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Ten Types of Men that Women Dread Marrying

Updated on July 12, 2020

Women have a lot of expectations when getting married to their “ideal men”. However, this expectations turns out to be a disappointment when reality strikes that their husbands is not the kind of men they had hoped for. Few men can tell their wives that they are looking forward for them to foot all the house bills including rent while they are lazing around. There are also the kinds of men who consider adultery as their lifestyle while others are just sycophants. Here are ten types of men women regret living with.

The Sycophant

This one doesn’t want to see his wife greet even his neighbor or any person. He becomes mad when the wife goes out and delays even slightly to report back. He has to regularly check her phone to see if there are men saved on her phone and who are they. In-fact, he would end up calling strange numbers to ensure that they are not her side chick

The lazy type

Yes, there are men who prefer being house husbands than being the providers. Since he is naturally lazy and cannot do “hard” jobs, the chap has to ensure that he is marries a financially stable woman whom he will depend on for everything. He has to look for one who is able to foot all bills including house rent as he lazes around home. He wakes up at 10am, serves himself tea after which he proceeds to watching series and afro-cinema. He doesn’t even bother washing utensils or even cooking as he considers these tasks as woman’s jobs.

Mamas Boy

Women regret living with someone who considers himself a husband but who is controlled by his mother. At 38, the chap is still receiving instructions on whether to take his wife for a date or whether to buy that plot in Kangundo road. He also occasionally takes part in gossiping her with the mother on what kind of family they are hailing from or how fat she is becoming since leaving her home. For a mama’s boy, the mother in law is the boss of the family and can even wake the son’s wife at 5am to run some errands.

The argumentative type

There are men who like arguing even for non-issues. Their presence in the house or home is considered a nuisance as he is always looking for something to argue about. From the food not being cooked to his taste to the wife receiving business or work related calls late in the day, the list of things to argue about are endless for this chap.

The secretive one

With this one, his wife will never know how much he earns since he tears up the payslip as soon as he gets it. He also wakes up one day and buys a car. In short, he doesn’t engage his wife with his plan and she has to learn through proxies or friends that he bought land in Ngong forest which is about to be repossessed by the government.

The one minute man

All women wish to be satisfied sexually and so the experience of a one minute man is a daunting one for many of them. Probably suffering from some kind of sexual dysfunction, the guy is quite poor in bed and leaves her wife hanging after a one minute exercise that sees him off a sleep. The wife has to find exercises to avoid his sexual advances that always leave her high.

The Workaholic

Most of the time, he is on business trips and always arrives late claiming to having been holed up in business meetings. Once he is in the house, he gets immersed in newspapers and TV after which he proceeds to “complete” the day’s tasks from his laptop. He never gives the wife or children the attention they deserve as he is always busy with work. However, he comes to his senses when he realizes that the wife is no longer interested in him and leaves him alone.

The Womanizer

This one is naturally promiscuous and has a habit of flirting and sleeping around with different women. Whatever the wife does doesn’t make him cool down since the behavior is deep down in his blood strain. The grandfather probably had ten wives and several concubines and the behavior has trickled down the family line. The woman’s cries and pleadings to her husband to stop the behavior has always fallen into deaf hears.

The Silly Drunkards

There is no woman on earth who would like a man who spends all his income drinking. Regrettably, some of these addicted alcoholic men are a nuisance since a part from contributing nothing financially; he even has to sell household items just to quench his unending thirst. However, the woman has to hold on for the sake of the children, social stigma, or the hope that his man will one day leave the habit. This man is never at home but spends most of the time at the club or bar.

The liars

These ones have been living on lies. He lured the woman into marriage using lies of how his farming project at the village is about to reap him fortunates. He has also been sustaining this throughout the marriage and always telling the wife of how his uncle who works at state house is about to give him a job as a director in one of these parastatals. However, a closure scrutiny will tell you that none of these is true.


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