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The Best Ten Dating Tips For Dating Hot Women

Updated on January 4, 2012
Dating tips for the single man
Dating tips for the single man


It was only the other evening Hugh Jass , my next door neighbor asked me my advice on dating women. After a quick briefing on some of my fool-proof dating tips that even Hugh would be able to follow through, he returned home happily to finish shoveling his compost onto his snow peas. Later that week a triumphant Hugh stood at my front door with a gift of a kilo of snow peas for me. Darn I thought why couldn't they be prawns. Anyway to cut a long story short Hugh had utilised my hot dating tips on dating women, and not only had he scored a hot date with Annette Curtain his long time crush but was going out with her on a second date that evening. So this prompted me that maybe it was time to share my incredible knowledge on dating women publicly, hence this hot little hub with the ten dating tips I shared with Hugh. So without further ado I present you the secrets that all the single men in the world should know on dating women.

Some dating advice clean your teeth
Some dating advice clean your teeth | Source
What Not To Wear On A Date
What Not To Wear On A Date | Source
A winning look for dressing for your first date
A winning look for dressing for your first date


1. Get To Know Her First;

Getting to know her a little first certainly helps. It also gives her the chance to know you and most importantly it gives the man the chance to get an idea if she is interested or not. This can really help to avoid 'rejection', one of the greatest fears a man has when it comes to approaching women. Remember this a woman may say or think looks are important but ultimately we find a guy who has a great personality extremely sexy. It's a combination of 'humour, self confidence, great conversation, taking pride in how he looks and how he treats women' which forms a sexy charisma that women find irresistible. You only have to look at how many ugly men you see dating beautiful women to know this is true.

2. Gauge If She Is Interested;

'Don't mistake friendliness for sexual interest'.

A lot of women are friendly because they are simply being women, they are just as friendly to other women, their dog, their hairdresser, it's just us being social. If she doesn't answer your calls, or someone answers it for her saying she is not home, talks constantly about another man, drops hints she is gay, avoids conversations for more than one minute with you then hurries away, take that as she is giving you the message she doesn't want your 'bod'.

If you catch her staring at you when she thinks you are not looking, she answers all your calls, asks you why haven't you called or when you will call, fidgets or looks nervous around you, lights up in your presence, take it as a positive sign that she may be interested in you.

A woman will generally rather make up heaps excuses to you than tell you she is not interested so as not to hurt your feelings. So if you continually get excuses, maybe it is time to broaden your scope.

3. Asking Her Out On A Date;

Get her number first. Please none of this: 'I was blinded by your beauty so I'm going to need your name and number for insurance reasons'. If she tells you its 911, forgets it, or straight out refuses to give it to you at least you won't have to make an idiot of yourself asking her out on a date, and the rejection won't be so bad in the initial stages.

'Maybe she really is gay'

Sometimes asking her on a date where it is just going to be you and her can sometimes be a bit daunting for her, she may not have realised she is interested in you yet, so sometimes it is a good idea just to call her and suggest drinks with friends including bringing some of hers along, inviting her to a party, or anywhere where it involves other people you and her both know. More time to pick up on her 'interested levels' while helping you both feel much more comfortable in some kind of familiar environment.

4. What To Wear On A Date;

Something you know looks good on you and we are not talking about your 'last girlfriend'. A lot of guys don't have a clue what clothes look good on them and bring out their best look. Just try and remember the last time someone said you look great and then picture in your memory what you had on. Nice clean clothes, clean nicely styled hair, clean teeth are important. A woman tends to look mainly at the eyes, then at his smile, a great bottom doesn't go astray either.

'Remember it's not the clothes so much but the guy inside that's going to clinch that girl'

5.What Not To Wear On A Date;

My dating advice to all you single men is a rule of thumb is to forget about wearing your work clothes, that budding safari suit you bought from the opt shop, baseball caps, in fact any caps or hats, shorts so short your privates fall out, Hawaiian shirts that make you look like you just came back from a vacation in The Pacific, pants too high or tight, or clothes so bright in colour your date will need sunglasses to look at you. If you run short in the 'well equipped' wardrobe department there is no excuse, you can even buy ultra cheap men's clothes online these days at the drop of a hat. I have listed some great looks in this article for you to give you some idea what you are doing and things to look for.

A dating no-no passing wind
A dating no-no passing wind | Source
Resist the urge to release your bloated belly when dating
Resist the urge to release your bloated belly when dating

6. Be A Listener Not A Talker;

Nothing will shut a woman down on a date faster than a man who talks only about himself. A major turn-off. My best dating advice for all men here is to turn off your mobile phone well before you turn up to meet your date. The first date is so important to stage the way for a second date. Give your date your full attention, by firstly resisting your strong impulses to ogle her ample cleavage, and by listening to each word she says with a genuine enthusiasm and appreciation. Giving a woman your full attention makes her feel appreciated.

A word of warning if you notice her speech is sounding quite husky at about the same time you spot the adam's apple 'RUN FOR IT AND DON'T LOOK BACK'

7. Who Foots The Bill;

I know there are many differing opinions about paying the bill on your first date but my dating tip for the single confused man, is that the guy should always offer to pay the bill. I find it really rude when a guy waits for me to dish my half out of my purse, or even worse expects me to foot the bill after making some lame excuse that he left his wallet in the office and you know full well he doesn't even work at one. Women will straight away single you out as a 'cheap skate' and will never want to date you til the end of the earth. There are women however that will insist on paying half, as generally they don't want to feel that they owe you something, or are just very liberated in their views. If the woman really stamps her feet about paying her share, let her.

8. Bad Habits To Avoid When Dating Women;

Picking your nose or worse eating it, farting, burping, scratching your package, eating like a wild boar including waffling your food down a hundred miles an hour, slurping, eating with your hands, getting half a kilo of sauce stuck in your facial hair. Bad habits when dating women also include spitting your saliva out in a ball of muck, getting so drunk you can't even walk, laughing louder than a hyena attracting unwanted attention to you and your date. Pinching food from her plate, continually talking to her breasts unless your a midget, ogling other women and unbuttoning your pants to allow your overflowing gut to hang out after stuffing yourself with two kilos of spare ribs

9. Should we make out on the first date;

No!!!!! Unless your date comes on to you in a whirl of passion my dating advice to men is to forget about how much you would love to have sex with her on your very first date. Firstly a lot of women will feel that is what you ultimately wanted to date them for, and that all the hard work you put in by wining and dining them simply was to butter them up for sex later on. Honestly to be a gentleman when dating women, especially the first few dates, really pays off, it shows the women you respect her, that you want to date her again for who she is, it really makes a mark in a woman's mind about you in a good way. A woman will have secretly weighed you up all in the first date, and will already be prepared to either date you again or make an excuse to shake you off.

10. Be yourself;

The best dating advice I can give you is to be yourself. Don't stress out on thinking of what will impress her, what will win her heart, what will make her laugh, the list goes on. If the date goes down well, when all you have done is to pretend you were someone else , how will you ever keep it up for, really. Capture her interest in your ability to laugh, listen, while being yourself. Be the type of guy she can have fun with as well as talk about anything with, a great listener and someone who cares and appreciates her. Tell her she looks beautiful. All women warm to a compliment from the opposite sex, it makes them feel all the trouble and effort they put in to dressing up for their date really paid off. Be confident without being arrogant in yourself, this will win her respect and attention. If you simply try to make her feel at ease with your company, and to have a really great time with you, she more than likely will await the second date with anticipation.

Debbie Murray ⓒ 2011

The best dating tip for men is to be yourself
The best dating tip for men is to be yourself

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    • blondepoet profile image

      blondepoet 6 years ago from australia

      Seattle I can just visualise you as a icon for the lonely hearted. Gee a man who dresses well,you have already scored 30 out of 10 lol and your name woah, is that from wishful thinking or personal experience x

    • seattleamilehigh1 profile image

      seattleamilehigh1 6 years ago from Seattle, Washington

      i dig the hub. i'm always well dressed, but i'd imagine overlooking that would be detrimental to getting a hottie. too bad all a girl has to do to makemy list is to BE a hottie and to be on time, thats all i ask :D

      Voted up, as usual!


    • blondepoet profile image

      blondepoet 6 years ago from australia

      Haha Logic okie doke no spandex. I will kick it to the kerb.I will fight those menacing female admirers to win your honor haha.Confucius say that man that fiddle with tool in shower not necessarily plumber. Its ok you can worry about other women, just more for me to mud wrestle to the ground. Love u xx

    • profile image

      logic,commonsense 6 years ago

      So BP, when we go out, spandex is a no no?

      I'm thinking that one dude could borrow one of your bras and maybe stretch it out for you!

      I'm used to all females coming on to me in a whirl of passion, or do animals count? :)

      I would take your advice and put women on a pedestal, but I'm worried what birds might do to them. Course if I put them on a pedestal, I would have an excuse to ogle their breasts!

      Anyway, if I could just make you happy, I'm not worried about other women! :)

    • blondepoet profile image

      blondepoet 6 years ago from australia

      Hey there SOH woo hoo bet you'd love to have a bloke with that lovely elastic midriff LMAO XX

    • SomewayOuttaHere profile image

      SomewayOuttaHere 6 years ago from TheGreatGigInTheSky

      that was good...i luv the pics....especially the first one! ha ha ha