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What Man Says and What Man Means

Updated on September 24, 2012

For the ladies

He says: 'I'll be downstairs in a min hun'

He means: I'm still playing fifa on my xbox, so i will be atleast another half an hour and thats not including extra time

He says: 'I'm going out saturday with the guys'

He means: 'The cinema is off and the film you wanted to see will have to wait, because my needs come first'

He says: 'Do we have to go shopping today?'

He means: I'm dropping you off because the football is on

He says: 'Is it your turn to do the cooking this evening?'

He means: I just can't be arsed with this, if she makes me i'm gonna cook badly so she doesn't make me do it again

He says: 'Do i have to do the washing up?'

He means: I'm an alpha male, this is truly degrading to man kind!

He says: 'I wasn't looking at that girl when i drove past her in the car'

He means: If you were not sat right next to me in the car, i would have probably stopped and asked her for her number

He says: 'No i don't think that girl is pretty'

He means: But compared to you, hell yes that girl is an improvement!

He says: 'I'm not cheating on you, how could you think that, don't you trust me?'

He means: About five minutes before you asked me i managed to delete the text messages she just sent me, so i'd like to see your proof lady!

He says: 'No i don't think you are fat, as long as you are happy with yourself that is all that matters'

He means: I think you are a big fat whale, but i'm not going to be the one to tell you your bum looks big in that, i'm just not goin to take you out in public where my friends might see how big your ass has got

He say: 'I love you'

He means: For now


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