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The Case for Marriage. Why it is important.

Updated on August 13, 2017
faith-hope-love profile image

I've been blessed or cursed with a view of societal mores prevalently in vogue. I see wrongs others see as OK. Injustice caused by GREED.

Marriage. A Sacred Covenant.

To be a Covenant Man or Woman is a real and formidable GRACE. WE should all aspire to that goal. Marriage is a covenant, attested before God, in mutual agreement and in love, between a Man and a Woman. They swear fidelity to each other and that none shall come between them in life. This covenant is the strongest most binding that we will enter into and must not be joined in, in a frivolous way. The preparation for marriage should and must address the differences of the parties, the difficulties ahead and the joys that can follow. Marriage is our first job and does take priority. The success of marriage does take work and considerable effort and the parties have to be prepared to give of that effort. A successful and blessed marriage is one where the Husband and Wife are prepared to and will and do act in the giving of each unselfishly to the other. They are prepared to accept and do accept each others differences and our strange quirks. Each of us brings to the marriage the sum of our separate and unique past experiences. We are unique units , personalities, and as such must recognize, the differences we bring from and by our prior experiences. Each person and each family has and is unique in our being and development. We must realize that it will take effort and time to meld and weld these odd quirks and differences into one ongoing and joyous union. This is not done without some pain and hurt but the effort is worth it in the continuing success of a loving, strong relationship. This does take a lot of work,and determined effort for years from the wedding for the two to become ONE. They have a lot of work to do for this to be accomplished. They both must hold and keep to their original strong intention for this to happen. The "Man" and the "Woman" must always be ready with "Forgiveness" and "Mercy". We each must look to our mates good. Our "Mates" should take first place and be placed ahead of ourselves and we must give without expectation of a return. We must give of ourselves in an unselfish and free manner. A Marriage is not an (Accomplished Success) at the Wedding Ceremony. Marriage is a journey that begins at the ceremony and goes in one direction from two points in towards each other, towards a unity that does become ONE. This oneness is what we grow into and is very positive.

There is the belief that we must look for the right one to come along. The person who is perfect for us and that sometimes we think we have found that person. Then after the first bloom of passion has worn off we find that He / she does not measure up to our Idea of what Perfection is. I can assure you, We ourselves do not Measure up to what our own idea of what perfection is. We all fall short. None of us is perfect. When we get married to, and it is our choice, our spouse we begin on a journey that will blend our own unique personal experiences into one combined unity and this blending Journey is worth our combined efforts. We must be always in a supportive role and reaching in towards the other person. We need to first develop and work towards a strong and great communication style that works for us. Finding the right person, maybe. Beginning in the right manner (Yes). Determined to work towards our marriage fulfillment. (Yes). We should al;ways be ready and willing to reach out to each other in our Strength and in our Weakness. We must recognize that being "Happy" is of a fleeting moment but we can decide to be always joyous and compassionate. Ready to Forgive and to decide to remember the good and to decide to wipe from memory the rough or bad parts of our life trip or journey together.

Marriage is a strong necessity for the benefit of "Children",

Healthy Marriages are a needed ingredient for the building of a strong and loving civilization. Strong, long lasting and healthy Marriages are a very important ingredient in the strength and the health of a nation. When marriages breakdown and the very morals of a nation go into decline then the greatness of that nation / Country falters and begins to disintegrate. When "MORALS" go then so does the "Country" and that "Society".

A strong healthy marriage between a "Mother" and "Father" is a great aid in raising up socially responsible children, Healthy marriage is needed to ensure that at least the greater portion of children will grow into responsible and honorable adults. When couples are prepared to work diligently in building a healthy Marriage it will show in society as a whole. Government has to get out of telling people what to think and back into the administration of the resources of the country for and to the benefit of all the citizens and not just the super rich. Government has to cease being the gun that attempts to impose the agenda of a few on the vast majority of our citizens. While minorities have a right of acceptance they have no right, moral or otherwise to impose their beliefs or their lifestyle on the majority of the citizens. Minorities must be accepted and looked on as equals. They should not be More equal to the point of dominating the great majority of us. Society must have a common and united Agenda of care, equality and loving acceptance. We have to once again become the defenders of the Home castle and the very values of our society. Those values as they have in the past, must include the most vulnerable of our society. Society must become inclusive of all peoples no matter their belief system, no matter their color, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. The only exception I would make is that no belief or group that will or could be dangerous to the health of Society should be allowed to function, to survive.

Marriage a rewarding enterprise.

I have found that marriage, when the effort for success is put into making it good that this is my most rewarding exercise. Now I am not saying that a good strong Marriage is one without challenges or of conflict. Challenges and Conflict do not destroy a marriage. It is how we look at those ingredients and how we handle them. When we both work at finding a solution to our conflict and challenge of the moment and listen to each other, "REALLY LISTEN" then we will become one. A strong "UNIT" of two and will move forward to a much stronger, More Loving and united relationship. We should always dwell in contemplation on our Vows, in order to internalize and make them our own. Our Way of Life. No one is happy all 24 hours of the day nor even 18 hours of the day but we can decide to always be grateful and that we will be joyous. We can fill our lives with prayers of thanksgiving. We all have little successes through out the day. We may not recognize them as such. I can assure you and guarantee that we do. You do have those little triumphs. Mums and Dads/ Dads and Mums must have times away from the children and children need time out from Mum and Dad. We have to be creative in finding ways to make this happen and to guarantee the children's safety.

This brings us to its importance.

Why does marriage exist in the first place. The institution of "Marriage" between a man and a woman has been around since the beginning of time and in the opinion of some great minds was the instrument that began our move from the stone age to a workable society. Marriage is the corner stone of all caring civilizations and when it is broken the civilization begins its way to disintegration and the demise of that society. The family became the building brick of all of the primitive communities. Then each community would form alliances with an other until we grew to be a tribe and then tribes became nations and so on. But without this cohesive relationship of one man and one woman can it be said that civilization would exist as we know it to-day with the ability to LOVE and Care for one another and the whole of the human Race. Can we be sure that civilization would exist at all. We would not now be looking at the protection of our environment and of more Earth Friendly methods of producing the energy that we use. Even though we do have a lot of shortsighted and self centered Politicians who only listen to the pockets of themselves and of their friends, there are some who have more gumption and have more concern for the ordinary people and for the health of our environment and ecosystem. A lot of unionists are as shortsighted as Our leaders and have no ability to show to the working stiff a caring leadership that has concern for the environment and the ecosystem. The health of the very earth itself. Can it be too late. I sincerely hope not.

Early man hood.

There is some evidence that in the so called stone age societies that "Man" and "Woman" mated for life. That both Male and Female worked together to keep the family safe and to ensure that offspring were fed. Survival was a joint venture. For people of prehistory to Live and survive then took willing cooperation and true partnership in teamwork. So the "Nuclear" family began, and from the "Nuclear" family developed Community and then Society. They did not just appear, they developed over time and so to-day we have "Nations" that have grown from this one molecule and as the "Nuclear" families joined together into one cohesive unit for both defense and survival they progressed into tribes and Nations. Nations didn't just arrive they developed over time. At first there was the "Nuclear Family" then the "Small Tribe" then the larger "Tribal unit" and then the many alliances that were forged into a nation. It was a slow process. But this could not have happened without the beginning of the formation of "Mum" "Dad" and "Children" in the first developed Social Community. The Cartoons depicting "Early Man" with a big club dragging a Woman by the Hair, never Happened. Had this been the case Society and Nations would never have Happened. (In My Humble Opinion). This Idea was and is just a cartoon fiction.

In societies where the morals shifted in similar manner to what is happening to-day every vestige of civilization collapsed and then fell apart. They Vanished leaving very little to show that they had existed in former Glory. We have to revisit the morals and traits of old if we want to continue to survive and then re-recognize that there is a need of true marriage for the development and progression of our society. We have to re-educate people on what is meant by mutual respect and marital and family team work. To grow we may have to take a few steps backward and find our true direction. That we once more move forward towards an improved and Moral, more caring, loving Society.

We must return to the knowledge and the acceptance that for a healthy and strong Family that it is necessary to have and to build strong, moral, loving Marriages. That is between a "Mother and a Father" A good Man and agood Woman.


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    • faith-hope-love profile imageAUTHOR

      John Ward 

      2 years ago from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

      All very good and very valid points. The first year of "Marriage" is always a very rosy and romance filled venture. But then reality jumps comes with a vengeance and it's vast ability to disrupt and bring us to earth from the clouds. This is when we need to be sure of our commitment and be willing to put the effort into building a strong "Marriage". I have always believed that a "Marriage" is a giving Relationship with the concern for your partner being more important than yourself. I insist that both "Parties" to the "Marriage" believe in this and are prepared to work on making it so. I know from experience that this is what makes for aq long lasting "Marriage". We must both be willing and ready to FORGIVE each others "Idiosyncrasies and we must do so. After Romantic LOVE does come the Greater Decisive LOVE. this is when we do really become "ONE FLESH".

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      "We must realize that it will take effort and time to meld and weld these odd quirks and differences into one ongoing and joyous union."

      Like attracts like and opposites attract divorce attorneys!

      One of the top reasons for divorce is (choosing) the wrong mate.

      The goal is to find someone who shares your same values, wants the same things for the marriage that you do, naturally agrees with you on how to obtain those things, and last but no least there is a mutual depth of love and desire for one another.

      Couples who naturally agree on the major things in life and get along tend to be happier and stay together. Who knew?! :)

      People often say: "Marriage is hard work."

      The reality is: Finding the (right mate) is the real hard work!

      If you accomplish that then the so call "work" is actually a "labor of love" much like the work of a gardener. He/she gets up early, tills dirt, plants seeds, waters, pulls weeds, and if necessary builds a fence to protect the garden against pests. For those who have no interest in having a garden all of that sounds like "work" but for the gardener it's a "labor of love".

      Marriage is a "lifestyle choice" and not a requirement. Therefore if someone (wants to be married) it only makes sense to nurture and maintain what you have together.

      Generally speaking the mindset of "work" is doing something you'd rather not be doing. A "labor of love" on the other hand is something one finds (rewarding) because their focus is on the outcome.

      If you're in a marriage which requires a lot of "work" there is a good chance you've chosen the wrong mate for yourself!

      Too often people waste years trying to fit square pegs into round holes or attempt to change water into wine. (Human beings make mistakes!)

      Truth be told when it comes to love and relationships most of us (fail our way) to success. Very few people hit a homerun their first, second, or third time at bat. If this were not true we'd all be married to our high school sweethearts!

      One man's opinion!:)


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