

The Toilet Seat Left Up Type

Now we arrive at the toilet seat left up types. These types of people you can almost see coming half a mile away. They usually are not concerned about their appearance. It is more of a "whatever" look. They may not be overly hygiene friendly and as they get closer you can smell them. They are usually loud and boisterous and tell stories that would make an exaggeration look for a better definition. They are usually people who speak their minds before there mouth can stutter to a stop. These people have a tendency to stick their shoe size in their mouth and think they did the right thing by speaking.

Some of these people are too high and mighty to shut the toilet seat, it is below them. Someone that they may look down upon should shut the toilet seat. These people are the most likely to leave the facility without even flushing away their business. These people also seem to be more prone to germaphobia and are usually the ones who will use half of a roll of toilet paper to set their haunches on, and then leave the bun dressing for the next person to flush. They have a tendency to not know whether or not they are just going in, or just going out. They are usually more concerned about themselves then anyone else. They are the" my way or the highway" type people and their crap doesn't stink. They could be defined as lazy and most do not show respectfulness in certain given situations.

The Final Flush

Before you began to ask your friends, family, or coworkers how they leave the toilet seat, think about a time when you remember using a restroom. Maybe the place is packed and you have to go extremely bad. There is a line and you are forced to wait for a throne. Finally, it is your turn and the person before you steps out and you step in. Did you not look to see what type of person came out? Did it not determine your plan of attack as you began to take care of your business? What did the next person in line think about you when you stepped out? Did you leave a personality trait with the toilet seat? The person before you did. If you think about this just a little bit, you will start to agree that observations made by a person who has been in customer interaction situations for nearly 20 years, is very close to correct. If you have been acquainted with a church restroom situation, the same observations do apply. As a matter of fact, wherever you go where there is a restroom situation, you will have to agree that a toilet seat up, down, or half and half, (if they even leave you a choice) can and will define a particular part of a persons personality.

What type are they?

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    • onegoodwoman profile image

      onegoodwoman 5 years ago from A small southern town

      Ok authour and are as you are...............

      I will not interfere..................but this is not the " fight" that I choose to have with my hubby. To me, it is not just a GREAT thing to drop the seat cover.

      I would rather, the focus of my husband, be, on how another, violated me.....................

      I will not, myself, stand, for vilotation..................but, really, seat up or down?

    • novascotiamiss profile image

      novascotiamiss 5 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

      To answer your questions. The toilet seat really does matter to me, because I am a girl and I don't like to plonk my behind down in a hurry, on an ice cold toilet.... That's why we bought the self-closing toilet seat, because of my often forgetful husband. However, mentioned gadget has it flaws. It closes itself when given a little push - and then it closes automatically and slowly. In other words, it only works when forgetful husbands remember to kick-start it... I do close the toilet lid when expecting visitors for etiquette reasons (after all there are people like you who feel offended, when they find an open toilet bowl starring at them). I also close it, when I flush down solids (apparently it's more hygienic). However, this brings me to the question: Shouldn't I disinfect the inside of the lid, each time I've flushed. After all, somebody might actually sit down on the toilet and lean his/her back against it. Maybe the Italians with their hole in the ground toilets have figured it all out? Not very pretty to look at but definitely more hygienic - and above all, no seats/lids etc. to close....

    • The Fridge profile image

      The Fridge 5 years ago

      Very interesting comment. I was raised very differently then the way I am currently. I did not have a sex change or a brain transplant. I look back at my upbringing and see the changes I have made are more hygienic friendly.

      A question for you would be if the toilet seat really doesn't matter why do you shut it when you are expecting company? If the toilet seat does not say something about you what is the point of buying a self closing one? I am not dishing your comment just kind of provoking thought.

      The article as mentioned is from observation being in the public realm. As far as personally, having two boys and two girls we, (my wife & I) have taught our boys to pick up and put back. The ladies in my house are much pleased about our consideration.

      Thank You for your comment I appreciate it. With your permission I will place you on my follow list.

    • novascotiamiss profile image

      novascotiamiss 5 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

      Interesting and unusual hub. I believe only men will leave the toilet seat up, women would never do that. I guess this has practical reasons. The average boy does not sit down to pee, whereas of course a girl does. So while the boy pees while standing, he sometime dribbles over the toilet bowl (incl. the seat). Nobody likes to find a toilet seat full of dribbles, so many mothers ask their sons to rather put up the seat while doing their business. .... and then of course they forget to put it down afterwards. At least, that's the explanation my husband has given me, and in a way it sounds logical. I believe that the majority of men will leave the seat up, and the only way to get rid of this ingrained behavior is to have a brain transplant or a sex change. Since my husband has many other good qualities I will put up with his bad behavior most of the times. Nobody is perfect, not even me. I'm a woman who leaves the toilet seat half open, half shut most of the times (unless I'm expecting visitors). Why I'm doing this? For practical reasons. If I get the urge in the middle of the night and I'm half asleep, I just want to plonk my behind down and start my business. There's nothing worse and more unhygienic than being in a hurry and sitting down on an ice-cold lid. I don't think that the way somebody leaves the toilet seat has got anything to do with lacking hygiene, education or not caring for their appearance. It probably has more to do with their gender & upbringing. By the way, we've solved the problem by purchasing a self-closing toilet seat & since my husband used to dribble, he's now in charge of cleaning the bathroom. And I'm proud to admit that he does a fine job! So you see, there's always a solution to every problem.

    • badegg profile image

      Del Banks 5 years ago from Southern Appalachians

      I leave the toilet seat up because it makes it easier for the dog to drink out of the bowl. My wife leaves it half down for her convenience, as does my son (30) because he's too lazy to lift it even when peeing (and never educated, though!).

      This hub was an interesting concept, with a lot of time invested in photographing the perfect facilities and devoted research. I am looking forward to see what you might write about the average urinal, the urinal screens, etc. Bowl and urinal deoderizers are also interesting topics, and the fun with those begins outside the bathroom!

      Good job! Voted up and funny!.

    • The Fridge profile image

      The Fridge 6 years ago

      This article is not meant to beat up "your man" it is strictly an observation of the general public of which I have been privy to. No pun intended.

    • onegoodwoman profile image

      onegoodwoman 6 years ago from A small southern town

      so what if my hubby leaves the seat up? ( he does)

      He,also recharges the vehicles with A/C

      mows the yard

      insulates the water pipes

      sees to the puppies and kittens ( of the neighbors) that choose to give birth within our shelters

      changes the oil

      mows the grass

      programs the TV, the phones, answers the wake up alarms,

      strings the clotheslines, rebalances the washining machines, takes his money to the joint banking account...........

      Really, ladies, do you want to beat your man up, because of a toilet seat?

      Of all possible this your best fight?

    • Everyday Miracles profile image

      Becki Rizzuti 6 years ago from Indiana, USA

      I very much prefer the seat to be down. I was raised that way and so was my husband. It just looks that much cleaner to have it down!