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Bridesmaid Luncheon

Updated on January 28, 2018

A Wonderful Gift For The Bride

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What a beautiful table!The buffet.Flowers were everywhere.
What a beautiful table!
What a beautiful table!
The buffet.
The buffet.
Flowers were everywhere.
Flowers were everywhere.

So Nicely Done

As the Mother of the Groom, I attended very special Bridal Luncheon for the Bridesmaids in my son's wedding this past Friday. A friend of the family hosted this beautifully-done event. Terri's daughter married a year ago. Someone she knew had provided a similar luncheon for her daughter. In turn, Teri wanted to bless my daughter-in-love with this memorable pre-wedding event.

The guest list included Mothers, Grandmothers, a couple of Aunts, a couple of cousins and the bridesmaids. We were greeted at the door with an elegant glass of champagne. The decorations in the house were exceptional. My first glance at the table almost made me cry. Everything was so elegantly done. It was evident that lots of love and care had gone into the planning and preparation of this luncheon.

Lots of Special Touches

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Special Effects

There were several classy touches to the meal and presentation. I must confess that when it comes to cooking for a group of people, I use any short cuts available. Paper napkins, plastic utensils, and paper plates are popular with me. There was no plastic silverware or paper plates for this event. Soft white dinner napkins wrapped with pink ribbon marked each place. Vases of flowers graced each end of the table, the buffet and every other important table in the living area. Tea and water urns sat elegantly on the large center island of the kitchen which stood covered with dishes ready for their portion of fresh quiche from the oven. Not one, but three different types of quiche were available. Salad, tiny sweet rolls, and fancy breads decorated the edges of each dinner plate. The luncheon invitation had been framed and sat on the buffet. It was later given to the bride as a reminder of this special time.

The Event

Because of the number of guests, two tables were used. The kitchen area seated six and the dining area seated eight ladies. A dessert platter was placed in the center of each table with cookies designed to look like brides in their wedding dress, as well as cupcakes decorated with roses. Yum!

Many times, a get together before a wedding has a game or two. This event was merely for fellowship. We chatted and enjoyed some time to get further acquainted. The bride used this opportunity to share a gift with her bridesmaids. The hostess provided a gift for the rest of us. She decorated a photo album with a picture of the bride and groom for the Bride's Mother and I, extremely thoughtful!

Some people have a GIFT for hospitality. Teri is blessed with this gift. She would not let any of us help in the kitchen or assist in the cleanup. Thanks Terri for a very special time for a very special event!

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