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Simple Magic tricks to get girls

Updated on October 5, 2015

Card Tricks

Simple Magic Trickt to Get Girls
Simple Magic Trickt to Get Girls | Source

Card Tricks To Impress The Girls

Card Tricks To get Girls

Simple Magic Tricks to Get Girls

The simple magic tricks to get girls is an idea that seems to work. I have studied and attended a few Pick up Artist sessions in and around the city of Dallas , Texas in the past few months and enjoyed what I didn't know, which was basic common sense to getting to know people, not only women , but others . I decided as one of the ways to meet new strangers or pick up girls were by magic tricks and to my liking , it works, and it's even amazed myself. One item I took to was this guy who spammed me on his card tricks , and how it impressed girls, well it impressed myself as well. These simple magic tricks to get girls are quite fun to do, and they also mystify me that I can do them. I bet you can also, is your a person that can buy a deck of cards do this.

The first trick I learned was to go up to a couple of girls or ladies and pull out my cards, that's the easy part for me, then the tough part , How do I pull this off, after one day of learning, well I did , I was able to have them mystified by my magic card trick and able to do one more and bam, I got the name and numbers of both of them, even though one was married. I have not called the married one, but as a true pick up artist would do, I instantly text back the other girl ,and we have been close friends, lately . I highly suggest a guy that may be short on words,and wants to meet some girls to learn a few card tricks.

The simple magic tricks to get girls, are really what life is all about, a little bit of game, and having a laugh not on her, but yourself as you perform these magic tricks. The pick up artist gets a bad name in these so-called books and e-books that are distributed in and on the Internet sometimes. Why? because it makes it look like that guys are only trying to get the sex part and even though that may be a benefit, the women will see right through you if this is just what you are after. I suggest you approach women with respect as you would a best friend, and do your magic trick and if your attracted to the girls, get their number and don't get upset if you do not, though I don't see that happening unless she is married, which in some cases you have to watch out for these women.

The married women that freely hands out her number , ell your looking for trouble in my little town of 100 thousand people, word gets around that I was even in the mall doing a few tricks got around to some people I didn't even know. The magic tricks to get girls work because of a few reasons, this does not happen everyday to them, usually a guy may make a move by going up to a women and giving her a line of sort,and lines are old, and most beautiful ladies have already heard them all, and that would kick me in the head worse than messing up on a magic trick, at least we would be laughing on the mess up, and that has happened once or twice.

I think we all want to be entertained in one aspect or another ,and ther are mis-conceptions on the true pick up artist that need to be straightened out, one is if your just lusting for a girl it will show and you will scare her away, I find no real threat from women unless, they are being stuck up , then I just move on to another one so you do not let that one mess with your fun you are having. I think women like to be mystified and romanced in the ways a pick up artist works a magic trick , it's a sure thing for a conversation, and if you can get her phone from her and put your digits in it , then your in the door, the game has just begun, and this should not be a bad game, everything should be light flowing and fun for all. The simple magic tricks to get girls is harmless and fun for the whole family, so it's great to practice on a guy and his girl and watch the guy she is with get a little jealous, but there is a fine line, don't cross it unless your willing to deal with another guy and his territory,same as with married women , there are a few married women that have had little attention from their husbands and when you impress one of these, they give you these bedroom looking eyes and a phone number to match be careful, and stay away. I hope you found this enjoyable, and practice it guys, and you will amaze your self.


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