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Rustic Fall Wedding Ideas

Updated on March 28, 2018

Fall in Love with these Wedding Ideas!

Who doesn't love autumn? Crisp air, changing leaves, and bonfire nights...

There are certainly romantic undertones to the fall season! Some significant pros of having a fall wedding include:

1) Lower prices! Because autumn isn't considered "peak wedding season" most vendors drop their prices beginning in October. When you consider the price of the venue, entertainment, catering, and more, you could save quite a pretty penny!

2) Great weather. Of course the location of your wedding will make a difference, but in most places, fall is a rather predictable and temperate season. There is less of a chance for rain in the fall than in the spring or summer. Also, it's harvest season! That means all the freshest, hearty food options!

3) A beautiful, natural setting. The vibrant changing colors of the leaves creates a gorgeous backdrop for all of your bridal party photos. You can choose a color palette that either incorporates or complements the rich reds, oranges, and yellows.

Choose the Right Color Palette

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I am in love with a Cranberry, Dusty Blue, and Sienna color scheme!

The rich cranberry compliments the soft blue while sienna brings in a warm glow. Other fall wedding colors to consider: Navy Blue, Orange, Peach, Burgundy, and Forest Green.

Choosing the Best Bridal Gown for Your Body Type

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First, find the best silhouette for your body type! Each body type has at least two silhouettes to choose from. Next, decide what neckline you feel most comfortable with. Be sure to keep in mind factors like dancing when selecting your neckline; bustier ladies may want to opt for straps.

A typical fall wedding gown will have longer sleeves; lace sleeves add a certain elegance and complete the crisp autumn day aesthetic.

Sleeveless Dress Cover Up

If long sleeves aren't your idea of love, but your reception venue is outdoors, a cute flannel may be an option! I practically scoffed at the very idea, but I think it is rather adorable. Of course, there are other ways of keeping warm... *cough* open bar *cough*

Beauty at a Bargain

If your budget is a huge concern, don't worry! There are still many beautiful options! This dress from PGM Dress goes for $330 and comes with the same sophistication and grace of a high end gown.

Dress Your Best Ladies in a Beautiful Blue or a Ravishing Cranberry!

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Both of these colors are romantic and flattering! And who doesn't love a flower girl in tulle?

What a Catch: Bouquet Ideas!

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I am partial to the wheat bouquet. It is simple, yet elegant and would be nice paired with wheat and ribbon only bouquets for the bridal party. But, if you prefer a flowery bouquet, there are plenty of options for fall flowers!

Primary flower options include dahlias, orange gerbera daisies, calla lilies, chrysanthemums, roses, and more. These can be complemented by Queen Anne's Lace, wheat, eucalyptus, thistle, foxglove, and other great options!

Choose a Classic Grey or a Warm Brown for the Men to Complete the Wedding Party Look!

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There is so much potential here. The cranberry and dusty blue will look lovely with either grey or brown!

Also, how fun is the mix-matched groomsmen attire? I do enjoy the bridesmaid color mixing, but I love the whole new level of mixture when you throw in jackets, vests, suspenders, ties, and bow ties with the groomsmen!

Tie the Looks Together with Brown Shoes

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I love the retro vibe here and it's another opportunity for mixing things up! Of course, a uniform color and style would look classy as well.

Center Piece Ideas

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Of course, you will be the center of attention, but it's best to leave the table tops to the centerpieces! Unless of course that open bar comes back into play.

These wheat designs are rustic and extremely charming! Throw in some candles and tea lights and there you have it!

DIY Burlap & Baby's Breath Decor

How have we made it this far without mentioning burlap?

This burlap bow is easy on the eyes and the wallet! This is perfect creation for the DIY couple.

Learn How to Tie a Burlap Bow

Keep the Decorations Simple

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Kissing isn't just for the bride and groom! Keep It Simple, Stupid with string lights and paper lanterns. They look great for indoor and outdoor venues and create the perfect ambiance for a rustic wedding.

Sweet Dreams are Made of Buttercream: Cake Inspiration!

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Everyone is waiting on the cake as soon as they enter the reception venue. Impress your guests with a sweet, elegant cake! A traditional style, sophisticated cake is always beautiful, but there are equally lovely unconventional options to choose from!

I especially love the dripping chocolate trim option; it is swoon inducing. I would marry that cake.

Create a Cozy Reception

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Keep your guests warm and comfy with a fire! Your family and friends will feel welcome and comfortable enough to stay and dance all night.

Hay bales are a cheap, decorative seating option that adds a little charm to your rustic celebration. Often times, you can either borrow hay bales or sell them afterwards.


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