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To My Surprise, a Miracle Happened

Updated on March 7, 2018
Mek Kamongmenan profile image

Mek H. Kamongmenan is a senior tutor of law at the School of Law, University of Papua New Guinea, and a lawyer.

God revealed something strange to me

I slept in my house at 8 Mile Settlement, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and woke up early in the morning at about 6 am and went out. I went further up the mountain at the back of my house. My mind was focused in going right up to the top of the mountain and I looked beyond the Waigani swamp and to the North East direction, where the new Duram Farm Housing Scheme is preparing ground for building houses.

When I was at the mountain or hill top, I saw a small blue-coloured Holy Bible which was left there. I took a good look at that Bible and looked around to see if anybody was there. To my surprise I could not see anyone so I bent forward and picked up the Holy Bible. I checked carefully to see the owner and its address are written on. There was a name written and it was stated that that Bible was given to that person as a present at one of the 8 Mile church, but was not indicating any particular church. Furthermore, I glanced through the Bible from the beginning to the end of it and identified that it was a combination of Old Testament and New Testament.

Just after few minutes later, I left the Holy Bible where it was and went towards the North West side of the Hill to excrete and after a while I went back to the location of the Holy Bible to pick it up. When I was just standing at the side of the Holy Bible and looked towards the East, I saw the sun was shining bright and rays were directed straight at the Holy Bible. There was inner mind spoke to me that I took up the Holy Bible in my hands and looked at the sun rising. With the Holy Bible in my hands I stood straight up and faced the sun rose for more the 7 minutes and gradually its rays withdrew and the sun went hiding in the clouds. Then eventually the sun covered itself in the clouds and I took the Holy Bible and went back to my house.

In the house, I told this extra ordinary event to my wife, my son and my daughter. Soon after completion of unfolding the strange news to my family, I carefully put the Holy Bible on a shelf where we use to put the Bibles and other books.

Moreover, I have another very special event which is similar to this happening that took place at my birth time. I was given-birth by my mother, in the early hours of a morning, some 36 years ago, in a small village called Lyaipilam in the upper Lagaip area of Laiagam district, in the Lagaip/Porgera Electorate of Enga of Papua New Guinea.

My place of birth was in a woman house, further inside where the pig pens where used to be built on the either sides. In between these pigs pens of either sides, there used to be space provided for feeding the pigs, amongst others and also to exit through to the final chamber where persons use to sleep. My mother was delivering there, while my father and his brother in-law, who is a husband of one of my Aunties.

Suddenly after a while my father and Uncle heard that I as a child was crying while giving birth by my mother. As soon as I was born my mother was cleaning up and preparing herself of all the after birth, my father physically saw a strange event took place afterwards.

While my father was laying down on his bed outside the next chamber of the house, where the fire place used to be located, he could see a strange hand of an unique man, holding a big black book, moving through two bright strong rays of light that was directing towards where I was laying gentle in the arms of my mother. When my father saw that strange happening, he warned his brother in-law, not to disturb the event, by saying these words as per quoted and translated: “ Lyarip oh, there is a hand of man coming alone two rays of light and trying to give a big black book to the newly born child so please don’t disturb. Let us see what happens”.

After hearing these warning words, Mr. Lyarip joined in tune with my father and watched with opened eyes the first even happening that unfolded as per prior planned by nature. Slowly and precisely the special event unfolded as the two men witnessed it. The hands held the big black book and travelled through the two colourful bright rays of light, towards the newly born child. Just within few minutes, the big black book was eventually brought near to the child and then it delayed for some few seconds, and the event came to its completion.

My father was so surprised and filled with great desire to recall the event and also to celebrate the special event and the birth of the special child, he took out some of money which he used to keep. He asked my uncle to go and purchase some beef mutton from nearby village of Yokonda. While my uncle was in the progress of going off to the other village, one of my Uncle named Lanira Wambuin, without being informed of my birth, he brought a young pig towards the gate of my house, claiming ownership of me as his child, saying that as per quoted and translated:

“the strong trees of Yapok use to fall at the early stages of their lives so as it will happen usually, but I heard that a boy child was born so here I am bringing this pig for the birth day party”.

To celebrate the unique event, beef mutton was bought and that pig was slaughtered and there was a great birth day party for me. I was named as Paki and my father’s name is Kandeol , are both Engan language names and when you combine these two names and translate them together in English, it stands as “Power I see”.

Therefore, there is a special interest of the nature in me so the first event was still part of the later event. As for myself, I know for sure that the Lord Almighty had and has a special, an unique, exceptional plan for me and my life.

I sincerely appreciate God for his special unique plan for my life and selecting among billions of people in this world. Thanks and honour the God Almighty.


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