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Things Not To Do After a Break Up

Updated on March 10, 2012

A recent Twitter trend called #WhatNotTodoAfterABreakUp has taken the Seattle tweetersphere by storm. It appears, that someone has started this hash trend, and after I came upon it, I was suddenly inspired to share some of the tweeters advice.

What you should do..

  • Take the time to grieve.
  • Find a good outlet for your emotions (like exercising)
  • Talk to a grief counselor
  • Snack on some healthy snacks
  • Do something just for you
  • Start a new hobby
  • Take a well needed vacation
  • Join a support group

99 Things Not To Do After a Break Up

  1. Stalk your exes Facebook page
  2. Jump right into another relationship
  3. Get right back together with your ex
  4. Leave your jordans in the crib
  5. Ask for a high five
  6. Don't sleep with anyone else if you think you might get back with your ex
  7. Start to "hate" them, it just hurts you even more in the long run
  8. Change yur relationship status to single on facebook & then the next day be in a relationship wit someone new...
  9. Don't sleep with one of their friends!
  10. Act like friends knowing you still love each other
  11. Start hanging out with your exes homies
  12. Break up your rock band
  13. Think dating someone else will help you get over your ex
  14. Re-read old messages, and remember all the old memories. Just get over it! You deserve someone better.
  15. Don't try your luck with her sister,mother or dog. Its disgusting, especially the dog part.
  16. Dont' go after other hoes, if that's your chick you should be tryna figure out how to get her back.
  17. Don't involve everyone in it and do something crazy that you'll regret months and years later.
  18. Call them saying what a douche they are. obviously they wanted to end it. get. over. it.
  19. Listen to love songs. Read old messages .Read their statuses, tweets or updates.
  20. Get with somebody else just to make that person jealous..
  21. Sleep with him and tell yourself this is the last time (when it's actually the 10th time already)
  22. Go to your boyfriends house and beg for him back..
  23. Don't do anything that'll get you in jail, lol
  24. Don't go out with a girl two days later, cause then you're gonna give away why you dumped her which causes drama
  25. Do not be the crazy ex and do the stocking thing...ur done, let it go
  26. Start to date one of their close friends. not cool man, not cool at all
  27. Don't drink and drunk call the ex telling them how much you miss/love/hate them
  28. Eat ice cream. Being fat won't get you a new man.
  29. Ask if you can still be friends. Doesn't work , don't even try it.
  30. Use social networks to Vent about your problems....
  31. Don't talk about how much you miss them & ask them to come over in the near future.
  32. Lie and say u ended it when the other person did
  33. Listen to love songs. Read old messages .Read their statuses, tweets or updates. - you'll want them back!
  34. Get wasted and convince your homegirl to drop u off @ my place of residency. Lol
  35. Start comparing every potential boyfriend/girlfriend to your ex; there's a reason you two broke up...
  36. Vent about it over the Internet.
  37. Make someone else a rebound.
  38. Be friends with your ex's ex
  39. Go out with another guy but only 2 make your ex jealous
  40. Drown ur sadness in a bucket of ice cream cuz we all know what's gonna happen....
  41. Don't try to find a person to replace that someone you once just simply doesn't work
  42. Try to grab all the things you ever gave her n realize u need help. Lol
  43. Don't tell everyone your ex's secrets. if they told you in confidence, it stays that way, even if you aren't together.
  44. Say the person you were dating is ugly because they weren't so ugly when you were dating them.
  45. Don't look at their old pics wit u, listen 2 breakup songs & reminise
  46. Eat a lot of chocolate. You wanna look hot and get back on the playing field. A pizza face won't cut it.
  47. Don't say "if you don't get back with me, I'm going to kill myself".
  48. Order chicken
  49. Sleep with someone the next day
  50. Ask to double date with your new girl..
  51. Tweet the boyz about it... Like they would do something
  52. Standing on top of her school's roof with a shotgun quoting shakespeare
  53. Try to get them beat up by your friends
  54. Don't jump from person, to person, to person, to person...stop looking needy and desperate.
  55. Try to mess with her best friend..
  56. Declare All Guys/Girls Are The Same.. No Their Not, You Just Go For The Same Kind.
  57. See me with my new lady and text me to tell me how good I look and can I hit u off 1 last time.
  58. Watch romance movies alone while eating a gallon of chocolate ice cream...
  59. Try to befriend your ex's friend's just to feel connected in their circle. You just look foolish
  60. psin your willy like a helicopter at her and say "no more free rides for you!"
  61. If they were your first, try not to become Ted Bundy as an aftermath.
  62. Leave voice mails on your exes phone crying & begging for them to take you back ...that's just sad.
  63. Fall for another person, unless they're willing to catch and hold you forever.
  64. Text them "i miss you." Chances are they just read that out loud w/ friends...
  65. Don't cry over him because he's not worth your tears x if he was he wouldn't havee made yeah cry.
  66. Don't go around talking sh*t about the person 'cause at one point they were exactly what you wanted!
  67. Go on a trip to Vegas for "closure"...
  68. Don't go after their friends. Where's the common sense at?
  69. Don't marry his dad
  70. Give up on love
  71. Don't create a fake facebook page to request your ex on it so you can stalk him or her. That's a HUGE cry for help
  72. Sit around and cry for days. A happy girl is the prettiest. Look strong whether you are inside or not.
  73. Don't sit around moping like he/she is the only person in the world ! go out and have fun babe!
  74. Get Into A New Relationship Less Than 1 Week
  75. Constantly complain to friends, they don't want to hear it they're proli going through the same ish lol
  76. Don't get tears in your jar of Nutella. NO YOU DO NOT MESS WITH NUTELLA.
  77. Get into another relationship the same day.
  78. Start throwing yourself out there on Twitter/Facebook, making yourself seem so desperate.
  79. Go sleep with random people
  80. Don't try to be friends w/benefits with that person. hooking up with feelings is intentionally gonna hurt both of you.
  81. Don't wait round hoping she/him will change their minds and come back
  82. Don't dial then hang up.
  83. Don't answer at 3 am cause they're "lonely"
  84. Don't eat your feelings
  85. Keep looking at your phone hoping the person will call back to say what they said was a mistake.
  86. Don't blame the entire male population.
  87. Don't think that every other person makes the same mistakes that your ex did
  88. Text, call or meet up with any of your other exes just to make yourself feel better about this ex. Not-worth-it.
  89. Don't pretend you don't care...
  90. Don't make your next relationship pay for what your ex did.
  91. Get with their sister...O:
  92. Don't stop taking care of yourself.
  93. Don't ask his mom if you can move in..
  94. Change the pebbles you were throwing at their window to bricks..
  95. Say "we can still be friends" That's like saying the dog's dead, but we can still keep it.
  96. Continue to do Activities that were meant for the both of you
  97. Unsubscribe from his Facebook so he doesn't show up on your homepage, but then check his wall everyday.
  98. Act like you didn't care about that person. You're not fooling anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  99. Do not let your pain guide your action.


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  • FullOfLoveSites profile image


    6 years ago from United States

    Some of the items of the lists are laugh-out-loud funny, some are really practical and should be followed as soon as possible. It's about always looking at the bright side after a breakup. Thanks for posting. Voted up and funny, useful :)

  • Dr Kavita Shaikh profile image

    Dr Kavita Shaikh 

    7 years ago from MUSCAT

    OMG, what was # 60 all about? LOL! Must say you are painfully hilarious. Painful because I just got a splitting pain in my sides laughing at this Hub. Awesome as always, voted up!


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