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How Do I Attract a Woman While on a Date?

Updated on July 28, 2020
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I'm an eclectic gal with many diverse interests. They include relationships, film, trivia, and an assortment of other things.

How Can You Be Successful on A Date?

Everyone on a date hopes they can just to be themselves. However, being successful on a date requires a certain amount of preparation. It's just like being successful at life requires preparation. None of this should be a secret to anyone. Unfortunately, in the dating world, people focus too much on wanting people to accept them for who they are. What if who you are is a sloppy, lazy, smelly, boring slob?

In dating, as in life, you need to be your best self in order to be successful. Save the lazy, boring you for the couch at night or for your mom. When you're on a date, the secret to success is showing your potential mate the best side of yourself. Below are a few things that women find attractive. They'll help you men be the best you can be. And I guarantee, they will improve your chance for success.

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Follow these tips and you will be more successful!

Drive Up In A Nice Car

Although they will not admit it, most women judge a man a little bit by his car. Now, this isn't the only thing they judge him on, but it's part of the package. So, let's say you are very practical and drive a Toyota Yaris because you like the gas mileage. Maybe it's all you can afford. The Yaris isn't exactly a sexy vehicle. Of course, this characterizes you to some degree. You are practical and plain. Maybe you have many other good qualities. Obviously, the same man driving the Yaris versus one who drives a BMW give off very different vibes.

Don't worry too much. If you're early in your dating life, a car isn't going to have a huge impact. If you're a professional, older person, the car says more about you. It says what kind of professional you are. Some women will assume how much money you make. It may even indicate where you see yourself both now and in the future. Many women will read a lot into a car. Look at your car. Then decide your dating goals. Then think about leaving your car at home, if necessary. First, give yourself a chance to build rapport.

Smell Good

If you haven't already figured this out, scents are a big deal to women. That's why we spend so much damn time buying and testing perfume, shampoo, and soap. A woman wants to know you know how to take care of yourself. Otherwise, though she wants to mother you, she doesn't want to be your mother. Also, guys who don't bathe, make terrible husband material.

Be Confidently Funny

Be confidently funny. This is the tone you want to take when you're on your date. Women like humor and they like confidence. Combine these two and you have a winning combination. Guys who can joke with women right off the bat, give as good as they get, are very sexy. Be cheeky. Make sure you're laughing and smiling. Sly smiles are always good. Don't be afraid to poke a little fun.

Dress Nicely

You don't have to wear a three-piece suit. However, you have to know what you are doing with fashion. You can be perfectly casual, but sexy is a good pair of shoes and decent clothing. A nice outfit says to a woman that you have your act together. Ratty clothing is a turn-off. That will pay dividends in all kinds of ways. Whether you're looking for some hot girl action or thinking about marriage, good clothing helps.

Groom Yourself Well

This is a summary point. That's because smelling good and dressing well are part of grooming. Equally important are having good breath and nice hair. No date ever ended early because a man had a nice haircut. Understanding the importance of this stuff sends a strong message to a woman. Care about your personal appearance. There's no downside to it.

Be a Little Mysterious

Don't divulge everything about yourself on the first date. In fact, don't divulge much at all. There's no need to pour your heart out. Self-control is sexy. Practice it. A woman who gets your life story on the first date is going to lose all interest. Maintain a sense of mystery. Make her want to have a second date to find out more. Simply put, you don't have to tell a woman everything. You shouldn't lie, but not blurting out everything that comes to mind isn't lying. Guys always think that honesty means saying everything out loud. That's not what it means.


Don't Ask For a Next Date Right Away

"I really want to see you again". These words end many dates. Despite the enthusiasm, it's better to end dates without promising anything. Be nice, but don't try to nail down plans right there. And don't call an hour later and ask for a date. Desperation by thy name. Also, it demonstrates a lack of patience and self-control. Confident men don't worry. Be confident.

Keep Your First Date Short

This is really just a first date piece of advice. That said, there's nothing a woman hates more than a man who has no self-control. What better way to demonstrate you have no self-control than by keeping her on a date for five hours? All you're doing is showing you don't know when enough is enough. This is generally good advice for all dates. You have to understand boundaries. You have to know when things have gone on for too long. Many men do not understand this and ruin their relationships in the process. Always leave her wanting more, not wanting less.

Let Her Do Most of the Talking

Women love a good listener. Women like men who listen because our usual experience involves conversations about fantasy football and cars. Fantasy football and cars generally don't interest women. Be patient that eventually, you'll be able to discuss these things. Just don't try it early in the relationship. There has to be balance. The smart thing to do is sit and listen. Ask questions. Get the woman to talk. Prove that you're a good listener.

Pay the Bill (but let her contribute if she wants)

Chivalry isn't dead. And sure, we live in an age where men and women should be equal. Of course men shouldn't pay for everything. Still, some of us expect it because of how our parents raised us. Society sends women signals it doesn't send men. Like, find a provider. When you don't pay the bill, it's a sign that you're cheap. In many cases, we'll offer to pay so that you don't think there's some quid pro quo. So, if we offer, you should graciously accept.

What's the Most Important Thing for Men to do on a Date?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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