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Tips on how to survive a long distance love affair

Updated on April 22, 2011

Some lovers are far away from each other because of so many reasons, employment or that they are really far from each other brought by circumstances in their lives. Some are even in other countries, while others are couples who are military and they are serving in far away places like Afghanistan or Iraq, and some hooked up in the Internet and are far away from each other. Whatever the circumstances of why they are far from each other, there are some ways to surely mitigate the effect of distance between two lovers. Indeed, even couples separated by far the greatest distance can survive their relationship if they truly love each other because when you love each other no distance is far enough for each other. Closeness and proximity is very important in a relationship but during the times that you are separated you can really test the relationship too and survive it.

Tips on how to survive a long distance love affair

There is constant communication : Connect with letters and words too

  • I maybe a little bit old fashioned but then receiving and sending a letter from a loved one through the mail or courier is just exciting isn’t it? You can tuck the letters and carry them anywhere you go and when you are sitting down taking a break you can read them and be inspired for the day. A friend of mine is married to a civilian worker in IRAQ and they managed to survive their relationship by writing to each other. Since my friend is the one capable of sending letters she send letter three times a week.
  • Use the telephone to call your partner regularly -- there is no substitute to hearing the voice of your partner when you are far away and saying the magic word “ I love you” and "I am here waiting for you".
  • Secure a well connected Internet and buy a webcam plus a speaker for your computer so that you can see them on screen and devote a time when you can talk everyday too. My friend is also doing this, every 11 am in the morning she is hooked in the Internet talking to her husband in Iraq
  • Avoid being jealous, and have a firm of trust with your partner and then show them that you are trustworthy too
  • Have a hobby so that you don’t get bored. If you are not working so that you don't have the time to think so much of your boyfriend, then you can find a hobby to while away your time
  • Go out with your friends and have some fun
  • Connect with family members and enjoy being with them
  • Get a pet so that you can take a walk, enjoy the neighborhood so that you dont get bored
  • Always anticipate the time you will meet again, and prepare for it.
  • Make a plan so that you can know what your expectations are, whether to get married or stay together to avoid the distance. It is also best if plans and expectations are laid properly so that you will understand each other more, and that there will come a point in time when you will live together as there is nothing compared to being near your loved one.

 There you go, I think that the best love affair are tested by times, and when the time you live together, you already set the foundation of trust -- which is good for a relationship.

Thanks for reading this hub and enjoy the times of being "in love".


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    • profile image

      sharon 6 years ago

      I met a lovely guy and after 4 days we fell in was beautiful and so unexpected. He lives 500 miles away and i flew down to spend 5 days with him. now i am home life is hardly worth living because each day i miss him like crazy. it consumes my life.To try to find a level to cope is so hard. I can't wait to see him again and feel as if my life will never be complete without him