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Wedding Cake Toppers - Sugar Flowers

Updated on June 15, 2011

Sugar Flower Wedding Cake Toppers

A wedding is a very personal occasion and the wedding cake can often be the centrepiece of the event.

Though there is a rise in novelty and cupcake wedding cakes at the moment the traditional tiered cake draped in sugar flowers is in no danger of disappearing.

Sugar flowers make for a timeless wedding cake topper, and have the advantage over real flowers of being in no danger of wilting on the day, and if properly looked after will last for many years as a memento of the day.

Sugar flower wedding cake toppers can add drama to a cake with through large colourful gerberas, traditional elegance with roses, or subtle simplicity though the use of daisies or little blossoms.

Types of Sugar Flowers

Different effects can be achieved by using different types and colours of sugar flowers on your wedding cake.

A spray of roses provides a romantic and traditional wedding cake topper, either in elegant white or baby pink or for more of a statement deep red or black roses are very effective.

Calla Lilies are another traditional wedding cake flower, and a simple spray of 3 or 5 calla lily fondant flowers on top of a wedding cake makes for a stunning cake topper. For more drama have the lilies in contrasting colours such as black and white and add some feathers or leaves for extra effect.

Large colourful daisies or gerberas are great for making a statement on top of a wedding cake. Use matching ribbon to tie the colours into the tiers of the cake for a stunning but simple design.

The beauty of sugar flowers is that they can be made in almost any colour and matched to the colour scheme of the wedding making for unique and one off wedding cakes.

Sugar Flowers as a Cost Effective Wedding Cake Topper

 If you're trying to keep the cost of your wedding cake down them a simple spray of sugar flowers can be a great option for a wedding cake topper.

It's possible to pick up very reasonably priced plain white cakes from supermarkets these days so if you only want a single or 2 tier wedding cake then adding coloured ribbon and a spray of sugar flowers in your chosen colours can prove a cost effective alternative. It is advisable to have cakes of more than 2 tiers put together professionally as they need to have dowels inserted to provide support to the cake or there is a risk it will sink and possibly fall.





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    • cre8tive profile image

      cre8tive 7 years ago from U.K

      Hi Sandhillkar, You're right, I don't think people appreciate how long it takes for the really life like flowers to be made ~ don't think mine will ever be mistaken for real but I love making them anyway

    • sandhillkar profile image

      sandhillkar 7 years ago from South Carolina

      Beautiful~and very time consuming to make for the artist.