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The effect of religion conversion after marriage

Updated on November 23, 2013

In my hub, “the battle between love, marriage, and religion,” which has many comments that confirmed that there is a battle going on between love, marriage and religion, it is obvious that one’s religious conviction plays an important role in determining who one falls in love with or gets married to. The irrevocable truth still remains that we desire to have a partner that shares our religious views or at least, can tolerate our religious views. This is simply because the essence of any relationship is happiness and religion, it is said, is opium of the people. Consequently, most people can do anything for religious sake. Moreover, religion has been a source of hope and happiness for most people. The ultimate, of them all, is the need to put God first and most people think that the act of putting their religious view first means that they have put God first. That is, inversely, such people are of the opinion that God is not in the other religions.

The religious battle and need for conversion is not just between different religions but also within same religion. That is to say, people want a partner that belongs to same religious sect as theirs. It is obvious that most religious sect are interested in gaining members and not in how rightly one lives no matter one’s religion. There is no doubt that the more a religious sect increases in its number of membership seem to suggest how successful the religious sect is not minding if such success is financial or only numerical.

There is this story of a man that attends assemblies of God church that fell in love with a woman that attends Catholic Church. The woman insisted that the only way they can get married is for the man to join her church. Definitely, may be, she was born and raised a catholic so she can’t imagine attending any other church. The man had no option but to become a Catholic so they got married in Catholic way. However, after some months of marriage, the man started attending his former church-assemblies of God church. The woman could not bear the question, “what about your husband?” each Sunday that she attended Catholic Church so she had to join her husband by converting to assemblies of God church. Surely, it won’t be easy for her and they must have debated over the issue before she decided to join her husband to safe her marriage and for the interest of their children.

This is one of many of such stories because people convert from one religion to another whenever they see reasons to do so. Therefore, it is not a surprise for one to convert after marriage. There are even cases of people that abandoned their religion to become atheist. The above story may be easier to handle because the conversion is still within same religion-Christianity. Then what would be the effect if the man or the woman decides to convert to a different religion like Islam or Hindus or Buddhism among others?

It is lucid that most people won’t tolerate their wife or husband converting to a different religion. Consequently, there will be problems and issues that need to be settled else the marriage may end and love lost. This outcome is easier when one of the partners claims to be so religious and religiously right that he or she won’t tolerate other religious views or aspect to partner with one that has a conflicting religious view. Some people can grudgingly stay in the marriage for one reason or another.

This goes to say that the effect of religious conversion can be enormous and disastrous to a marriage except the partners involved continue to realize that freedom of religion is one of the fundamental human rights. Above all, they can allow love to take over, after all, it is said God is love.

(A link to my hub “The battle between love, marriage, and religion


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