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Transcending Sex

Updated on November 25, 2012


Lover Boy & Independent Lass

I have no ego said the man with the largest ego on earth. And I speechless with my own thoughts that one who was larger even than life itself, should proclaim to be ego-less, when by resource of the ego he had climbed to the highest plateau of worldly affairs, I said unto him nothing at all, for by his declaration we were now I, at the bottom, and he still atop his self made throne.

Could he mean he was really merged into the void of the collective nothingness which he found excruciatingly exhausting? If so he needed to say this and not the other.

We must make an ego here of which the personality is a shallow covering for the inner, more fuller life in spirit.
Yet we have not made our spark of divinity within which gathers unto itself the makings of an ego, which then distill over eons of time into the essence of yourself. The ego dissolves in God's Light and yet none understand the soul remains intact individually. There are very few who can be accomplishing of the suicide of their own soul. An ego is a mere unit of consciousness which can experience separation for the sheer grace of a life bestowed; a going forth for the glory of returning with more-ness unto it's maker.

It was I and it was him, two separated egos who would think themselves to rescue the other and bring to oneness what was separate.

Yet would you consider when two bodies make love, that the two can occupy the same space in howsoever a motion that you set up? No, this cannot be, for the body is a device of separation.

Whereby the spirit is what can merge, the one with the other. Nothing can tear asunder what God has joined. Even if God is not a word in your vocabulary, surely the heart that beats with life can be seen as the spirit within. There has been no sufficient word invented for the word God, and let us see the word God as stemming from the word Good. Let your Good God live, for it was given of man that he should choose between life and death, that he should have free will to evolve himself.

Now we look at what an ego is, for great confusion has amassed. We must be clear, for an age is ending and a new one begins.

An ego is simply anything at all that you wish it to be, having free will to choose. Just as a God is anything at all that you wish a God to be. It is not as important to seek God as it is to allow God entrance to reveal Himself. Oh the language is very limited here, for God is not a He, anymore than the sun wears genitals and so must be a He. Let us invent new words to replace religious dogma. Let us hurry, for the hour has grown late for us to be our inventive selves.

And yet, do not set up a fretting pattern, lest you cannot turn off the fret button and it gets stuck. Alas, the body is such a precisely engineered mechanism we begin to identify we are this machine, while the spirit screams silently, oh please, let me sing but one last song!

Many moons have passed my friend. Still yet I recall each time I was denied to speak by the untouchable one. Yet I found you out there in my spirit, and you had to come to me, even as sick and tired as you appeared, still yet, perhaps by some free will mechanism you bid me audience.

This amazed me even. I can never know of your struggles, of the making of your secular and monad spirit. I can only offer one moment's words before we part again. We have the same dreams, yet place different meanings on them, so that in language we cannot meet, as well as the spontaneous out of body feature of the forever mystical journey.

Do you recall now a dream fragment you had need of polarizing with my energy, such as is called making love on the earth plane? I am sure you do but here it is on my side of things. There I was, silly ego that I carry about, going on about my lucky windfalls along the financial highway, for you had asked after all, was I in poverty?
I knew you meant in earthly terms. For I am the richest in spirit as can be possible. As I excitedly showed you mental images of my life, you beckoned me to the bed, as if it were your due, a scowl on your face I had come to know as your habit.

You always had more needs any tangible woman could not possibly supply. I, in my cocky way sauntered over, for I had subscribed to some words of wisdom, I struggle with on earth, but not in the heavens.
If a man ask for your coat, give him your hat also. For if it harms neither of you to do so, there may come some good of being generous with our fellow man, this way you may make a declaration that there is plenty enough love to go around, and that there is really no limitation on our good.

But this an adventure describing making love. And I am poor at describing that. I came to you thus and so to the bed you stood beside. I am playful, but none can own me. I am and ever shall be, emancipated woman, insofar as this singular life goes, but make no mistake, I often remember what it was like to be a male, and it was no more pleasant than it is to be expressing female polarity.

Life in a body has always been a prison for my spirit. I have brief moments of finding meaning in life, and these I cling to for their preciousness.

This was one such moment of meaningfulness, to see you out there. You did not reach out to hold me. You did not kiss me. Was it something I said? I fell on my back on the bed and awaited your touch and what was taking so long?

There you remained standing looking down at me with the most perplexed of expressions, like now that you had voiced your desires you may well change your mind. I locked into your eyes and slowly arose from the bed and grabbed you tightly and drew you down with me upon the bed as you uttered an exclamation of surrender and a thrill shared our bodies now joined.

Too funny really. You have given me memories I will not forget! I am perplexed also, for I would never act like this in physical reality. I am celibate by choice for many years of earth time now. And if any should beacon to me to make love to them with a scowl on their face, I should run away so fast, they would forget I had even been in the room.

Yet the rules are different when having a relationship out of body, they are so different, they are hardly worth trying to share with any excepting the one who was with you, and even then, with the utmost difficulty in conveying the meaning of the experience.

Suffice it to say, you were right within your own words. For you said I ruled your heart. You would never give in to me, unless this were so. It is not a weakness to love another. Where weakness lies is within the ego that makes separation comments, the ego that scowls in fear, that it's needs will not be met.

I was in my way, showing you the meaninglessness of the sexual encounter, for it was the quickest thrill and did not a thing to my soul. Sexual expression is for the earth plane and has it's purpose there.

When we are out of body and knowing it, we simply are merged as one, and of one accord mentally. Do you love me are words never spoken in the spiritual realm, they are already known. We are love. There. We do not need to use the body to express love and the thrill of union is constant. There are no needs, for there we go as finished works of art. Graduated from the dense earth plane, we are one with one another, and more importantly, so much more closer to God, that He be but a breath away.


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