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The Emotional Mob Mentality Against Men's Rights Advocacy And Masculinity

Updated on April 2, 2015

Why is discussing the human rights of the male half of the human race socially taboo? Why is it that talking about the issues facing men and boys makes a man a misogynist? These are important questions, because it really is socially taboo to even mention the fact that men face inequality in this society and in some areas, dare I say it, gasp, men actually face more inequality than women. Men’s reproductive rights or rather the lack of them, is one such example. When we consider human behaviour, it is often not driven by rational thought but rather by emotion. This is particularly evident when we look at the reactions of some people, particularly feminists, towards men and men’s rights issues. Emotion seems to be in the driver’s seat and reason seems to be completely absent from their brains. This is why I don’t bother directly engaging in conversation with these people anymore. There is no point, they are gender ideologues. Dogma is more important than fact. Feelings are more important than reasoning. So let’s take a look at a few examples to demonstrate this shall we.

The 2012 Protest Against Dr. Warren Farrell Discussing The Boy Crisis In Education

Let’s start with the 2012 protest at the University of Toronto with Dr. Warren Farrell. At this event, Dr. Farrell presented a lecture on the boy crisis in education (the link to watch the lecture is here). In response to this, feminists blocked the entrance to the lecture, preventing guests from getting in and delayed the event for over an hour. Attendees had insults of all kinds hurled at them, implying they were rape apologists, scum, misogynists etc and so on. Eventually the protesters had to be removed by police. Please watch the adjacent video of the feminist protesters behaviour at that event, if you have not already seen it.

Gender Ideologues Pull The Fire Alarm And Force Guests Out Of Nathanson And Young Lecture

Then The Guests Are Bullyed Outside The Lecture Theatre

There is no reasoning with such people. They are not interested in listening to a rational argument. Of course this is not a one off. Disruptions of events attempting to address men’s issues are common tactics by feminists. Prof. Paul Nathanson and Prof. Katherine Young, both have had similar experiences when attempting to run an event discussing misandry in the culture (the link to view their lecture is here). Fire alarms were pulled, people were banging and screaming at the top of their voices right outside the lecture theatre and when the attendees eventually had to leave the event because of the disruptions and the protesters pulling the fire alarm, they were confronted with these gender ideologues outside and subjected to a verbal barrage of insults. Again watch the adjacent videos if you have not already seen them, of the feminists behaviour at the Nathanson and Young event. I want people to have a really good look at all of these videos of feminist behaviour at the Warren Farrell and also the Nathanson and Young lectures, so that they can see what the product of feminist indoctrination looks like and the barrier it presents to the advocacy of the human rights of the male half of the human race. Please tell me how this vulgar behaviour, is any different from the protests against african americans attending universities in the southern US in the 1960s. Do we really want feminist indoctrination and censorship of free speech on our university campuses? Universities are places where people are supposedly meant to learn how to think critically and challenge ideas. Something is awfully wrong, when universities become institutions of higher indoctrination rather than institutions of higher learning.

Feminist Indoctrination Is Institutionalised At Our Universities

Lets Call This For What It Is Shall We: Feminist Brainwashing

Feminist Hysteria Over Elliot Rodger Vs Logic

Gunman Elliot Rodger Had No Association Or Involvement With The Men's Rights Movement

Such a hostile and emotional mob mentality, is not just seen exclusively when someone tries to talk about men’s rights. It is also seen in the demonisation of masculinity in our culture. Elliot Roger is one of many examples, where the actions of one man were generalised to men as a whole. Elliot Roger was a psychopath, of that there is no doubt. Elliot Roger was not a men’s human rights activist, he was not a man going his own way (MGTOW) and he did not just exclusively hate women or just exclusively kill women. There is nothing in his manifesto or from his actions, to back up any of those claims. But that does not stop the emotional finger pointing and the mob mentality of feminist gender ideologues. The fact Elliot Roger hated other men and was jealous of them and wanted to kill them and did kill more men than women in his shooting, does nothing to stop the feminist sheep in their quest to demonise masculinity and lay the blame on men’s rights advocacy in order to shame them into silence. I am not surprised, I am not shocked, I am not even angry. This is the normal behaviour we have come to expect from feminists. You can count on feminists never to miss an opportunity to turn the actions of one evil man, into a reflection of masculinity in general. Spreading idiocy and hateful garbage is fully encouraged and even profitable for gender ideologues within the feminist movement.

There is one area though where feminists and the culture at large are completely devoid of emotion when it comes to men. When it comes to men’s safety, health and general welfare, no one cares. Men’s well-being is disposable. Aside from the role of men as utilities, men’s lives have no value in this culture. The humanity of men is invisible to society. Politicians, feminists, traditionalists, business leaders, the corporate media and the wider culture, do not care about men beyond what men can do for them as utilities. That is the world we live in and that is why men’s human rights advocacy is an uphill battle. Boko Haram and the complete silence of the mainstream media toward the genocide of the young boys in the tragedy that unfolded over in Africa, is one telling example of how little people care about men and boys. Only the kidnapped girls are the worthy victims in that case and the politicians and corporate media respond accordingly. No one bats an eyelid at the boys being burned alive or shot by these tyrants. No one.

All of these examples and so many others like them, raise some fundamental and confronting questions about our society, our culture and feminism. Where does this emotional mob mentality toward men’s rights advocacy come from? I would argue that it comes from the same dynamic behind the general apathy toward men’s welfare and suffering. I personally believe that both the anger directed at men's rights advocacy and the apathy toward men issues, hinges on gynocentrism. See my article on gynocentrism linked here, for further discussion. People get upset when you draw attention and support toward men and men’s well-being. People have a vested interest in seeing men get on the horse, beat their chests and be the white knights for women and society. People have a vested interest in making sure men remain as utilities for women, society and the state. When an attempt is made to confront that by addressing men’s issues, then essentially you are depriving society and particularly women, from using men for their benefit. Behind all of the emotional rhetoric, shaming tactics, guilt trips and the mob mentality of gender ideologues and bigots in the corporate media and politics, there is a deep seated need to maintain power over men. Power is the human need being satisfied by feminists who claim men are not human beings with rights. Caring about men who are meant to be the source of support rather than the target of support, takes that power away in their minds. It is all about controlling men and this is why men going their own way (MGTOW) and the men’s human rights movement are so important.

What MGTOW represents, is in some ways an old idea made new. Gandhi called it non-cooperation through non-violence. The idea being that all one has to do to bring tyranny to its knees, is to withdraw support. MGTOW represents the withdrawal of men from gynocentrism and a thorough rejection of institutions that support gynocentrism, such as the modern marriage and family court pipeline. But MGTOW is more than that. MGTOW is men defining who they are and what they will do with their own lives, on their own terms and not living their own lives according to the antiquated expectations society places on masculinity. Men are not coming back to traditionalism or embracing some twisted feminist view on servile guilt ridden masculinity. MGTOW is not just men failing to cooperate, it is men choosing a new life path for themselves and frankly a much healthier and more personally appealing way of living. The men’s human rights movement is about holding society accountable for the misandry and blatant bias toward men and boys. It is about raising awareness of men’s rights issues, exposing individuals that are in the government, legal system, media and elsewhere that tread on men’s rights and about engaging in activism against those who marginalise and abuse men and boys. MGTOW and the men’s movement complement each other.

When it comes to men, our culture seems to have no trouble bashing men, but a great deal of trouble showing men compassion. Men’s humanity is not even recognised. That is why men are going their own way and why there is a men’s human rights movement.

The simple fact of the matter, is that society is in a state of disequilibrium with respect to the genders. Gender equality works both ways or it does not work at all. Equality does not just mean giving women the same opportunities and rights as men, it also means giving women the same responsibilities and obligations which comes with those rights and opportunities and for which men are expected to adhere to. It is the failure to recognise this duality of rights and responsibilities, which is creating this disequilibrium between the genders and leading to gender inequality. Rest assured though, that any system that is out of balance will eventually rebalance itself. The critical question society needs to ask, is whether we are going to acknowledge the need for men’s rights before or after our social system and economies breakdown? Are we going to evolve as a society, or are we going to go full retard in stunning gynocentric fashion?

We are confronted with some other questions too. Do we want the feminist religion, sorry movement, which seems to run off emotion and ideological dogma rather than reason and logic, being involved in our government departments, politics and the mainstream media? Do we want their emotional hysteria and misandry influencing our culture and poisoning our universities? Do we want a future for our sons where women like Hanna Rosin and Maureen Dowd consider the male half of the human race obsolete? Do we want to base human rights advocacy on intelligence, or do we want to base our political and social decisions on emotion? Are we prepared to face a social breakdown and an economic depression by neglecting men’s issues like the boy crisis in education? If we are not, are we prepared to challenge feminism? Are we prepared to hold women as accountable for their actions as men? Are we prepared to truly acknowledge and respect the humanity of men and boys with no strings attached? We have so many questions we need to address as a society.

For me and a number of young men, regardless of what society does or does not do, we are going our own way. At the end of the day the only thing we can control is what we do with our own lives. This is more than a strike or a boycott. Society needs to evolve or men will leave it behind and build a new one once it does collapse. Will it collapse? If our leaders and the culture at large continue to do nothing about men’s issues, most certainly. Watch the following videos below, to understand how neglecting men's issues will cause a socioeconomic collapse.


The Demographic Winter

Government Debt Is Now Out Of Control

Feminism And It's Manipulation Of The State: Attempting To Silence Free Speech And Dissenting Opinion, Is The Hallmark Of A Totalitarian Ideology

A Warning To Men And Boys

I do want to finish this article with a warning. A warning that I will address to everyone, but specifically men and boys. Usually following socioeconomic collapse or a serious depression, there is a power vacuum. History has shown us that hate movements and oppressive ideologies rear their ugly heads in such circumstances. They feed off the fear, ignorance and bigotry which is often brought about by the dire societal conditions following collapse. The rise of Nazism in Germany during the great depression is merely one such example. It should be noted that there is usually a group of people that these hateful movements and ideologies blame for the broken state of society. They use fear and anger to direct the sheeple and to facilitate and condone the subsequent atrocities they commit on the vilified group. Genocide can be the end of result.

When I look at feminism, particularly radical feminism and spin-off ideologies like femitheism and the fact they have discussed getting rid of men (see links here and here) and do seem to blame men for everything wrong in the world, I am concerned about where we are headed as a society if the current socioeconomic system collapses. I think that concern is pretty valid considering what has transpired historically and the actions and rhetoric of radical feminists and other man-hating groups. If there is a collapse, these radical feminists and female supremacists, will make a play for power and will rush to fill the power vacuum. If things do go that way, then it is going to be up to those of us men and women in society that are sensible, balanced and reasonable, to stop the crazies and the psychopaths from sending us all back into the dark ages. Whether it is religious extremists, radical feminist ideologues or female supremacist groups, they are all cut from the same cloth of crazy. They all hate people that think for themselves and critically evaluate their rhetoric.

I am not saying collapse is a certainty, no one can predict the future to a tee. However men do need to be alert to the threat radical feminism and femitheists etc may pose in a future society on the decline and a potential nexus developing between these groups and the emerging police state that is being put in place right now under our noses. Call it alarmist, but I am sure the Jews in 1920s Germany had no idea that 20 or so years later they would be in death camps. Things can deteriorate very quickly if society breaks down and the finger pointing emotional mob goes looking for some group to blame. Human stupidity and the herd mentality are not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to modern gender feminism etc.

Let’s not be the frog in boiling water and dismiss the danger of radical feminism etc and the wider feminist movement that enables their behaviour, by doing and saying nothing in response.

Don't Be A Sheep, Think For Yourself



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  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Australia

    Jamie Pinson-I have echoed your sentiments multiple times across many of my own articles. I see men’s rights and women’s rights as human rights and I have said as much on a number of occasions. I said it in my first article on feminist hypocrisy and bigotry, I have said it in my article on the dangers of feminist ideology and the need for a gender transition movement (where I supported men’s rights and women’s rights being combined in my concluding remarks), I have said it in my article on men’s rights, feminism and the future of humanity and I have said it in my article on why so many people are against feminism. I could go on with further examples, but I think you get my point. If you read my articles and take the time to review my Hub Profile, you will see my position in no way implies a women’s rights vs men’s rights or a men vs women mentality. Heck, even my username and Hub icon reflects a balanced view of the sexes and their rights and issues. See my article on the symbiotic relationship between men and women, for yet another example of where I really spell it out that we need to get past the zero sum mentality.

    I am the “whole way” there as you put it, but we live in a culture that ignores men’s rights and men’s issues. You can’t go the whole way and discuss things the whole way, when society ignores the male half of the problems facing the human race and won’t even allow discussion of them. If you want to understand why I focus solely on men’s rights issues, read my article on gynocentrism, my article on why men’s issues are ignored in society and my article on gender inequality and the invisible man. Watch the video content I added in those articles as well. Again, you cannot go the “whole way” when society, the media and the government won’t even recognise the male half of gender issues.

    We cannot even have an open discussion where men’s issues are even spoken. Talking about the human rights issues of the male half of the human race is actually socially taboo, even on a university campus which is supposed to be liberal and open minded! Look at the videos in this article above of the feminist protests at the University of Toronto at men’s issues events. That is why I focus solely on men’s issues-because we cannot even talk about them. Could you imagine what would happen if there were violent and disruptive protests at a women’s rights event? I don’t think so. Such a disruption would be international news. Of course we don’t get much of a peep out of the media when a men’s issues event is disrupted and attendees are harassed.

    We don’t see the same public reaction toward women’s rights. In stunning contrast, there are hundreds of organisations and entire government departments discussing and addressing women’s issues. The mainstream media devotes entire segments, columns and sections to women’s issues. It is not socially taboo to talk about women’s issues in the West and there certainly is not an attempt to silence discussion of women’s issues or disrupt their events. Even on the Hub Pages website there are plenty of articles covering women’s issues. The contrast between how we treat men’s issues and women’s issues in our societies could not be more stark. Again, that is why I focus on men’s issues. Sorry for being a bit repetitive but I really want to ram home just how uneven and unbalanced the discussion on gender issues is against men's rights and why men's issues needs to be given the focus in modern times. Men's issues needs to be given central focus at least in the current climate, just to get people to recognise they exist let alone to achieve any kind of balance.

    Feminism is not women as a group and it is not women’s rights. It is an ideological movement with a central dogma which claims to be about advocating for women’s rights and through it’s actions it has been demonstrated to be a totalitarian movement seeking gender supremacy and censorship of free speech. Watch the videos on the protests at the University of Toronto again in the article above and then check the plethora of examples I have given in the “not all feminists are like that” section of my article named "Why so many people are against feminism", if you think I am being extreme (which I am not).

    When feminists censor your freedom of speech, engage in violent and disruptive protests at your events, lobby to have laws and policies passed that marginalise your rights and representation in society because you are male and there are prominent feminists in academia and the media that call for the extermination of men and label men sub-human and obsolete, a natural reaction to that is to have an anti-feminist mentality. Feminism has done all of those things to men and the men’s movement and naturally I as a man do not support feminism, regard it as a hate movement and do have an anti-feminist mentality. I am completely justified in my position and so are the men and women in general that love and respect men and boys. Read my article on why so many people are against feminism if you want to further understand where the anti-feminist mindset comes from.

    I am not anti-women's rights, I am anti-ideological mainstream feminism and I have made that clear distinction numerous times in my articles. I respect and support legitimate women’s rights activists like Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers. I have referred to her a number of times in my articles. I do not support modern gender feminism and many people do not see modern feminism as a legitimate movement for women’s rights, including according to polls the majority of the female population. Do not conflate feminism with women’s rights, because feminist ideology makes it something entirely different.

    I wonder how much criticism you have given to feminists? Do you scrutinise feminism to the same degree as men’s rights? I want you to reflect on that and be honest with yourself. I see a lot of “sceptics” out there that are quick to judge the men’s movement without really understanding it and few of these same sceptics are as willing to give feminism the same level of critical examination.

    Selective scepticism is not scepticism.

    Have you really read my writing? Please take the time to look at what I have been writing more carefully before rushing to conclusions. A sincere thank you for the opportunity to repeat and underline my position on men’s rights and women’s rights and refer people to the relevant content that I have written.

    I hope you take the time to look at men’s rights and MGTOW more closely before making up your own mind. They address many of the concerns you raised, including the need for society to recognise a broader definition of masculinity and allow men to be themselves. The men’s movement is extremely diverse. We have gay men, straight men, gay women, straight women, transmen and women and people from many different cultures and races, occupations and ages. Many people in the men’s movement identify as humanists and indeed A Voice For Men (the largest men’s rights website) identifies with humanism. So yes many people in the men’s movement see men’s rights as part of something bigger that unites the genders, i.e human rights. Dr. Warren Farrell a prominent individual within the men’s movement, even came up with the idea of a gender transition movement where both genders work together. How much interest do feminists have for it? Zero. Why? Because it threatens their dogma of patriarchy theory (see my article titled “The patriarchy and other feminist half-truths” for a critical examination of that). I think you will find the men’s movement is far more open to a dialogue between the sexes than feminism is and we have a substantial number of women in our ranks. I highly recommend Karen Straughan’s and Alison Tieman’s You Tube channels to start with and then check out Honey Badger radio online. Then have a look at A Voice For Men. Have a read of the rest of my content too.

    The men’s movement is nothing like feminism. We don’t call for the extermination of women or censor women’s free speech for starters, unlike the feminist treatment of men. The differences are too numerous to name in one reply.

  • profile image

    Jamie Pinson 

    3 years ago

    You're only halfway there. Instead of promoting men and boys rights vs femininity or mgtow or whatever it freaking is I think we should be promoting the rights of humanity. I just can't take up a lopsided cause for men/boys even though I am a man. I promote equality, happiness and being yourself for everyone: man, woman and child alike. The fact is that both sexes are treated unfairly. I can understand feminists views, especially those who have been abused by "men" and I can understand your views but it still creates an us vs them situation when it should always be us. We're all in this together and we all have our unique challenges to overcome and we should be doing it together, in support of one another. We are different yes but humanity has shown time and time again how well differences can work together. Of course they've also shown how bad those differences can be too which is why we all need to work even harder. And shame on the media for not showing the plight of any children, I don't care if they're boys or girls they should get equal attention because they are all children!

    I will always choose to be who I am over what anyone including the media or other men think about it. I couldn't care less. I prefer ballet to football any day and don't mind crying over a strangers tragedy. It may not be the definition of manliness but who's to tell me I'm am or am not a real man? I am who I want to be (a good person) and I think that makes me a real man. One commenter said "you can either support the the men or the women. I don't believe that one bit. I choose to support humanity.

  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Australia

    AndyG82-Incredible isn't it? Society is more concerned with the welfare of animals and pets than it is for men and boys. It is inexcusable. It says a lot about just how sick and backward this society is, when individuals like Hanna Rosin and Maureen Dowd hold public debates about why the male half of the human race is obsolete. Could you imagine the outrage if such a thing were done to women? Men are either ignored or men are vilified for simply existing. The lack of compassion and respect for men and boys is disgusting.

  • profile image


    3 years ago

    You want a prime example of the invisibility of men:

    Basically, there is a section for Women, Children and even 'Animals and Pets', but NOT men!

  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Australia

    Jjackson786-I do think you are correct when you say that we live in a society that thrives off promoting emotional extremes, especially when it comes to political and social issues. I think it goes deeper than that though with respect to the emotional hysteria toward men's rights advocacy and masculinity. When you have a feminist religion whose central dogma is based around blaming the male half of the human race for everything wrong in the world and pretending men are some privileged class that does not face any inequality whatsoever and this dogma is never questioned, then the result is dogmatic ideological closed thinking. When that ideology permeates the government, legal and education systems and the mainstream media, then the result is a cultural climate of mass indoctrination which is hostile to masculinity and any advocacy of men’s rights will be framed as a threat. But it goes even deeper than that. When the culture at large sees the worth of men measured by their usefulness as utilities and places very little concern on their welfare, as highlighted by the complete silence towards men's issues, then attempting to reverse that threatens the cultural power base that exists to control men. Ultimately this is about controlling men and using guilt, shame and social ostracisation to keep them in line so they can be good little disposable utilities for society. Man up, be a real man, blah, blah, blah, but never a word about men being human beings with vulnerabilities and being worthy of our empathy and support. Men are meant to support others, but what about women and society supporting men for a change? To even suggest that, threatens the states, societies and women's power over men. Thus gynocentrism (see my article/hub on that) is at the root of all this emotional hysteria toward men's rights advocacy and masculinity.

    You say:

    "For example, why can't there be inequality issues facing both males and females? Because the female struggle has been front and center for decades, so why change it now?"

    There are issues facing both men and women and furthermore in my opinion they are interconnected. If we don't recognise the male side of the struggle then social and economic breakdown of the West will occur in our lifetimes (Please see the above videos titled Fempocalypse, The Demographic Winter and so on, in this article). We need to change our perspective and give equal attention to men and women's issues, because frankly that is the fair and right thing to do. If society preferentially placed men's issues above women's issues, there would be an outcry. We would call that bigotry. If we don't want to call ourselves hypocrites and bigots, then as a society we must place an equal emphasis on the welfare of men and women.

    You say-

    "It's the same phenomenon at work that causes society to care more about the welfare of women and children than men and boys. We often hear news reports about the numbers of women and children killed, but where are the numbers on the men and boys who were killed alongside them? In this circumstance, I believe that women and children are used to elicit sympathy, as they are oftentimes portrayed as the "innocent"."

    What you have described is gynocentrism. There is a gender empathy gap and what exactly are we doing about it in a world where men are supposedly privileged? Nothing. Which is exactly the way feminists would like it.

    You say-

    "When I was determining whether or not to join the military, securing a combat role was a huge incentive. However, at that time, females were not allowed anywhere near the battlefront. "Why? "Because if you get killed in action, society won't be able to handle it," was the response. But isn't that true for all the young boys still in their teens who died in our past conflicts, defending our country?""

    Society considers men to be valuable only as utilities. So no it is not true that society can't handle men dying. Not only can society handle men dying, they don't care. Again feminists would have us all believe men are privileged. When society does not care whether you live or die, I would not call that group privileged. Thousands of men would have to die to earn the same level of sympathy from society if one woman died. I recommend you watch a video called, “Feminism and the Disposable Male” by Karen Straughan on YouTube. No one cares about men’s lives and they have not for a long time, if ever. The same sexism that restricts women's freedoms fight in combat, is the same sexism behind the disregard for men's lives. Misogyny and misandry are ultimately two sides of one coin-Gynocentrism. Feminism focuses solely on women with one eye open.

    You say-

    "I really wish there was a more concrete answer to this question; but it my experience, it's all or nothing with the American society. You can either support the men, or you can support the women, but certainly not both. Either way, I applaud your desire to investigate this issue without bias. Our men deserve better."

    Men deserve a lot better. Society needs to grow up and evolve. If it does not overcome it's own biases toward men and boys, then society will implode in on itself in the coming decades.

    Thank you for your compliments and your thorough response. I appreciate your probing questions and thoughts.

  • jjackson786 profile image


    3 years ago from Pennsylvania

    This is interesting and I wish I had an all-encompassing question to your question. I believe that our society functions through imposing extremes, thus eliminating the possibility of having two answers for any given societal question. For example, why can't there be inequality issues facing both males and females? Because the female struggle has been front and center for decades, so why change it now?

    It's the same phenomenon at work that causes society to care more about the welfare of women and children than men and boys. We often hear news reports about the numbers of women and children killed, but where are the numbers on the men and boys who were killed alongside them? In this circumstance, I believe that women and children are used to elicit sympathy, as they are oftentimes portrayed as the "innocent".

    When I was determining whether or not to join the military, securing a combat role was a huge incentive. However, at that time, females were not allowed anywhere near the battlefront. Why? "Because if you get killed in action, society won't be able to handle it," was the response. But isn't that true for all the young boys still in their teens who died in our past conflicts, defending our country?

    I really wish there was a more concrete answer to this question; but it my experience, it's all or nothing with the American society. You can either support the men, or you can support the women, but certainly not both. Either way, I applaud your desire to investigate this issue without bias. Our men deserve better.


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ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)