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How do I live life as it is.

Updated on March 2, 2014

The Element Left is Love

Upon my research into that strong word "Element". Ken Robinson's video entertains another side to the word. He discusses his take on finding your element. Before watching his video my take on the word was a little more universal..

The only element left in the universe is love. It is a positive growth element and truly lives on after death. Hate is the negative, the destroyer.

I must tread lightly. One day I will find myself surrounded in my heaven having to justify my wrongs and embrace my rights. Whatever I have done in life, good and bad, will unfold there. And there I will unfold. I will come to terms with what I have lived, what I have learned. It is there I will be able to ponder and juggle all of my mortal decisions, a process that will inhale my time. Relaxed and comfortable my heaven surrounds me as my spirit dwells.

Author, Ken Robinson - The Element "It's not that we aim too high and fail it is that we aim too low and succeed." (28:00). "Let's get back to basics" "Educati

So Many Questions

Relax. Let the questions come and let the questions go. Breath. There is no right or wrong path. Feel. Ultimately, that is what it comes down to. When you feel good and you are happy you have rested upon your element.


So, if I choose to go back I can? If I choose to right my wrong I can? Try again?

Humanity is your higher power's love that chose to set us free to live it and love it. Live it pure and pursue it over and over again until we get it right within our own judgement. It's our choice to try again. It's our choice to follow the gift, life.

It is not our choice to take our own life to fulfill this endeavor. Patience is a virtue. Many people are choosing to give up simply by slowing down and just existing.

We have to find a way to fit in while living and become one within ourselves. We have to accept ourselves, love ourselves and pursue what ever builds our inner spirit, what ever gives us the energy to move on.

We are our own gift. We must open ourselves up to the world and explore ourselves. Our gift is our life and we must live it according to the choices we make.

So, let's say we die naturally. While our spirit lives are we allowed to make choices. Can we still make that choice to better ourselves by coming back? Not in our same suit. We will dress as another. We will be another? A child will be born, you again, upon your request? You will go through all the bull . . . . ...... that strings you along to adulthood and than you pick up where you left off? You will know what you already learned and learn what you have already pondered. Your spirit lives on. Is this the way it will be?

Did you ever experience something that you knew the outcome before it happened and even though you knew the right thing to do you chose another path challenging your own knowledge only to be embraced with the outcome you knew would happen in the first place? This is no coincidence. You must trust yourself; trust your intuition. You have been there and done that.

Trust the colors that glow your way. Like your shoes, the colors will lead you through open doors. If the color feels good follow it. Breath it in and feel it processing through you. Energize yourself with colors that strengthen your inner powers. Breath

"Stay human, stay curious and let the entire world know that you are."


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