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How to Spice Up A Relationship

Updated on January 20, 2014

Being in a relationship is very easy but keeping it alive is a challenge. They say it holds a promise and there is a corresponding responsibility. Yes! This is totally true. There's no perfect relationships, even the strongest couples have their down times together, misunderstandings etc. If things go wrong or if you think the spark has gone and you want to save your relationship, it is not too late dear. It is still up to you whether to do some effort in bringing back the lost energy or just let your 5 year- relationship put to waste. Follow these simple yet helpful tips to spice up your relationship with your partner.

Ways To Spice Up A Relationship

  • Spice Up your relationship by pampering your partner. Spoil him with gifts or flowers when he least expect it. Let him rest by not letting him do household chores or serve him dinner when he arrives home at night.

  • Maintain your intimacy towards each other even just by hugging. Trust me, you'll be surprised to know how much physical connection makes both of you feel really excited and wanting more!
  • It's fun to cook together. Yes it's just a simple one yet it can build a deeper connection for both of you. It could be a greater way to awaken your relationship and you might end up with a cute couple fighting for food that's not properly cooked. Oh! that would be fun to look back when you're old enough.
  • At least once a week, before both of you go to bed, you can always open up a conversation about how are the things going over you, at work and life. You should always be open to your partner about the experiences and problems you're going through. Always remember that whatever his/ her problems, are your problems too. So you can resolve it with the help of your other half. In this way, your relationship may become stronger.
  • Make him feel that he/she is also your bestfriend, not just a partner. Come on, share your greatest secret with him and he'll also return the favor. Not just that but also sharing your fears, hopes, dreams and even your sexual fantasies! Having an honest communication can build a steady and strong foundation
  • Why not go back where you first met? It will bring back the exciting memories you and your partner shared in that specific place where you started as a couple so in love with each other. You will realize how much both of you have grown together as a mature lovers.
  • Surprise him with cakes or something he may never forget! Even if there is no special occasions to celebrate, one customized "I Love You" card will be much appreciated. It's always the thought that counts, honey.
  • Why not wear this uncomfortable thing inside your closet that you have been keeping for more than a year now? It's time to pull it out and wear it alone! Yes I'm talking about your long- kept lingerie which you bought. Even if you feel less comfortable wearing it on, at least once in awhile you show your partner how sexy you are in that lingerie. He will surely want more of you afterwards.

Whatever ways to spice up your relationship you try, you should always put more effort on it to make it better and lasting. Showing your partner how much you truly appreciate the gift of having them in your life is the most important thing. The stronger and more open you are, the lasting relationships you will have.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      5 years ago

      Excellent advice! (voted up & useful)

      The only caveat is it takes (both people) wanting to keep the magic alive.

      If one person bends over backwards and the other person makes no effort to reciprocate in anyway whatsoever eventually the “romantic” person will throw in the towel. It’s far easier for them to stop doing things then it is for the unromantic person to start doing them. Communication helps to determine if both people would like to spice things up.

      Oftentimes one person is content or dare I say happy with the way things are. They may even tell the person seeking more romance that they have “unrealistic expectations” It is then one has to decide if they want to spend the rest of their life the way things are. hmmm

      There is no amount of “communication” or “work” that can overcome being with someone who does not want what you want.


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