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Top 5 Wedding Blogs

Updated on February 25, 2010

Many brides-to-be keep wedding blogs as a great way to document the experience of planning their big day, as well as a stress-relieving exercise that allows them to share their frustrations and accomplishments with others. Wedding blogs also tend to present a wider range of ideas than can be found in many wedding magazines, and are a free resource that can save you money as you plan your wedding. Here is a list of Top 5 Wedding Blogs that will give you unique ideas to assist you in your planning process.

1.  2,000 Dollar Wedding

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, this website is a terrific resource. It documents the process of planning a “sincere, authentic, and memorable” wedding on a budget of only $2,000 and includes blog entries on how to set goals for your wedding to guide your decisions, how to cut down a large guest list, how to choose an inexpensive but picturesque venue, and how to “do it yourself” on a lot of wedding details.

2. IndieBride

IndieBride is more of a website than a blog, but is invaluable for the bride looking to incorporate some non-traditional elements into her big day. The site offers essays, interviews, and discussions threads on a variety of topics. Perhaps the highlight of the site is the huge list of sample wedding readings, vows, and other wording for a wedding ceremony.

3. Off-Beat Bride

For couples looking to really shake up the aisle, Off-Beat Bride is the blog for you. It is updated regularly with pictures, stories, and information on couples who tie the knot in unconventional ways. Ever wondered what a purple wedding dress with black lace would look like? Considering using lollipops in lieu of flower bouquets? This blog is for you.

4. DIY Bride

“Do It Yourself” has become more and more popular in recent years, as brides forego that trip to the flower shop in search of hand-picked wildflowers, or bypass the baker’s for the chance to create a perfect, unique cake. Whatever your inner DIY-diva is compelling you to make yourself, this blog will help you do it.

5. 100 Layer Cake

This blog is a mix of everything, documenting unique weddings of couples while offering advice, DIY tips, and a focus on designing invitations and wedding stationery. The great photos of real weddings will inspire you in designing your wedding details!

Image Credit: Jessica Higgins, Flickr


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