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Vital Speed Dating Tips

Updated on March 17, 2010

Speed Dating Tips: How to Beat the Love Buzzer

 Speed dating can be nerve wracking and this will not work well if you want to make an impression.  It is vital for you to master all the tips that will help you find your balance as you seek to get potential dates.  The following information will guide you and help you work on things that will see you become a resounding success with speed dating.  You have a few minutes to establish connections with speed dating and it is totally possible when you use the time optimally.

 How you appear physically will be your first priority in this regard.  This is not a time to have your dates look at inner beauty because you have to impress them with the exterior first and you have to be sharp.  For women, showing their body parts may not be ideal because you will need to look gorgeous not wanting.  Seductive when overdone is not attractive at all and women should be sexy yet classy and elegant.  Men need also to work on their appearance and women will go for gentlemen who are dressed sharp and smart.

 Sensible makeup is good and you should not go overboard with this.  When you look good, you will definitely stand out from a crowd and in speed dating this is excellent.  You want to increase the chances of meeting a good mate and meeting many will do the trick and launch you into it.  To master the secret of effective communication, you need to do certain things to make your partner feel at ease with you.  Relax and smile and this will definitely go a long way.  You need to get composed and have a smile that will not be for the sake of it but rather an honest and relaxed one.  Even if you do not feel like it, you have to be calm and open and relax.

 Your body language at dates is crucial.  Let your hands free because crossing them will be detrimental.  This is because you do not want to appear defensive and reserved or bored.  Let your partner know that you are keen by leaning forward and appearing to listen honestly.  Also, be keen to read the body language of people you come across, this might give you a clue of what they are about and in turn you will know how to treat them.   Do not get drunk on speed dates because you might ruin everything.


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