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Wedding Reception Banquet Centerpiece TableScape

Updated on October 26, 2015

DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Reception Centerpiece

When it comes to weddings, there is no other day so special to two people who are being united as one. Sometimes you need to cut a few corners to be able to splurge on others. Here is a less costly reception table centerpiece compared to fresh flowers. You are designing your centerpieces so all dimensions are yours to choose.

You will need glass vases, usually one per table and several on the wedding parties table since it is usually much larger than the others. Size and shape will be determined by your preference and the size of the table.

Choose colors of faux/silk flower sprays that coordinate with your wedding colors. The type of flowers can also be themed to coordinate. Example: tropical flowers for a beach themed wedding, roses for a more traditional, etc.

Remove each flower and it's stem from each spray. Insert stems into a rectangle piece of Oasis or Styrofoam. If you wish, you can add a few drops of glue on the stem prior to insertion for extra staying power. Fill entire piece of foam with flowers making sure to not leave any open spaces. You want the entire rectangle filled with the exception of a few inches on the bottom, which will be used to insert into your support medium.

The support medium will be added to the bottom of the vase first. You can use colored sand, shells, marbles, beads, glitter, anything you can imagine that will help hold your "totem" in place inside the vase. Once the support medium is in place add your "totem" by gently inserting the bare bottom of the foam into the support medium. There you go, all done.

You may want to add a few embellishments around your vase centerpiece on the table. Suggestions could be: favors, confetti, or anything that ties into your wedding theme. Disposable cameras are a great idea also, guests enjoy taking pictures and they will be definitely different from what your photographer will take.

The photos to the right show the flowers inserted into the foam

The last photo shows a completed centerpiece on the table with embellishments around it to give you an idea.,


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