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Wedding Cake Choices

Updated on March 13, 2011

Are wedding bells going to be ringing for you in the near future? If you're planning a wedding, you have a lot of big decisions to make. One of the most important choices you'll make for your wedding reception is selecting a wedding cake.

There are many different types of wedding cakes. You should choose a cake in a flavor that you and your future spouse will enjoy that is decorated in a manner that corresponds with the overall theme of your wedding.

Traditional Wedding Cakes

The majority of couples select a tiered wedding cake. These types of cakes usually have at least three tiers, although some are much larger. Traditionally, these types of cakes are white cake that is covered in white frosting and decorated to the specifications of the bride and groom.

Not all wedding cakes are plain white cakes. Some couples opt to make each tier of their cake a different flavor, such as one layer of chocolate, one layer of white cake, and a third layer of a different flavor. Sometimes each layer is white cake filled with a different flavor of fruit filling. Popular layer cake fillings are raspberry, strawberry, and lemon.

When you meet with a baker or caterer who has experience in wedding cakes, he or she will likely have a portfolio filled with pictures of example wedding cakes. Looking and these photos can give you inspiration for selecting decorations for your cake. Most tiered cakes are decorated with fluted icing around the edges and either frosting or fresh flowers on the top, surrounding a statuette of a bride and groom.

Nontraditional Wedding Cake Options

If you want a wedding cake that is truly unique, you may want to do something other than a tiered cake covered in white frosting. Some couples opt for a tiered cake, yet select frosting in bright or pastel colors, typically chosen to correspond to the colors of the flowers and bridesmaid's dresses.

Some couples choose to opt for very unusual wedding cakes. One of the more popular non traditional options involves arranging doughnuts on tiered platters in the shape of a traditional wedding cake.

This technique can be used with other favorite snacks of the couple, including brownies, moon pies, and other tasty treats. This type of cake can be a terrific whimsical option for a casual wedding. It can also be much easier on the budget than ordering a custom traditional wedding cake.

Choose Carefully

Keep in mind when selecting your wedding cake that it will likely be the focal point of your wedding reception. Wedding cakes are typically featured prominently in wedding photos, so you'll want to make sure to choose an attractive cake that you and your guests will enjoy.


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  • Triplet Mom profile image

    Triplet Mom 

    10 years ago from West Coast

    There are some tasty ideas here. I personally had a cheesecake wedding cake, it was tiered and was very yummy however it did not keep well for the 1 year anniversary. Thanks for this hub.

  • sukkran profile image

    Mohideen Basha 

    10 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

    really a nice choice. i like this hub.


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