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Top 10 Must Knows before Dating Him

Updated on September 14, 2015

Relationship Questions

Do not walk into a relationship all googly eyed without knowing the answers to these questions. These questions and his answers can tell you whether or not you are okay with dating him.

1. Who is his higher power? Current beliefs. Does he believe in God and go to church? what is his religion? To me, this means everything. I love God and go to church every Sunday as well as pray every day. I would never date someone who doesn't have the same beliefs as me or isn't willing to go to church with me. Some may be okay with letting you continue going to church as long as he doesn't have to join. This is up to you to decide if you are okay with this in a relationship. For me, I want a guy who loves Jesus just as much as I do.

2. How close is he to his family? How close are you to your family? Personally, family means everything to me. I am very close to my family and don't go a day without talking to atleast one family member. I go home every holiday that I can (if i am not working). The guy that I date needs to be okay with this and I want him to be close to his family as well. I'm okay with spending holidays apart because I know when we are married, we will spend every holiday together. So while just in a relationship, I want to spend as much time with my family because I know that's not how it will be forever. Also, when you meet his family, look at how he treats his mother, most people say this is how he will treat you in the years to come.

3. Is he a spender or a saver? It is found that opposites attract, where if one is a spender then the other is a saver. You defiantly do not want two spenders in a relationship, where you will constantly be in debt and never have any money. Two savers is not a bad thing, as long as you both are willing to have a little fun every once in a while with the money that you are saving. I personally am a saver and so is my boyfriend. But, he still spends money on me as I spend money on him. We just know how to save and not go out on a shopping spree and blow every paycheck we get.

4. What are his dreams and goals? Personally, I don't want to be with someone who doesn't have any dreams and goals in life. I want someone who works hard to achieve those goals and dreams because I do the same. Someone who just doesn't care, probably "just wont care" about your relationship either. If he doesn't have any goals, try setting goals together as a couple.

5. Physical expectations? Love and Sex? Find out first if he is looking for love and if you are too. Do you just want to have sex with him before you know you are in love with him? What if he wants to have sex after a month or so of dating? Is this something you want or are just willing to do anything to win him over? Really think about what you want out of your relationship.

6. How does he deal with stress? Is he one to go on a long jog when really stressed or does he like to take out his anger on somebody? This is really important to know so you aren't surprised if he is one to react in a not-so-good way when he is stressed over work or school. Personally, I like to de-stress by talking to someone or going for a run/walk. Just make sure you know how you react to your own stress as well.

7. Find out about his previous relationships. What was his longest relationship and why did it end? To me this is really important because then you find out what went wrong and you learn more about him. If he isn't willing to tell you, this may be a little sketchy. Try asking his friends to find out why, but don't be too creepy about it. For me this means a lot to know why a long relationship broke apart. If you date for a long time, and then break up, there has to be a reason. This will help keep you aware of what may/may not happen with your relationship.

8. What does he want out of a relationship? Is he looking just to date for a while and see where things go? Is he just looking to hook up everynight and call you his girlfriend in the meantime? Does he actually want to find a girl to be his wife someday? To me this is the only thing I want out of a relationship is to find that man who I am going to marry someday. Dating is a great way to find that out, but you also don't want to waste your time dating someone if it isn't gonna be worth it in the end. Make sure you both are on the same page and are both looking for the same thing in a relationship.

9. What does he want in a wife? What is his ideal wife like? Is she a stay at home mom? Is she a hard working mother? Is he willing to help out with housework or does he expect her to do it all? Does he want to be a stay at home dad? All of these questions are good to know for a girl who wants to work outside of the home and is wanting her future husband to be helpful with household chores.

10. Does he want kids? And do you want kids? How many? This is an important topic to talk about because of opposite answers can cause arguments later in a relationship. It is important to know what each other wants and if you are okay with it. Otherwise the relationship may be questionable. Don't be afraid to ask. Keep yourself from walking into something you weren't aware you were getting yourself into.

Is This Really Love?

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    • Brynn Thorssen profile image

      Carrie Peterson 

      3 years ago from Colorado Springs, CO

      I really like this Hub. Can I make a suggestion (and you don't have to approve this comment or edit it), but if you could put the headings in bold type, they would stand out better. The writing is great!

    • mactavers profile image


      3 years ago

      Good Hub, but personality traits and sense of humor count too.

    • Safari Chic profile image


      3 years ago from FL.

      Excellent hub! These are very good principles. to keep in mind before getting involved with someone.


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