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Wedding Calendar

Updated on July 18, 2011

Wedding Planning~ Wedding Countdown Calendar~ 12 to 18 Months

Set a budget: Including expenses for your engagement party, bachelorette, bridal shower, rehearsal Dinner, if you are not sure who is paying for or will be hosting these events. If you have a wedding theme in mind, you can incorporate your theme throughout your events.
For example, if your wedding theme is Fall or Winter, your engagement party invitations can be in Fall colors or flowers. If your theme is Winter Wedding you could incorporate snowflakes, white trees or branches. It doesn't matter if it's off season. You can bring your guest into a different world and environment by having an off season wedding theme. It's your wedding and you can do as you please!

Announce & Plan Engagement Party: Engagement photo in newspaper, engagement party invitations, menu and amount of people you can accommodate and where it will be held, take place and who will be hosting

Choose a theme for your wedding: Do you want a Beach Wedding, Destination Wedding, Princess Fairytale, Winter Wonderland?

Choose size and scale: Do you have a large family and lots of friends, but can't afford to feed all these people? Stick with a smaller scale, 200 plus people will be considered a large scale wedding. Deciding this will help simplify your wedding planning, and the amount of people will come in handy when talking to your vendors about prices and if they will be able to accommodate you.

Choose Wedding Date: When do you want to have this fabulous wedding? Do you want the weather to be a certain way, like the smell and feel of Spring or Fall? Keep in mind that mother nature has control, hurricane season, April showers etc.

Choose Location: This Fab wedding will take place at the........... resort or hotel. Will you be self contracting your wedding? Meaning you find and price your own caterer, florist, cake decorator, photographer, videographer etc. Will your venue allow outside vendors to come in and cook or do you have to use their caterer? What will they allow that will help you cut your cost and expenses? Keep this in mind when choosing your venue for your wedding reception. People that can afford and don't have the time to find their own vendors, will put all their money in one place and let the venue take care of the vendors that are contracted with their company.

Music: Wedding Songs Song for first dance, songs for wedding ceremony, wedding party entrance & walking out. Bride's entrance etc

Save the Date: Mail save the date cards for a Destination Wedding, or if your wedding is scheduled around a busy time, such as major holidays. Engagement photo in newspaper, engagement party invitations, menu and amount of people you can accommodate and where it will be held, take place and who will be hosting.

" Wedding Planning, tips & ideas"

Wedding Planning~ Wedding Countdown Calendar~ 7 to 11 Months

Choose Wedding Dress: Will you order your wedding dress from a bridal shop or will you have it made by a seamstress and save money?

Bridesmaids: Choose your bridesmaids and their dresses, will all bridesmaids have the same style and color bridesmaids dress or will you alternate? Will they be ordered from a bridal shop or made by a seamstress? Although it's not as complicated choosing the flower girl dress and ring bearer attire, you might as well figure it out now, blending everyone's attire together, including tuxedos for groom and groomsmen. Don't forget accessories like gloves, hairpieces, shoes and jewelry for bride and wedding party.

Book Vendors: Confirm details with your church officiant for your wedding ceremony if you are getting married in a church. By this point in your wedding planning process, you should have a decision about which vendors you want to use for your wedding, including Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Cake Decorator, Caterer, Dj or band, etc. Book them and keep all contracts, agreements and receipts in a safe place. If any miss understandings arise, you will have this signed document stating price and accomodations agreed. Who will provide drinks and alcohol? Cut cost by providing a variety of cheaper champagnes and beer. People are coming to your wedding to celebrate you! not to judge a food and wine contest!

Transportation: Research and decide on transportation, such as limo and airlines, don't forget about your honeymoon! Research options within your budget set for your honeymoon. Do you want to surf or see mountains for your honeymoon?

Register: Choose store or stores for your wedding registry. Give people a variety. You can choose one upscale department store and one average store like Target or Wal-Mart for your wedding registry.

Favors: Choose wedding favors, and gifts for your wedding party which you will give during or after rehearsal dinner, you can gift bridesmaids jewelry sets or pay for their bridesmaids shoes that you chose for your bridesmaids, or give the girls a spa gift certificate. You may even be able to get a discount by purchasing in bulk.

"Wedding Info! how to DIY your Wedding"

Wedding Planning~ Wedding Countdown Calendar~ 3 to 6 Months

Wedding Invitations:

Approve and order your wedding invitations, wedding programs, escort cards, place cards and thank you cards. You can order matching thank you cards (that match your wedding theme or wedding invitations) that you will give out during and after your wedding. People that bought you gifts for your bridal shower, bachelorette party and bought you a wedding gift, will be given a thank you card that you will already have handy to send out after each event.

Honeymoon Research:

Choose and research your honeymoon destination, travel and all documents you will need if traveling outside U.S.

Shop Registry:

Shop all stores you chose for your wedding registry if you haven't already

Bridal Shower:Schedule and plan your bridal shower, who will host it, who's paying for it, where will it be held, what's the menu, what's the decor? Is it plated or buffet style? silverware, glassware, is it a casual or formal style setting?

Rehearsal Dinner: Schedule and plan your rehearsal dinner, who will host it, who's paying for it, where will it be held, what's the menu, what's the decor? Is it plated or buffet style? silverware, glassware, is it a casual or formal style setting?
Bachelorette Party: Many options for your bachelorette party: schedule and plan your bachelorette party, who will host it, will it be a night out or in? who's paying for it, where will it take place? what's the menu, what's the decor? You could also have a bachelorette day, starting with breakfast at your favorite restaurant with the girls. Due to the business of planning your wedding, this is a good idea especially if you have friends and family from out of town. It will give you a chance to really catch up with them, and your bridesmaids, to make sure they are on task. After breakfast you and the girls could meet up again for lunch and shopping, picking up a few last minute things for your wedding, and plan a final event to end the evening!

Wedding Planning~ Wedding Countdown Calendar~ 1 to 3 Months

Run: Trial or test run for hair and makeup

Fit: Fittings for wedding attire

Mail: Mail Wedding Invitations

Task: Prepare, arrange and or package wedding favors

Say Cheese: Take bridal portrait to send to newspaper for wedding announcement

Shower: Have your Fab Bridal Shower. You don't want to have it to close to your bachelorette party and wedding day, it's not good for receiving gifts, because people may feel another event and gift for the same person, so it's best to space it out a little, instead of one person giving you a gift covering your wedding, bachelorette and bridal shower.

Wedding Planning~ Wedding Countdown Calendar~ 1 to 4 Weeks

Paper: Write your wedding vows. Give scriptures to people that you chose to read for your wedding ceremony

Dine: Have your bridesmaids luncheon, your rehearsal dinner and bachelorette party

Alter: All alterations for bride's wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, groom's tuxedo, tux for groomsmen, flower girl dress, ring bearer attire

Accessories: Flowers and accessories, wedding decorations including centerpieces, wedding ceremony accessories and decorations, such as unity candle and stand, ring pillow, rose petals, aisle runner, columns etc

Beauty: Have your haircut or color, waxing, manicure, pedicure, break in shoes and scuff bottom with key to reduce slipping

Check: Make a checklist, write every little detail possible, organizing small details and check off on your list. If you forgetting something, it will most likely come to you when checking off your list Happy Wedding Day: Enjoy your wedding day and remember the reason why you are doing all of this in the first place


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    • AimeeMorris profile image

      AimeeMorris 6 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Great information about wedding planning! Thank you for sharing this informative article!

    • Princess Weddings profile image

      Princess Weddings 7 years ago

      Thank You for the compliment and encouragement! It means more to me than you can imagine.

    • PaulaK profile image

      Paula Kirchner 7 years ago from Austin. Texas

      Princess Weddings, what a great hub for an upcoming wedding. We just went through a wedding as the Groom's parents and learned lots in the process. Some things have changed since we got married years ago!

    • Princess Weddings profile image

      Princess Weddings 7 years ago

      You're welcome, glad I could help. Thank you for your comment, it is greatly appreciated.

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 7 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      Great info. I am going to link to your hub. Thanks