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Wedding Confetti Guide

Updated on June 13, 2009

Wedding Confetti

Confetti Adds Beauty and Excitement

Wedding decorations are an integral part of a marriage celebration. While the bride and groom are the center of attention, the backdrop which they are presented against helps set the mood for a memorable event. The addition of confetti to your palette of decorations should not be overlooked.

There are many options available when incorporating confetti into your special occasion. From simple wedding table confetti to confetti cannons, the colors, patterns, and varieties are endless.

Wedding Table Confetti

Table top centerpieces and decorations can be adorned with confetti to add to their beauty. Things to consider when choosing table confetti include the size, shape, color, pattern, and material. The shape, color, and pattern are highly customizable features which can be tailored to your theme just by shopping around. When considering what material the confetti is made from you must decide what visual effect you are aiming for as well as its practical application.

  • Paper confetti is delicate and beautiful but has a tendency to blow away easily or bleed onto the tablecloth when exposed to moisture.
  • Mylar confetti has a metallic sheen and can be very eyecatching. It is not vulnerable to moisture but is lightweight and also may blow away.
  • Plastic confetti is a good all around bet for table top applications. It is waterproof and has some weight to keep it in place. Metallic and pearlescent versions are also available.
  • Diamond table confetti is a very elegant way to add shimmer and sparkle to your tables. This variety is made of clear acrylic and brings a third dimension to traditional confetti.

Send Off Confetti

A newly married couple being sent off with guest showering them in confetti is a classic image, and makes for some great wedding photos. Paper confetti is often used for this application as it provides a delicate effect and lacks the sharp edges and weight of the plastic kind.

Eco-friendly confetti

Another interesting option is eco-friendly confetti. This confetti is made of a biodegradable, water soluble material which dissolves and washes completely away with water. This makes cleanup easy and gets brownie points from the property manager of your venue. Most of us have heard by now that rice can endanger birds who ingest it so this is a great alternative. In addition, eco-friendly confetti is avaible in a plethora of colors giving it a greater visual impact than rice or birdseed.

Confetti Cannons and Blowers

This is a wonderful option for adding excitement to a wedding.  Wedding cannons and blowers have the ability to deliver a large amount of atmospheric confetti or streamers very quickly.  Ideally this should be used for high-impact moments such as the send off, first kiss, or first dance.  These can be hired from a number of confetti companies or your wedding dj may also be able to provide this service.

  • Confetti cannons release a fair amount of confetti or streamers in a quick burst by way of compressed air.
  • Confetti blowers deliver a continual shower of confetti and are usually powered by a tank of compressed gas.  It should be noted that these are quite noisy although some companies offer silent versions.

Buying Confetti

Confetti can typically be purchased by the packet or by the pound. Packets usually contain about 1/2 ounce of confetti which is enough to decorate 1 or 2 tables. Buying wedding confetti by the pound will most likely be a more economical choice. If you have leftovers, it can always be used to accent wedding favors or thank you notes.

If you would like to utilize cannons or blowers there are a number of companies that provide this service. Prices can range anywhere from the hundreds to thousands depending on how many units are used and the amount of confetti included.

One final option which should be considered is those great little party poppers which spew forth streamers coupled with the sound of a champagne bottle being opened.  Spring loaded versions are also available if the noise in undesireable.  These are relatively cheap and can be purchased in quantity.


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