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Russian Women Truth And Secrets - What Does A Russian Woman Really Want?

Updated on August 21, 2014

There is such an intrigue and mystique surrounding the Russian woman while working as an esthetician for a few years I met a few of these wonderful and very professional women and become curious of knowing more about the facts

What I have found out personally is that these women are very reserved and serious before they open up for friendship and can be misunderstood until then. After finally breaking through a wall of my serious manager Svetlana she was awesomely opened and friendly just like family.

I was amazed how different she was from our first encounter. Americans are normally what you see is what you get. Well, let's move forward. This is what I found out.

There are many men intrigued with the thought of having a Russian woman as their bride because of their historical charming qualities. They go to great lengths to meet and marry the woman of their deepest fantasies.

But must know that the Russian woman is also looking for what she finds attractive in her partner. You may think that a handsome well groomed playboy type will do well. But that time is over! The serious Russian woman is smart intelligent and have her eyes on the prize that is more stable, gentle, and a great family provider.

What a Russian Woman Isn't

A Russian woman is no more a mail order bride, people that have gone this route end up disappoint and unloved in many cases. Times are too serious to get mixed up with someone you don't enjoy sharing your life with as you grow older.

Traveling and enjoying the world is best done with a mate you truly enjoy and admire, A mate that will stand with you during the hard times as well as the good.,

The Real Secret of a Russian Woman

The secret is, there is no secret. Many people have their own preferences and that's fine. But don't expect to find a mindless woman that will bend to your every whim because of what you heard online . A Russian woman wants to be loved and understood not just provided for and dressed pretty.

The simple fact is in Russia the women out number the men causing them to be creative with their dating methods.


Viewing any women as an object is degrading and immoral. Every woman, man or child is a unique individual and spirit and should be treated as such. I do believe we are all alike in many ways and certainly have our difference we can't deny.

Women from Russia are known from their strength and the ability to love hard when in love and so are others. Lumping one group of women all in one basket could leave you missing out on some really great people. Hopefully this hub was found interesting and pleasing to all.

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Why Are Russian Women Looking For Men Abroad?


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