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Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts Any Couple Would Love To Receive

Updated on May 1, 2013

Choosing unique personalized wedding gifts shows the couple that you put a lot of thought and care into choosing their wedding present.

A wedding is such a festive, momentous occasion. It's wonderful if you can find a gift that will bring back happy memories for the bride and groom long after the day is over.

The best wedding gift is personalized and memorable.

Below you'll find some tips on how to narrow down the search for the perfect gift, followed by some suggestions and ideas I've collected for truly unique personalized wedding gifts.

Tips Before Starting


The Bridal Registry

Firstly, if you haven't already checked, take a peek at the couple's registry, if they have one. If you're not sure where they have registered, it's easy to find out from a member of the wedding party.

The registry will give you some clear ideas as to what the couple would like.

If you see something there that you'd really like to buy for them ... well, okay! ... Your search is over!

If you don't, then of course you don't have to buy from the registry.

But, you do now have useful clues as to their preferred colors and style.

It's good to also keep in mind what the couple already has. Most people today are not setting up a home entirely from scratch. (For example, a least one of them probably already owns a toaster!)

Think about this when choosing a gift, and it will help you find something that they really want and need.

Thinking About the Couple's Lifestyle

Taking note of the couple's lifestyle will also help a lot when searching for unique personalized wedding gifts.

Some questions you could think about are ...

Do they enjoy entertaining? How much space do they have? How old are they? Do they love going out ... or do they prefer spending time at home? Do they travel? To what kind of place?

... and so on.

If you have a clear idea of who you are buying for, it's easier to "get inside their heads" and find something they'll really love.

Ideas For Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts


Beautiful Keepsakes

When choosing items for the bridal registry, most couples think about what they need and will use, and forget about keepsakes.

This makes a keepsake one of the more unique personalized wedding gifts.

The funny thing is, often a keepsake is one of the most treasured of wedding presents in the years to come.

A stunning crystal sculpture with the names of the couple and the date of the wedding is a gorgeous gift. You could give this in the form of something functional, like a decorative clock or an attractive vase.

Keyrings are also lovely useful keepsakes. One simple but charming idea I really like is to give each of the couple a quality keyring engraved with their initials and their marriage date.

Another idea is to give a personalized keepsake box so the bride and groom have somewhere to keep their treasured memories. If you are looking for something less expensive, you could choose a keepsake box especially for their marriage certificate.

Personalized Artwork

You could create a unique piece of artwork for the couple.

Personalized canvas art is very attractive and unique to the occasion. You could customize something already available, or create something entirely yourself!

If the couple have a particular wedding poem, perhaps you could base your artwork around it.

If it's possible, you could ask every guest to contribute something small for the couple, like a personal message or a drawing or poem, and then make a large collage of the pieces.

What a wonderful, thoughtful reminder of their special day!

A really fun idea would be to have a cariacture drawn of the couple in their wedding outfits. You would have to wait until after the wedding to do this, but you could give a small gift beforehand, with the promise of a bigger gift to come.

Photo Memories

Every wedding produces lots of photos!

Photo frames or albums make excellent unique personalized wedding gifts when you add the couple's names and the wedding date, and perhaps a special message.

I particularly love silver frames for a wedding. They are elegant and stylish. A silver personalized wedding photo album is very attractive, and the couple will love it.

For something a little different, you could personalize an album especially for the couple's honeymoon photos.

A Season of Romantic Dates

I'm not a huge fan of giving gift certificates for weddings. I prefer to give something more lasting, although every couple is different, and you know your friends and family best!

I do, however, really like a gift of season tickets to something that the couple really enjoys doing. It might be to a sports game or to the theatre, or tickets to different outings over the year.

You will be giving a magical gift of romantic dates for the couple to look forward to once the wedding is over.


I hope you've found some ideas you like here for finding unique personalized wedding gifts for the couple.

Thanks for visiting.


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