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Torn Between Two Guys

Updated on January 13, 2014

Most girls want to be torn between two guys. When it happens however it is not so much fun. You could only be in a relationship with one and you have to make your decision.

One thing you could do is make a list or pros or cons. Go for the guy that has more pros than con's.

Think about which guy you have feelings for more. If one guy could just give you a relationship than you are settling. If one guy makes you happy and you can't stop smiling when you are around him than go for that one.

Take time when deciding. Don't rush into anything because later on you might see that you made the wrong decision.

It could be tough when making a decision between two guys. Sometimes it takes time to come to a decision. Don't hold onto one because you are scared how it will work out with the other person. Listen to your heart because your heart often guides you in the right direction.


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