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Marriage: 25 Years and Still Juicy!

Updated on October 2, 2019
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CrisSp is your Emergency Specialist at 37 thousand feet. A writer without a niche. Surely, wonderwoman consumed by wanderlust!

On marriage: We agree to disagree!
On marriage: We agree to disagree! | Source
I say white, He says black!
I say white, He says black! | Source

Marriage is a beautiful thing!

It is defined as "the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law by which they become husband and wife” – for the sole purpose of creating a beautiful family.

July 2013, I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary to the man who never fails to make me laugh and cry at the same time. Just like any other couples, we’ve had our shares of ups and downs. We’ve seen the worst and the best of our marriage. I say white, He says black but we remained faithful to our marriage vows, beating the odds of temptations and heartaches.

"Our marriage is a square and God is at the Center"~ crisSp

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Do you believe in a long and lasting love?

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Why a Square?

Well, a square as we all know has four equal straight sides and four right angles. The word square denotes balance, straight, honest and fair. Truly a good relationship should have these important elements in order to have a just and settled marriage.

It can never be lopsided or it will simply fall apart. The lines in marriage or in any relationship simply have to connect or it will not prosper.

Marriage comes with vulnerability, dedication, sacrifice and enough grace to go around. And, as in all other things in life, balance is the most significant key in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, hence a square.

All these years, we’ve simply learned to put more fun in our relationship. They say, when couples get older and been married longer, they just become boring. It’s not true. First, of all, I’m not that old.*smile* Let's just say, I am well past my legal age and he, of course is way beyond his legal age. Ooopps, I just spilled it out to the world! Okay, let’s be honest. Marriage came early into our lives. But hey, definitely no regrets!

My adventurous soul put me here, into this relationship, where I am right now. The last 24 years has been a discovery of each other. It has been a process and it still is a continuous learning process and discovery. Despite the odds, we still have each other. This man never ceases to amuse me with his sometimes cheesy jokes and loud flatulence while blaming it to the dog when we don’t even have a dog.

And, after all the exchanges of flatulence, we still prove that marriage can stay fresh over time. Eww!


The secret to a happy marriage

"Honesty is crucial and all secrets are lies"~

Ask him what’s the secret to our happy marriage? “It’s give and take”—Husband give, wife takes. Kidding aside, we do things together. He cook, well he loves to cook. I appreciate his cooking, thus, I eat it- we eat together. I wash the dishes and intimacy is usually the dessert, not necessarily sex.

Our marriage had been tested throughout this entire 25 years but we've learned to play our way to a healthier and happier marriage. It wasn't easy but hey, we've made it, so far and we're both looking forward to many more years of togetherness.

Why I love my husband?

Anecdote #1:

Hubby: Calling me from work, "Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart! And then whispering, "I love you!"

Me: "Why are you whispering? You have someone next to you that you can't say it loud? Tell the world about it!"

Hubby: "But you are my world"

Ending: Laughters at the end of our conversation~


Anecdote #2:

While sitting and cuddling and watching Netflix...

Hubby: “Sweetheart, I can feel your (love) handles. You need to exercise.”

Me: Annoyed, "Shut up and watch!”

Hubby: “I'm just saying”

Me: Completely irritated, “Shhh….be quiet and watch!”


Hubby: “Okay, okay. Wait, hold on. Pause the TV.”

Me: “Why?”

Hubby: “Just pause it.”

Me: “Okay. Hurry up!” (still annoyed)

After few seconds...he returned to the TV room with this (below) plate and said: "I'm boiling water for tea. You want some?"

Me: “Urghh!!!”

Ending: Cheesecake and more of the love handles~

The culprit of the love handles~
The culprit of the love handles~ | Source

Anecdote #3

One time, I was reading this clip out loud to him:

Capricorn: You may be very busy today but you must still make time for the things that really matter most, such as family and your romantic relationships.

I thought that's nice. However, on reading my hubby’s it says:

Gemini: Being the contrary person you are, you will take a perverse delight in doing the opposite of what others are expecting of you.

Now, by this I guess you can sense that he is my number one critic and supporter at the same time.

Ending: No romantic move that day~

Say I love you everyday
Say I love you everyday | Source

Nothing in common

You see, this is what we are. Nothing in common actually and this is why I believed we have so much things to share about. We often times contradict and it gets stronger everyday. I mean, the relationship not the contradictions. (:

We've had our stormy and cold weather but it sealed our bond season after season.

Another secret to a happy and healthier marriage is to add some spice on the relationship. In the book "101 Things I wish I knew When I Got Married" by Linda & Charlie Bloom, it says "sex can improve with age". So, I thought of experimenting to spice up our marriage with a bit of my craziness or let's put it rather gently- creativity.

"Marriage is the only war where you sleep with the enemy" - Gary Busey



Anecdote #4:

One night, while the kids were away, I put on my make up, spritz on seductive (actual name of the spray) perfume and put on some sexy outfits complete with my high heels and bunny headgear in an effort to entice him and obviously to spice up our marriage. Though, I look like Jessica Rabbit, patiently waiting to lasciviously chase her man, I thought it was fun. Then when he came back from work, he found me in the bedroom and said: “Oh, hello bat woman! What’s for dinner?” Roar, the bunny in me was furious almost transforming into a lioness. "I'm a playboy bunny not bat woman!" Lol!

Ending: Giggles in the dark. Oh, naughty, naughty me!

Marriage: 25 years and still juicy
Marriage: 25 years and still juicy | Source

Don't forget the Power of Romance~

No marriage is perfect! What enables a couple to endure is how they handle the problem and if you’re looking for ways to improve your marriage, spice things up in the romance department of your home. Create a loving atmosphere in your home. Perhaps, begin each day with a kiss, a goodbye hug and end it with a goodnight kiss. Say I love you at least once a day.

As for me and my husband, he'd call me everyday during his lunch break for sweet nothings and if I don't pick up, there's always a voice mail waiting..."I love you. You love me. Okay, Thanks. Bye." --those are the exact words he'd leave me in a funny tone--his way! Once, he was called for some jury duty and was sequestered without a cellphone. Boy, I sure missed his voice but funny enough, he told the court administrator to pass the same message to me and no, he wasn't kidding!

The court administrator called me to inform that my husband has been sequestered as part of his jury duty; will not be home until a verdict is reach or until further notice with no access on telephone, media, etc and conveying my husband's actual message, which I repeat: "I love you. You love me. Okay, Thanks. Bye." I was giggling on the other line and can just imagine the court administrator simply laughing or raising a brow on the other end too.

Jumpstart your marriage with humor~

Don’t forget to add humor in your marriage. Because, really you both need to laugh and laugh it off! I'd say I am lucky that my husband is full of humor (and BS at times) but hey, we've learned to embrace imperfections along the way and that's important.

Marriage Prayer
Marriage Prayer | Source

Remember, marriage is not a word. It is a sentence – A life sentence!

For ladies wanting to keep their man turned on, read on some more practical tips from FaithReaper for a lasting marriage.

All for the sake of love, this suggested hub can hopefully help every marriage grow.

Not so many have had this kind of fulfilling marriage and it's been 25 years for US! So, until debt, I mean death do us part. (:

True story. ~

Togetherness All Year Round
Togetherness All Year Round | Source


This article is based on the author's personal account and written with the hope to contribute and prove that marriage can stay fresh over time.

Dedicated to the man who never fails to make me laugh (and cry). Forever grateful, SH mo~

Copyright@CrisSp~TM / 07.22.12. Read me: "The heart of my soul speaks to the soul of my heart by writing." ~

All My Life by America- Enjoy!

© 2012 CrisSp


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