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The relationship business

Updated on July 17, 2015

For everyone out there wondering why this is the first topic I chose, its because I absolutely love it. I am beyond fascinated by all those type of relationships out there. You know, you have your scandalous ones (who could forget about good ol' Mr. Clinton), your sassy ones (Kim and Kanye) or your rebellious ones (Miley Cyrus and everyone!) You see, out of all of them all I get is that having a significant other is no other than a business. You give this and you get that, that's how it works. No wonder so many people have issues! We are not all born Donald Trumps or are like fictitious character Richard Gilmore from Gilmore girls. Seems like having a significant other takes, blood, sweat and tears these days. Lets start from the beginning.

Getting to meet them. Oh. My. God. Please tell me that unless you have the body of Kim Kardashian (and the outfits), the personality of Rhiana and Bumblebee as a car, this is the first problem you encounter! It is so hard finding that someone that is going to get the best joke out of you. Listen, all you have to do is yell in the middle of Stop and Shop 'Hey I'm available" and you will be fine, NOT! Think about it, it is a business. If you were running a business who would you want to partner with? Think about what you are all about. Are you a cheap hot dog kind of gal/guy or are you a i-like-to-buy-stuff-i-don't-need kind of person. Be honest, don't ask for oranges if you can't give them yourself. So, when you are at the bar and are on that hunt, think about what you want, that my friend sets the tone.

When you've finally made eye contact with the Kanye to your Kim and are thinking about engaging in conversation, leave the story about your desperate mom that wants you to marry someone ASAP, not attractive. Just be honest, cool, confident (not arrogant and obnoxious please) you want your first interview to go well. Oh, I didn't tell you? Yep, that's what it is. That first conversation that you have is your first partnership meeting. this is where all is decided. This is what your future depends on, this one moment where you either say: "Hi, I'm SpongeBob" or "HI, I'm VIviana". So, what do you talk about? I'll get on to that on my next hub. Gotta go meet with my partner. Lots of love!


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    • Viviana Cordero profile image

      Viviana Alvarado 2 years ago from Vernon Rockville

      Hi guys! Can you let me know what you think? Also any topics that you guys want me to talk about please let me know!