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Ten Ways For A Women to Get A Man

Updated on June 8, 2014

Ten ways for Women to Get a Man

Ten ways for Women to Get a Man
Ten ways for Women to Get a Man | Source

Ten ways for Women to Get a Man

I love the scent of women,this is the first thing I can tell about a women. There are many things women do that gain my attention so here are ten ways women get a man’s attention. The essence of a women coming around a corner and smell of her perfume blowing with her can be very flirtatious. With a women being dressed in a pretty skirt and top or jeans and a t shirt can get attention from some men.

Ten ways for women to get a man’sattention:

1. Wear perfume that has an essence of flowers and cool fresh smell

2. Wear high heels with tight jeans on if your body fits the jeans just right.

3. Drive a man crazy with tossing your hair and the aroma of your shampoo

4. Anything leather on leather pants and tops, very sexy

5. Cowboy boots and a short denim skirt with a tan and not much else

6. Walking by and then glancing back to look

7. Ear ring’s that are circular and large of gold or silver

8. Wearing a tight T-shirt with no bra and jeans with high heels

9. Smiling and actually saying,” How are you!” with a smile.

10. Sitting next to a women on a train or airplane and she leans her head on your shoulder

Ok these are ten ways for women to get a man's attention. These are my fetishes, and though I think are keen, does not mean all men would like these attributes as well. How did I come up with such a list, visualization while I was typing and having just looked at a Maxim magazine. The few are from experiences such as the putting their head on my shoulders on a long flight, makes you feel like she is bonding with you only to find out she forgot you were not her husband and how sorry she was. This is way cool you have a woman whom is on the same flight and you keep having these glances at the line to board and then she sits next to you for a two hour trip is pretty nice also.

Everything seems sensual not sexual in what I named as the ten ways for a women to get a man, The ideas are tricks for the female to practice on men, yet most males driven by their ego's are afraid to approach these types of feminine women. Unfortunately, I live in the country and rarely get to see this type of action; my imagination runs wild with the article. There are time when I see this type of girl in a convenience store with cowboy boots , and short denim skirt on and looking fire hot. I imagine it’s the whole package that turns me on, she turns and says, ”Hello”, that makes a man’s life worth living and maybe a night he will not forget, definitely something to tell your male friends about her.

Let me tell the ladies this one they already know, you wear a nice short dress and whisk by a guy you want to get his attention from. Make sure you have on some sexy perfume, the nose knows where to go from there, and if he does not lift his head to see where that aroma came from he is most definitely gay or has no life worth your time. The gay man will at least tell you how nice you smell, so check him for the sweater tied around his collar before you hit up on him, jokingly.

Women are very versatile , they can be , small, fat, tall, and short. There is a personal preference with all men, as with women. The one thing I believe we both have in common is we want to be attractive to the other sex. There are some men that don't p-ay attention. Most women seem to genuinely care even if their gay they may even be highly unapproachable to the man , or appear this way at the least , and rightfully so.A good women is hard to get , I need to stop writing so much and go look a bit harder I suppose. Women that know the tricks to being a clean, good, well-educated person is most attractive to men. These are the sought after women I want in my life.The ten ways for a women to get a man are my opinion on what attracts me to awaken my senses , and suppose some other guys may like these as well from a lady.


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