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The best options for an in-suite wedding in Vegas

Updated on August 1, 2016

A dream Vegas wedding

I had a big fat Indian wedding attended by over a thousand people and then another big fat Indian reception for another 1,000 people who couldn't attend the wedding in the first place. While it was a lot of fun, dancing, music and food, I must say I do wish I had a smaller, more elegant and manageable wedding. There's something so beautiful and intimate about small private functions, attended by just a few friends and family really close to you.

So when a close friend of mine told me about how she wanted to get married in Vegas, I couldn't help thinking what a great idea that was! I was slightly jealous just thinking about all those photo ops in Vegas - I could get married in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower, or in a picturesque Rome, or on a gondola in Venice, or against the backdrop of a gorgeous lush green oasis with an enormous waterfall right in the middle of Vegas! Did you know you could even get married up in the sky with a LINQ High Roller wedding?


In-suite weddings

Of course, not all of us are adventurous when it comes to weddings. Some of us prefer a simple, elegant function in a beautiful setting. In Vegas, you could choose to have a wedding in a chapel, or book a special wedding venue offered by many luxury hotels. Which got me thinking about in-suite weddings. In-suite weddings or even in-suite wedding receptions are actually pretty common in Vegas. It makes perfect sense - there are many suites that are big enough to fit 40-50 people and have all the amenities you expect from a fully furnished and well-stocked luxury condo. Some even have butlers and VIP managers who will ensure you get exclusive access to events and hotel features.

The best way to save in this case would be to book suites with 1 or 2 connecting rooms. Not only is it a great way to celebrate after the wedding is over with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, these rooms are also perfect for the bride and groom to get dressed before the ceremony without having to travel too much. Besides, spending a little more for that extra space might actually be a good idea for more comfortable ceremony or reception.

Forum Classic Emperor Suite With Connecting Rooms at Caesars Palace

The Forum Classic Emperor's Suite is a 2 bedroom penthouse-like suite at Caesars Palace and a great option if you're looking for a 50 guests. The suite has a full wet bar, an eight seat dining table, a huge living area and even a circular booth area with amazing views of the Strip to host and entertain your wedding party.

If you need more space without booking extra rooms, consider the Caesars Palace Emperor Suite with connecting rooms. This will give you all the amenities and perks of a suite, and an additional connecting room with 2 king beds - that's a total 3375 sq. ft. space for a truly lavish wedding or reception, without spending too much money.

Skyline Terrace Suite at MGM Grand

The 2-story Skyline Terrace Suite at MGM Grand is perfect for an in-suite wedding reception after a ceremony elsewhere because it is spacious, designed for entertainment but most of all - has an amazing 800 sq. ft. outdoor terrace with breathtaking views of the Strip.

Here's the story of a couple who chose this suite as their wedding reception venue. You will be inspired by the amazing photos.

Media Suite at Mandalay Bay

The Media Suite at Mandalay Bay is gorgeous to say the least. It's a 2,170 sq. ft. 1-bedroom suite that was designed with entertainment and parties in mind. The living area, where you can host the event is 949 sq. ft. and has a 65” Plasma TV, a surround-sound theater and a Bose stereo system with the latest media options to keep the party.

The colors of the suite are mostly neutral so your wedding photos should come out looking great if you are looking for a mellow background to make your bridesmaids photos to stand out. The suite does have occasional pops of pink and orange to give a touch of excitement that you can work into your photos.

Wraparound Terrace Suite at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Perhaps one of the most popular suite for in-suite events is the Wraparound terrace Suite at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Not only does the 1,200 sq. ft. suite provide panoramic views of the Strip from inside, it also has a 480 sq. ft. private wraparound terrace separated by glass doors that looks right out to the Vegas Eiffel Tower and Bellagio Fountains. If that doesn't make for a stunning background for a photo, I don't know what will!

In addition to the spacious interiors where you can host your event, the suite also comes with a host of amenities including a Sub-Zero wine chiller, mini-bar, and a full furnished kitchen.

PH Bay Suite at Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood advertises this suite as the ideal suite for wedding receptions and large events. The PH Bay Suite really has an enormous living and dining area and multiple couches everywhere to ensure your wedding party has enough space to party or dance or lounge! You also get two bedrooms on opposite sides of the suite so perfect for the bride and groom to get dressed before the ceremony. The hotel also offers complimentary round-trip limo service when you book the suite - doesn't get more luxurious than that!

Some of these luxury suites are not directly offered online on the hotel's website and you might need to call them up to inquire about price, availability, photography and catering options and number of guests allowed. You could also check on third party booking websites to check for online booking and pricing information. Opting for a coordinator or a personal concierge will be a great help - less stress for you on your big day!


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