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The Choices We Make Are Our Destiny

Updated on January 29, 2014

There isn't really a fitting category here so I made a decision and chose to put this here. So then you made a choice to either open it or not, read it or not and think about it or let it go. Makes no difference if you are a woman or a man the same rules apply because life is like that. We all are faced with choices which will become our destiny. Choice and destiny are intertwined and many people don't give it much thought.

When we're younger, and I'm not any more, there is a tendency to make choices based upon pleasure and self-gratification without regard to consequences. If one continues that pattern too far into their adult life the consequences of doing that can be devastating. That's usually when I have always heard the "woe is me" lament and the tendency of people to blame everyone for their undoing but themselves. Like someone else made the choices that brought you to that juncture. That may sometimes apply but is seldom the case.

Occasionally I meet "downer" people and have to get away from them before they, without really trying to, bring me down to that space where they reside. I'd rather not subject myself to it. That is my choice at that point. I prefer to stay on a friendlier, sunnier side of life myself.

The graphic above is what life is all about so stop to think as you analyze the choices that will directly influence which path you venture down. Sometimes it may be best to ask for a little divine guidance if you have that inclination. Once we make our choices they then begin to make us. Just think about how many choices you have to make on a daily basis from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep again. Those are the sometimes the simplest of tasks but still your choices. They will have an effect on the course of your day.

Lets dive for the deeper pearl now. You are asked by someone to go somewhere and you're torn whether to venture out or stay at home. How many times have you gone with your gut? If your intuition (I call that my gut) says to go do you usually pay attention? I'm also a reason, a season or a lifetime person so I understand that by stepping on out there I might actually meet someone of substance. If I don't go, it can be seen as a lost opportunity. The flip side is something can happen that requires you to make a choice that will change the course of events in your life. If you believe in destiny, or fate for that matter, then you understand the concept I am relating to you.

Listen to your gut more often if you haven't been. That inner being you have inside you needs to be listened to closely as you grow. I have learned to channel my listening more and more to that inner voice as I make choices. The best way I can put is that, in most cases, you make sounder decisions and choices when you are listening to that inner being called you.

The simplest definition of a "choice" is having to make a decision about something now or in the future. Some can help and others can hinder. Try to get a sense of how you feel after you make a choice. Is it weighing on you heavily? Might not have been the right thing at the right time. But it's that feeling of exhilaration that sets in upon your soul when you know in yourself that you have made the right choice for you that you are striving for. It has to be for you unless you are leading someone else's life for them. How many times in my life I have had to make choices that made other people unhappy I have lost count of. But making someone else happy isn't my responsibility nor my job. That belongs to them and mine belongs to me.

Notice the woman in the graphic above? It's best not to adopt that frame of mind. Choices made in haste often lay us to waste. Most sound choices take some thought and need to be with the confidence that you can live with the result. Oft times the result will become your life and destiny. Yes, often your choices will impact on those around you. Those heavier things in life are centered around love and happiness, right and wrong and your own mental heath and state of being. Choose wisely and not in haste.

I am a risk taker. Life is all about risk in my opinion. Without risk there can be no real, satisfying reward. Living your life and following your dreams involves a certain amount of risk. Are you up to it? Or are you one of those who are risk averse? When relationships disintegrate, as they sometimes do, I suggest to you that you pick your dusty little butt up, dust it off and start making the next choice, only make a better one the next time around. Probably tthe only thing you have to fear is fear itself and not reaching your own self-actualization.

Ask yourself if you are worth it? Are you worth knowing? Are you worth loving? Surely you can choose what, who and where you care to be in life. Once that is decided then it is time, sometimes past time, to go for it.

I ask that you share this using the various means with your followers. friends and those you love. It just might bring a needed change in how things are seen and dealt with.

As Always,

The Frog Prince


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    • profile image

      bluestflame 4 years ago

      life's full of choices , lets make them conscious ones ~☼~

    • profile image

      Stu 4 years ago

      OK Frog, I see your point now. Thanks for clarifying. Stu

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 4 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Excellent hub! It is our own choices that can make all of the difference. :-)

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 4 years ago from south Florida

      Yes, life is all about making choices and most of the consequences in our life are the result of those choices (behavior). Amen!

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 4 years ago

      Great hub Jim, and as you point out there are lots of variables in any decision. I have at times ignored my gut feeling and let my head make a decision that I later regretted. I'm not sure where they come from, but gut feelings are often correct.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Stu - Neither Fred nor I are disputing that the use of sound judgment in decision making is an essential part of the process. What I am saying is listen to your gut. That's the inner you and that part of you usually has a good grasp of what you need. I didn't say "want" there. What a person wants isn't always the best thing in the world to hang a star on.

      The thesis here is to make sound decisions based upon rational thought. Some people do and some don't. I have endeavored to do so as I grow older and wiser.

      The Frog

    • profile image

      Stu 4 years ago

      Frog, Ghost,

      At the risk of sounding like the talking head that I am, I don't think I'm over-analyzing this. Judgment and perception go hand-in-hand. What good is perception (sensation and intuition) without applying sound judgment to it (thinking and emotion)? Judgment without perception is nothing more than making up conclusions out of thin air (Obama). Perception without judgment is just data, possibly erroneous data in the case of intution, that by itself implies nothing (economists). I'm not trying to belabor the point; it's just that I've seen so many people jump to crazy decisions without subjecting their intuition to judgment that confirms or denies their own "self generated data."


    • profile image

      Naomi's Banner 4 years ago

      Great thoughts put to paper or screen should I say! It's too bad we don't learn these life lessons earlier than we do. You are spot on with your comments. I made many rash decisions when I was younger which changed the course of my life and others forever. I used to regret those choices however I have learned that all you do, all you experience seems to be geared to a season and a reason. Enjoyed the chance to share in your thoughts! Great Hub!

    • AUPADHYAY profile image


      The depth of your hub is so deep and the your imagination values so high, that it is guiding with a motto to encourage the usage of one's moral and intuition may play an important role in his/her judgement. Thanks for sharing it. voted it up.

    • profile image

      Ghost32 4 years ago

      Frog: Top marks, Jim. And I agree with what your comment to Stu: Let's not overthink this thing. What's right for thee is not necessarily what's right for me, and vice versa.

      One of your best.

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 4 years ago from Central Texas

      Excellent work, Jim -- and a bunch of stuff that needs to be considered by all of us at any age! Most profound -- Best/Sis

    • alanlsg profile image

      Alan Bowman 4 years ago from The World

      Great HUB and thanks for sharing and do enjoy your weekend when it comes.

      September is going to be all about choices the political elite make and let us hope that they make the right ones

      @UN Plea to Barack Obama David Cameron et al 2Sept2013 … Do not make military strikes against Syria

    • 34th Bomb Group profile image

      34th Bomb Group 4 years ago from Western New York State

      Well done,Jim. Well done.

    • profile image

      Hxprof 4 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

      Enjoyed the read-good subject. I note that you mentioned seeking divne guidance for those who are inclined. Those are wise words my friend. Divne guidance, or guidance from God through Christ who dwells in me is absolutely key to my life. This is particularly true in knowing is in seeing myself as God sees me that I gain wisdom, that I come to have the character of Christ formed in me (over time).

      Thanks for putting the time and thought into this piece.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Stu - " I've met WAY too many people in my life that "go with their gut" and I know they're wrong before they act because they apply no judgment to confirm the validity of their intuition." What may appear wrong for you may be right for them. Lets not overthink this thing.

    • profile image

      Stu 4 years ago

      Hi Frog,

      A great post as usual. I would only add one warning. Intuition is a great gift, but it is only a type of perception. Unless you apply syllogism (logical judgment) to test your intuition, this type of perception can be nothing more than psychosis. For example, intution is what led all great mathemeticians and scientists to postulate their awe inspiring theories, but going from theory (intution) to theorem (fact) requires judgmental proof. In mathemetics, this is a formal piece of unassailable logic. In science, it is sufficient replication of the expected result, under widely varying test conditions, so that stochastics validates your theory. Further, in science, it is especially important that your theory holds up under "risky" scenarios. By "risky," I don't mean dangerous. I simply mean that the odds of your theory being confirmed experimentally are extremely unlikely unless your theory is correct (i.e., experiments that "confirm" your theory only because something other than your theory is potentially responsible for the "validation" don't count). I've met WAY too many people in my life that "go with their gut" and I know they're wrong before they act because they apply no judgment to confirm the validity of their intuition. Intuition is really just a form of data (endogenous perception). Acting on data, without achieving confirming judgment, is nothing more than guessing, really just gambling on one's own perceived infallibility.