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Wedding Color Theme Ideas

Updated on June 12, 2012

To create a cohesive feel to your wedding, setting a clear color theme is important. Not only will this make your event appear well-planned, it will also ease the process of making decisions since you will be limited to decorations and flowers of a certain set of colors. However, some color themes are harder to pull of then others. For instance, a red and white color theme can look brilliant when done well, you will find quickly that certain shades of red clash making it a hard look to pull off.

These color ideas work well for weddings of all seasons and caliber. They are particularly attractive and easy to work with because various shades of these colors compliment each other rather than clashing.

Turquoise, Pink and Ivory

If you are a fan of the aged Instagram photo look, you will love the combination of turquoise, pink and ivory wedding colors. To pull off this theme consider an ivory wedding dress for you, your bridesmaids in turquoise, the groom and groomsmen with pops of turquoise in their ties and you holding a beautiful bouquet of light pink and ivory flowers wrapped in a turquoise ribbon.

Black and White

A black and white wedding is one of the most elegant and cost effective color themes available. It is always easy to find a wide array of décor items that are either black or white. Furthermore, items like white linens are often less expensive to rent because they are widely available.

While this theme can certainly give a very classic and elegant feel that is appropriate for any season, it does not have to be boring. Instead of solid colors consider stripes or polka dots to add a fun and unique flare to your event. You can also opt for an ultra romantic feel by doing all of your flowers in a deep red. This theme also works well to mix and match with other themes. You can decorate everything in black and white but choose a different color theme for your flowers.

Purple and Green

Anything from a deep and dark purple, shown in the image, to a light lavender works well in this purple and green combination. Use a combination of these colors to create accented seating, table linens, invitations and on the cake. Allow for a lot of bright green floral accents and give each member of the wedding party a pop of your favorite shade of either color. Mix the shades of purples to give a more classic feel or keep everything to one shade of green and one purple for something more modern. If you do opt for the latter, you will want to carefully check each purchase and choice you make with one master item to see that they all match. For instance, if you are set on a specific purple for the bridesmaid dresses you should acquire a swatch of this fabric to carry with you. You can then match this swatch again flower, linens and favors to keep everything the same shade.

Pink and Brown

A pink and brown themed wedding offers a lot of versatility. You can choose either light or saturated hues of either color for a completely different feel. Choose soft pinks and light browns for a 1940s feel. Add to this feel by placing the men in light brown vests and bow ties instead of jackets and ties. Alternatively, you can opt for dark chocolate tones with bold pinks. This will give your event an updated appearance.

This color theme can be carried out easily through desserts, draping fabrics and paper lanterns. Keep your flower selections in the pink family but offer pops of brown through ribbons or fiddlehead ferns.

Royal Blue and White

Royal blue and white themes are often very ornate and regal. However, this is not always the case as shown in the invitations. To pull off this wedding theme, wear a blue sash around your waist and use a royal blue aisle runner. Decorate with white draping and blue accents. Use plenty of white flowers but also search out blue options if they appeal to you.

Red and Orange

A red and orange theme can signify the warmth of a fire on a cold winter's night, the comfort of dark leaves on autumn trees or the fiery sun and passion of a summer's night. This versatility makes a red and orange theme a brilliant choice for nearly any season. Furthermore, with oranges and reds you can incorporate fruits into your décor. Fresh apples, pomegranates or tangerines or oranges make for a fun pop of color that guests enjoy.

However, this theme is certainly not the easiest to pull off. Different shades of red have a tendency of clashing with each other. I suggest getting a swatch of fabric that matches the shades of red you are looking for. Use this to influence your purchases. On the other hand, most oranges work well with all reds and other oranges as well. Focusing on more orange than red can solve a lot of this issue.

Yellow and Orange

This bright theme scream fun. It is also one of the easier color themes for a do-it-yourself bride to pull off. This is due to the fact that all shades of orange and yellow compliment one another, with the exception of neon shades. This means that anything yellow or orange that catches your eye can be quickly and easily purchased for your event without worrying about fitting in with your décor.

You can go all out using brightly colored aisle runners, table linens, cake and centerpieces. Alternatively, you can keep this theme muted by incorporating white or black shades.

A yellow and orange theme can be used easily for summer, spring or autumn weddings are work brilliantly for outdoor daytime weddings or indoor evening weddings.

Pink and Green

A pink and green theme allows for a lot of versatility. You can opt for the soft and delicate shades shown in the image or give an exciting pop of color with bright greens and a variety of dark and light pinks. A fun idea with this color theme is to keep your ceremony colors in softer colors signifying love and romance. However, when guests arrive to the reception they are met with brighter shades of every color to pop up the fun.

Green and Cream

To get this look use a variety of dark and light greens. Wear a cream-colored or ivory wedding dress and use cream-colored linens with little hints of green tulle. Give a rich and elegant feel by incorporating various lilies: calla lilies, lily of the valley, asiatic and oriental lilies. Keep it modern by using brightly colored poms for your flowers. Keep it unique by using ferns instead of flowers.

Pink and Lavender

Using various shades of pinks and lavenders or other soft purples is one of my favorite for outdoor, garden style weddings. With so many flowers in these color tones it is easy to find inspiration for your wedding at the florists.


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