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Updated on February 26, 2017

"The best liars are the ones that blend a little bit of truth and morality, with falsehood and evil." ~Source Unknown

So I had another article I planned to publish, until I came across evil. There really is no other word to describe what I watched, heard and read. The fact that this type of material is allowed on a major public website is an international disgrace (YouTube). I am all for free speech, but if I find people blatantly encouraging oppression, eugenics, mutilation or genocide of a group of people, I draw the line. I am not talking about mainstream feminists. I might disagree with mainstream feminists, I might even find their discussions moderately offensive, but I still won’t endorse censorship of their free speech.

However if people encourage the violation of human rights, then my support for their free speech vanishes. What do I mean by violation of humans rights? I am not talking about misandric remarks or insults against men. I am referring to the promotion of confining people to slavery, portraying people as subhuman, physically mutilating innocent human beings, eugenics and above all genocide. After what has taken place over the last hundred years alone, there should not be a single person on this planet right now, that should even slightly permit the promotion of human right’s abuse in the present or the future. This is particularly true on a website that has a child audience. I am not talking about some obscure blog here, I am talking about YouTube.

Male Population Reduction

So enter Femitheist (aka Krista or whomever she is) on YouTube. A 20 year old southerner from the United States with a 2 year old daughter. Femitheist suggests reducing the male population down to 1 to 10%. She also condones male castration. Whether she claims it to be a secondary alternative or not, does not suddenly make it more okay. Now I will leave people to wonder to themselves what that all means. How exactly do you reduce the male population down to 1 to 10%? Eugenics, genocide, infanticide? Those virtually are the only options. Even if by some miracle none of those techniques were used (which I find to be impossible), men would never consent to being reduced to 1-10% of the population. It would have to be implemented by force and that would inevitably cause a war. Castration of men (not just criminals mind you, which would be wrong anyway) would also certainly not be happening by consent on a large scale. Any doubt I had left that she could mean something else, vanishes when I read further into her blogs, internet sites and watch her videos. Basically she seems to believe that it is perfectly justifiable to oppress men and do much worse. I shudder at the damage this material is doing to children that stumble across her channel on YouTube.

People obviously will be curious as to how this individual makes the leaps she makes. Her opinion is that thanks to testosterone, men have more muscle mass than women. This greater muscle mass gives them a greater physical strength than women. Men use this greater physical strength to oppress women and the rest of society through violence and aggression. Therefore in her mind, men because of their testosterone, should be castrated for the benefit of society and/or reduced to a small fraction of the population should all else fail. She says she is worried about society and believes we do not have long before a third world war. She believes these methods are the solution to the social ills in society, violent crime and war. Yeah…stimulating anxiety by painting an alarmist picture is not manipulative at all…..

To suggest I disagree with her is an understatement. I think this reasoning is literally insane. People that follow her seem to take offence to people comparing her philosophy to Nazism. Well as the saying goes, if the shoe fits….The fact is the Nazi’s also felt that the Jews were the cause of all of the social problems in society. That they had some form of deleterious condition in their nature. That they were oppressing the Germans. The Nazi’s also developed a solution on how to deal with the Jews and their bad nature. It was called the Final Solution. They also talked of reducing the number of Jews in society and ways to prevent them from negatively impacting society (like ghetto’s, sterilisation and the Nuremburg laws). Just like Femitheism, they were careful not to call the final solution to the Jews, genocide. Not all Nazi’s hated Jews either. You don’t have to hate something to want to get rid of something. Nazi’s and Femitheists both create just enough ambiguity to allow plausible deniability and opportunities to reframe their arguments in the event they face a serious challenge.

The Femitheist may indeed try to silence me (before you do Krista, you might want to read my constructive advice to you at the end of this article), but frankly in the long run that will achieve nothing. Someone else will just write another blog, Hub or video about her and challenge her arguments. In fact they already have. I am just spreading the word that these misandric philosophies exist, since some people have a hard time believing that they do (particularly feminists). Perhaps she will reframe her arguments and spin them in such a way as to pass them off as something else in response. Keeping things ambiguous and arguments general, allows people to dodge bullets or move the goal posts. Appealing to peoples emotions helps cloud their judgement. Also trying to come off as friendly and innocent, does not alter the fact that they are condoning extremely oppressive acts against men.

I seem to keep getting continuous indications of lying and deception. So please take what is said by this girl with a grain of salt. I don’t care what she does. I don’t care because people are not that stupid. She simply cannot dress up the reduction of the male population to 1 to 10% and male castration as a morally acceptable and practical solution and hope that people will buy into it. People will not be fooled. Nonetheless for the benefit of a minority of vulnerable (remember children might watch this) and misguided people (including her), I will offer my own opinion.

Why Femitheism Is So Wrong

Suggesting that we should reduce the male population to 1% to 10% or engage in male castration to tackle violence and war etcetera, is analogous to me suggesting that we should reduce the female population to 1% to 10% and make all women have hysterectomies (removal of uterus) to tackle the population crisis. Women are the rate limiting factor of reproduction (thanks to the 9 month gestation period). Therefore reducing the number of women that can breed, limits and reduces the growth rate of the population. Now of course that is evil and I would never support or condone that in a million years. However that reasoning is exactly the same as that of Femitheist. The end justifies the means right? We can deal with social problems through oppression or worse, of half the population right? Wrong!

Aside from all of that, the solution itself from a practical perspective is seriously flawed. Reducing the male population to such a small number, will boost the inbreeding coefficient to alarmingly high numbers. Genetic disorders that are currently rare, will become common place. Infant mortality will skyrocket and generally the human population (which would be mostly women) will be far less healthy. Should another pandemic arise, such as bird flu or some new killer disease, the human race could be wiped out. The immunity of the human race would be too genetically homogenous to protect society. Ten of millions could die, not to mention the economic and political impact such a pandemic could have on the world.

Then of course there is the obvious fact that men are not going to willingly agree to any of the initiatives of Femitheism. In fact neither will 99.9% of women. Assuming Femitheism attained enough power on society, which is extremely unlikely, their initiatives would inevitably cause a war. Ironically in an attempt to quell violence, they would contribute to the very problem they are trying to solve. But again the end justifies the means right? Even if these measures were implemented, the absence of testosterone in men resulting from their castration, would have negative ramifications on their health and mental state. Low testosterone levels in men have been linked to depression, anxiety, cognitive problems (such as decreased working memory), lower libido and increased incidence of other various mental illnesses (such as Alzheimer’s). Men would suffer adverse effects if castrated and there would be a substantial social and economic cost to society.

The Female Pedophile (Part 1 Of A 3 Part Series)

The Censored Truth About Domestic Violence

Female Violence And The Public Acceptance Of It

The Fallacy Of Demonising Masculinity And Men

In addition, aggression, violent crime and war, will not go away if you get rid of most of the men and/or castrate them. Femitheist seems to think that women are not capable of being just as aggressive, violent and war mongering as men. If people really believe that, then my suggestion is they look at the studies showing a skyrocketing increase in violent crime among women relative to men in the last decade throughout Western society. Reports are coming in from all over the place. The UK, Canada, Australia and the United States are just a few places. I guess it is all the patriarchies fault and these women are all victims? I guess the sexual and physical assault of a 12 year old autistic boy by two teenage girls in Townsville (Australia) in 2012, was all the result of male oppression? If people really believe that, I can’t help them. It is not really like this is a one off either, in 2014 in Maryland (United States) two teenage girls physically and sexually tortured a 16 year old mentally disabled boy over a period of months. Women like men, are far from all being innocent little angels that can do no wrong. Women are human and like men some of them are bad people. If people don't think a substantial number of women abuse male and female victims in domestic violence, child abuse and rape, then my suggestion is they consult the adjacent videos on these subjects and my two articles on domestic violence and female perpetrated rape and child abuse.

Studies on aggression show that it is not so much that men are more aggressive, but that men are socialised to display more overt forms of aggression. Women display aggression more covertly, i.e. social exclusion, passive aggressive behaviour and rumour mongering. Well traditionally speaking anyway. What is happening in the West, is that women are no longer bound by the traditional female stereotype that forbids overt aggression. As a consequence, the psychological sexual dimorphism of aggression is vanishing. I am all for women being treated equally to men, but we have to take the bad with the good. With respect to testosterone, a plethora of research has failed to conclusively prove a causal link between the male sex hormone and aggression in humans. In fact, some research has actually has found elevated levels of testosterone to be associated with more cooperative and compromising behaviour.

If you want to stop male aggression or any form of aggression for that matter, you must teach the individual how to manage the psychological distress that causes it. Men basically are raised to repress emotion and not to display sensitivity or empathy. It is a social norm in society to not provide emotional support to men and to regard and treat men that display emotion as weak and useless. We ridicule men who express their emotions and trivialise their feelings. Men are raised and pressured to repress their emotions and be tough. This is not the result of patriarchy per se. Women reinforce this in men, just as much as men do on other men in society. This is not a male privilege, it is a burden. Society dehumanises men and treats them as robots. While we have allowed women to break out of their traditional role in society, we still expect men to stick to this tiny little narrow band of what we define as masculinity. If a man dares to deviate from that band, he is deemed weak and pathetic.

So we have all these men walking around, doing the bulk of the hazardous and demanding work, being isolated from emotional support and we expect them to repress their emotions. The psychological tension builds and then we wonder why men commit violent crimes. The situation is absurd. If people like the Femitheist want to reduce male violence and crime, then they should address the extreme social pressures that force men to repress their emotions and encourages society to ignore men's cries for help.

Talking about male castration and male population reduction, if anything, makes men more aggressive and violent. Indeed the commentary on her channels suggests that. Perhaps that is what she wants, then she can give people and her followers direct examples to confirm the twisted beliefs of Femitheism. Look! See all the evil men giving me such a hard time! See how those evil men made me fake my own death! Hypo-agency to the max. Thus if anything, Femitheism is counterproductive to the problem it claims to solve. Also, we do not need to teach men to be more feminine. It is not feminine to express and manage emotions, it is human. Perhaps if we started to treat men more like humans, we would see the drastic reduction in violence and crime that we are all hoping for. Of course we would also have to deal with female violence and crime as well.

Technology Is The Solution To War, Not Getting Rid Of Men Or Castrating Them

With respect to war, the reality is simple. War arises from an imbalance in resources between two or more parties and scarcity of those resources. Religion and so forth, are just convenient justifications to fool the masses into going to war. Putting female leaders in power, won’t mean any less war than that under men. If we really want to end war, then we have to deal with the availability and distribution of resources. The solution is not genocide, castration or feminisation of men, it is technology. Specifically robotic automation, biotechnology, nanotechnology, solar power, fusion power and artificial intelligence (no not the Terminator kind!). Once we create an abundance of resources, then our economic system will be transformed from one of competition to one of cooperation. Our focus will be on how to maximise the synergy of economic output across continents, rather than how to divide up economic resources. Eventually war will become a meaningless activity. We don’t fight over air do we? Air is too abundant. On a final note regarding the subject of war, it is also worth noting that whilst women may not have fought in war as of often as men, they certainly have actively supported it in the past. For instance, women used to hand out white feathers to men that refused to participate in World War One to shame them and pressure men into fighting. There have also been countless female rulers from Cleopatra to Margaret Thatcher, that have started wars and even participated in battle, such as Joan of Arc.

So no, I think Femitheism is way off the mark. I could go on, but frankly as with the cult of Female supremacy, I could right a book on why it is wrong. Reducing the male population and engaging in the castration of men, would lead to the collapse of civilisation. There would be a revolution and a war the likes of which we have never seen. We are talking about half the world’s population. Psychological manipulation cannot overwhelm people’s survival instincts. You cannot trick healthy men into mutilating themselves or consenting to male population reduction. At an unconscious level they will sense what is going on, even in the unlikely event their higher reasoning is corrupted.

Above all, Femitheism will not work because it undermines the value system that is sacred in society. I am specifically talking about the protection and elevation of human dignity. Of course I could also bring up the very real fact that women naturally love and respect men. That is to say nothing of the bond between mothers and sons. The role of the symbiotic relationship between men and women in solving many of the crises humanity now faces, is something I discussed in another Hub. Femitheism would destroy this symbiotic relationship and contribute to the decay of society.

Feminists-Be Accountable!

Why Women Are Leaving Feminism

A Word To Feminists About This Femitheism

Now let me steer this article back at the feminists. Firstly what the Femitheist puts forward has been advocated by feminism in the past. Feminist icons such as Mary Daly, Sally Miller Gearhart and Valerie Solanas, have all proposed the eradication of most of the male population. Secondly while the Femitheist does not identify as a feminist, she does refer to the feminist half truths of patriarchy and female oppression. She is the product of a generation of people that have grown up under feminist indoctrination. The female victimhood mentality is alive and well in society. So to suggest that feminism has nothing in common with femitheism and is not in any way responsible for warping the minds of people like the Femitheist, is nonsense. They are responsible for twisting the minds of generations of young boys and girls, into thinking men are these evil oppressors of women and that women are these sacred innocent victims. Like I mentioned in another Hub, patriarchy theory encourages hate. Specifically hatred of men. As the adjacent videos indicate, women are getting fed up with feminism. It is not just men. Women are tired of feminism avoiding accountability, refusing to deal with reality, elevating women above men, engaging in gender bias and chastising women who disagree with their views. They see the damage feminism is doing to society and the need for this madness to stop. Feminists can try an play women off against men, but ultimately the mutual love and respect between men and women will prevail. Toxic philosophies like Femitheism will shrivel and die. They contribute nothing constructive in the long run.

Femitheist Q&A And Her Account Later On Of Her Childhood

A Message To The Femitheist

Krista (if that is even your name), most men care a great deal about women. We love women. We respect women and we absolutely loathe men that abuse women or other people. We want to see an end to violence as much as women do, because the fact is we are the main victims of violence. Yeah that is right, the main victims of violence are actually men. So believe me when I tell you, that men want to see peace and an end to violence, just as much and arguably more so than women. However I will not condone mutilating human beings or reducing some segment of the population under any circumstances (whether it is a first, second or last alternative). There are far better alternatives to those measures and even if there were not, it would still be wrong. You talk about world war three, what you are suggesting if applied globally, would cause world war three. Using utilitarian ethics to justify castration and population reduction is wrong, even if it is a secondary option for you. I think 99.99% of the population are in agreement with me on that.

Assuming your account of your childhood is not a fabrication, please take my word for it, it is atypical. Having a neglectful drug addict mother, which in my opinion psychologically abused you, your father and (probably) your brother, is horrific. Effectively raising your brother by yourself and organising the funeral for your estranged father, is something no child should have to go through. Then watching your mother being physically abused by a man (even though you say she kind of deserved it), living with horrible foster parents and then moving out of home so young, just adds to the psychological damage already done to you. Being teased and bullied (often physically according to you) by girls at school would not have helped either.

Honestly from your account, it would seem that women abused you more than men did. Heck, even you say that. Then you go onto argue that this atypical, citing all the studies and reports etc that you have read. Unfortunately this is where we differ. Feminist propaganda has effectively made it impossible for society to accurately assess the incidence of domestic violence, rape and violent crime by men in Western society. Indeed in a number of instances feminists have outright lied and again please see my articles on domestic violence, female perpetrated child abuse and rape. There is no transparency and critical analysis of the literature yields many holes in popular beliefs about violence and gender in society. What I can say with certainty, is that studies show female domestic violence, violent crime and rape is far more common than what society believes it is. Even police are pleading with society to recognise that. I can also say that violent crime among women has increased dramatically relative to men over the last decade in Western societies. Making the sweeping remarks that targeting men is the solution to violence, is at odds with the reality that a substantial amount of violence is caused by women. Do you really think that would change if men were eradicated or castrated? Rest assured you would still have violence and war.

However let’s just say for the sake of argument, that men are overwhelmingly more violent than women simply because it is part of our nature (as you propose). Do you seriously not think that it is possible your extreme childhood, might have skewed your perception of reality and stimulated you to condone morally indefensible solutions? Your extreme upbringing has generated extreme views. It is pathological to suggest that castration and population reduction are justifiable, even as a last resort to quell violence. You don’t engage in evil to fight evil. If you castrate men without their consent, you abuse men. If you abuse men, you seem to understand that will cause men to be more violent. Ergo, you should then understand castrating men will cause more of the violence you are trying to stop. Testosterone is not a requirement to be aggressive. Again despite decades of research, there is no proven causal link between testosterone and aggression. Men will still be aggressive and violent without testes and so will women who never had them in the first place!

I think you need professional mental help. I don’t mean that as an insult. The stigma on mental illness must be removed. I also think for the sake of yourself and your daughter, you must reestablish contact with your brother as quickly as possible. You need to step back from this and take account of the complexity of human nature. Things are not as simple as you make them out to be or think they are. I don’t think you are stupid, but I do think you are extremely misguided. Perhaps it has something to do with the poor quality of the southern education system you alluded to. Regardless, intellect is a poor substitute for wisdom.

Despite your horrific childhood, I will not condone your behaviour or your YouTube channel. You are an adult and are accountable for your actions. Children may come across your YouTube channel. Imagine for a moment how an 8 year old boy would react to watching your discussion of male castration, men’s nature, misandric commentary and male population reduction on YouTube. Do you think young boys are psychologically mature enough to not to be negatively affected by your message? Appealing to people’s sympathy does not change the fact that what you are doing is wrong. The smile and bubbly personality does not fool me or most people either.

The cycle of abuse needs to be broken by you. Sooner or later you will reach an age where you will grow out of this. Life, people and society are far more complex than you seem to realise. In the interim you are doing a lot of damage and I ask you from one human being to another, to please stop this madness. If not for the sake of men, for the sake of boys who might watch your videos.

Honestly I think I have been pretty kind and understanding considering what you are promoting.

I would not put it beyond the realm of possibility, that the FBI are watching you and your group closely.

For everyone's sake, stop this evil now.

While sick and twisted ideologies like this gain support, we are marginalising men and boys and further undercutting our capacity to address the serious challenges facing the human race. See this article for further discussion.

Update 24/11/2014-I have noted that since originally publishing my article on Femitheism 18 months or so ago, the Femitheist has predictably deleted some of her material or backpedaled and attempted to shift the goal posts with her position on various things. It is all smoke and mirrors, but she is not fooling anyone. Rather than update this article further to adjust it for her backpedaling and goal post shifting, I will leave my articles content on Femitheism as it is, so that people can be reminded of precisely what the Femitheist's initial positions were. The shape-shifting ideology of Femitheism cannot be trusted, especially when a central tenet to the ideology has been to reduce the male population down to 1-10% of the human population (which at present in 2014, Femitheism still advocates for). Some things should not be looked over and pushed under the rug.

Update 20/03/15-The Femitheist video content calling for the elimination of 90-99% of the male population has been removed. This is not the first time that video content of hers that I have added to this Hub for examination has been deleted. Rather than remove the broken video links as I did last time, I will keep them up so that people can see what is going on. If people want proof of the Femitheists promotion of male population reduction, see the video in this article titled "Feminists Be Accountable" or simply do your own research online.


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