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Try to block "love" from social media and protect the ones that are in your heart.

Updated on August 28, 2014

Shh, keep it all quiet

Good intentions on the private side of love

To love without thought but just to love to love.
Loving deeply and passionate.
The word with technology loses human hope and fulfillment.
The needs of desire feels strong.
Intimate times should remain private and not take pictures
of so many times together at dinner time at restaurants.
Flaunting a significant other in front of the whole world,
means you do not cherish private times.
Loving so deeply that it matters not what the whole shall see,
but it matters dearly that two are together alone and doesn't
pay attention to what the whole world thinks.
Each other lifts each up higher to be better.
There is no subtracting each other's worth, but
gaining a momentum that strengthen's the bond beyond friendship.
Inner feelings grow stronger with a deep routed connection.
Intimacy with each other should remain in the bedroom,
away from eyes that are not meant to see what is shared
that is meant to be so beautiful that only two people know.
Intimate times remain behind closed doors for a reason.
Because it is more special to two people who love and adore each other.
When there is privacy, there is no he said, she said so there is
no interruption of a continued bond that will grow.
Loving each other will remain true.
Loving each other deeply and being blind by the right love
is so magnificent that magic becomes real.
The heart will stay true if each other is there,
and not absent in mind, body, and spirit.
Hope will remain, and then that is when love will conquer all.

Sometimes with all the technology that we have today, there are downfalls.

There is too much 'he said" and "she said" and people trying to bud in on other people's happiness.

So I learned that the phrase "mum's the word" is a good saying so that way I can protect anybody that is special that does come into my life.

I am not ashamed of anyone that comes into my life and would be happy to scream at the top of my life if indeed someone does make me special.

I don't have nothing to prove to the world and to keep private things private it feels good to acknowledge that certain I an enjoy without anyone knowing about.

Plus the big thing about keeping things private no one can butt in and bother anyone I ever would get involved with and yes I may have repeated that.

So in this day in age it is o.k. to proceed with caution when investing any time that I would get involved with anyone but the better investment is to save special and precious moments keep special to myself.

If I have an extra smile on my face, it could be something that adds a little extra to my life that I only share with myself.

The age has gone where romance was with so much "whoo hoo" because only your closest friends would know how happy you were and they would want you to be happy with each other.

But once again with social media there are too many prying eyes that don't want to see people happy because they are not happy with themselves and the green eyed monster of jealously sincerely eats them up inside for years and they will truly be diseased ridden with envy.

So to help those that are unhappy with themselves it is good on social media to keep quiet about special times, granted the fact it will eat them up inside no matter what you do just for the sheer fact of your happiness of not having to brag to the whole world that you have special people in your life who love you for the person you are.

There are lessons in life we all must go through and I for one have learned lessons with mistakes and unhappiness I have had in the past which helped me to reprogram my brain to think what happiness really is.

It is not something society has to push upon me and say I have to get married to validate myself as a woman but to live my life that way it was intended and if marriage would come across my path that indeed would be something that would come out of love and not under any false pretenses.

It is good to keep growing as a person and human being and learning about love and being loved without consideration of having to think in the back of mind that someone is only being false with me because they have no clue how to be a real man.

There is no false expectations that I look to see upon any men, but encouragement of growing and getting stronger past friendship that will bond us with a strength that no one ever could get in between.

To even take it a step further I know I would want to grow and become successful in my own way with a man that is successful in his own way.

Growth is a constant factor and a little part of the key to my life.

Also besides growing with knowledge, I like to keep growing in spirit and in body because physical fitness is a really big part of development in my life and if that is not part of anybody that would happen to fit into my "significant" other criteria, I know that would never workout.

Our bodies were meant to move and maybe not as extreme as everyone, but because our bodies are living machines, just like a car if we don not take care of the car and the inside of the engine of a car the car will break down and indeed not work.

So inclusion, I believe with certain things in life even though I use social media A LOT, I learned in life that certain things need to stay off all social media sites.

In the end I learned I need not prove my womanhood to anyone but myself.


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