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Understanding Men: A Guide For Women

Updated on November 29, 2012

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Just like women, men are also hard to understand. In some ways, they think differently which make women get confuse and think what is really on their minds. That is why a lot of women try so hard changing their personalities, their behaviors, how they wear, how they look and so on just to win their man's heart. But honestly, you don't need to change for a guy. Below are few guides on how to understand men in general. Though this doesn't apply in every man, at least you have the idea on how you can relate when talking to them. You would be surprise after you've read this article what men really want.

Tips To Understand Men Better

* Men need compliments! Just like girls, they too loved to be praised. Although they rarely receive compliments than women, once you told them how they look good on that shirt , or just by saying " thank you", surely you will notice the smile on their face. Trust me, they will also giggles, secretly. They are also human after all. In this way he will love you even more. Just make sure you mean what you say, they know when you're fooling around or not.

* Do you still remember the last time your man gave you love notes, cards or fresh flowers? I'm sure that was when the time he was still courting you or when you guys were still new in a relationship. Of course this doesn't apply to all, but if this applies to you, well there's nothing to worry about. Men's idea of romance is quite different than ours. They maybe sweet and romantic, but not all the time. They probably have other important things in mind that need to attend with. So the next time you tell him you love red roses on your birthday or anniversary, don't get bothered when he doesn't answer back. He maybe answering at the back of his mind and thinking strategies on how to surprise you.

* Women like to be praised, but if your boyfriend sees you with your cute lingerie on or your sexy summer outfit and yet no compliments from him, don't get easily offended. It is really annoying when you don't get the response you would like to hear from him, that's why understanding men is really a must if you want your relationship to last longer or even forever. Men don't always praise you with how good looking you are with your sexy clothes or rather how pretty you are in an elegant dress. Men don't think about stuffs just like the way we do. He may seems forgetful and it's not that he doesn't love or adore you. It's probably that he thinks it's nothing more important than your personality inside. And that is what he really desires.

* His eyes are rolling on other women. Come on ladies, admit it, it is the most common gesture you always caught on your partners when you're with them. Well it is really rude when you see your boyfriend staring at other women even if he's with you. Insecurities are coming in next and you feel helpless thinking he may not be contented with you. But why? Why do they have to? What is it with men that they can't keep their eyes away from good looking girls and their assets? It hurts our ego isn't it? Well according to men I've asked, they simply like to look at the "varieties". They are more attentive to their visual stimulus that is why they can't help but look or even stare at women and this has nothing to do with their partners. Besides, he will not go and chase that sexy girl anyway. Just keep your cool down and enjoy being with him. We can't do anything about it anyway.

* Household chores. It may take time before your man does his house chores that you asked from him a week ago. This maybe irritating and often times than not, drives you mad for not doing it so or telling him from time to time and yet no actions to see. Still keep your cool, his mind maybe preoccupied with other things around him or may have been forgetful. Don't worry, he will do it once he remembered it.

* Men want a kind-hearted woman. Indeed. Men like women who accept them for what they are. Who will be a loving wife and mother to their children. And that's it, as simple as that.

* Be straight-forward. Men can't usually detect emotions as fast as women can. Women are better at reading emotions and men are oftentimes clueless unless you tell them directly your problem or what bothers you. Don't expect that he can read your mind, just tell him honestly in calm and gentle manner or else he might get irritated and ends up quarreling.

* Get a Life. Men also want time alone and so as you. So don't make him your whole world and just revolve around him. Give him some space or some time to be alone. Not disturbing him in while his working on his project for work is an example. Let him stay in the room alone. Men are always focused when it comes to doing his homeworks.That is why whenever you talk to him while he's doing something on the computer, you get no response or just the " mmh.. uh huh.." he's not really listening. So don't bother or else you'll just get mad.

Understanding men is not easy. Use these tips for you to catch them easily. So the next time you are upset with your partner, just try putting your own feet on his shoes. It will make your relationship gets even better and may even last forever.


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    • WhyDoIThink profile image

      Tim van der Kroft 5 years ago from Netherlands

      Wow, I have never read or heard anything from a girl/woman that is as true as this on understanding men! You really seem to understand guys (me at least), and that isn't often the case I'm afraid.. Great Hub, well written, and a good source of information for women who are driven crazy by men's behaviour.



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