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Valentines....Good or Bad

Updated on February 9, 2012

The do's and dont's for men

The day of love is fast approaching and I'm sure there are men everywhere rushing to the florists and card distributors.

Yes this is the norm, but many of the male gender probably do not think about if this is what their partners or in some cases their object of attraction would like on such an occasion....

It is a thankless task for us men, if you don't fall to the ever mounting pressure of this 'created' holiday you are in the dog house, if you don't come up with what is expected then you will also be dwelling in the mutts hut, so what are the answers......I am no relationship guru but I have had a think and here are some of my do's and don'ts to take that special someone by surprise and get those brownie points soaring!!!


  • Take your time around the house(if you share with your partner) small jobs you can do will show you care.
  • Surprise her/him with maybe a bath, but put some effort into it, put some flower petals in the water and candles, give her/him quality time.
  • Go for personalised gifts, shows initiative and not just a quick dash to the local shop on the way home from work.
  • Look into Internet site's that deal in 'unique' gifts, something may jump out at you that is perfect but unexpected by your partner.
  • If you want to take her/him out for a romantic meal make sure you BOOK!!!!!!!! and also try to make reservations at somewhere a little different to the normal places you may go.

Now for the don'ts:

  • Don't skimp on the outlay, spending that little bit extra can go along way.
  • Don't leave it until the last minute!!!! If you plan the surprise then less will go wrong and the desired effect is more likely!!
  • Don't repeat previous gifts or experiences, do something they may not have expected.
  • Don't do one single thing, make sure there are a few different bits and bob's, this way it will all add up to a better Valentine's day for the lady/man.
  • Don't make yourself the centre of attention, the recipient deserves the effort so they deserve the full attention.

Now as i said earlier I am by no means the master but it is always a good thing to keep your partner guessing when it comes to gift's and experiences for Valentine's day, anniversaries, birthday's and Christmases.

So to all men, I hope this helped in some small way and you enjoy the day/night as much as your partner does!!!!


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