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What Do Women Really Want?

Updated on April 2, 2014

The one question that keeps magazines, novels, websites, television programs and … men occupied is “What do women want?” What do women really want? What do they need to be happy? And most importantly, “What do women want in a man?”

Articles in magazines come up complex theories. Men have come to the conclusion that no simple answer to this question and its variations exists.

Yet, from a woman’s point of view, what we want is quite simple. Each human being wants to feel appreciated, loved and cherished. Think of your own desires. What a woman wants is not much different from the wishes of a man.

The big secret: what do women really want?
Women want everything. We want love and happy relationship. We want professional development. We want to enjoy our lives and do wild things, until we reach the age to grow up and start acting like adults.

Most of us want to have children. This desire is instinctive and is the driving motivator behind the acts of the average woman. Professional growth, exceptional social life and awards cannot compensate for the lack of a child in a woman’s life.

Each lady reaches the stage of desiring children at a specific time of her life. No two women are the same. Maturity needs to set in before this decision is taken.

Women are confused. We are often puzzled about our goals and ideas. Finding the purpose of our lives often turns into a goal in itself.

We want to feel pretty and smart, we want to be head-turning but also respected. We are full of contradictions and this feature is what probably confuses men.

What do women want from men?
Now that you know what women want to get out of life, you need to find out what women want from men and how do we select our life partners. Understanding female psychology is not as difficult as it initially seems.

Even the strongest and most independent woman wants to be courted, protected and cherished. We want a shoulder to cry on and a strong arm to carry us through the hard periods in life.

Women want a man who will listen, show compassion and understanding. A man has to be sensitive, respectful and emotionally intelligent to win the heart of a woman.

Bad boys are fun for one night… or for several nights. When it comes to something stable, women will settle for someone who understands them and makes them feel beautiful, appreciated and understood.

Listening is of key importance. Women are emotional creatures. We need to talk about our feelings and desires and we need someone to listen and to ask the right questions.

Women want from men protection, partnership, affection and passion. When you come to think about it, men have similar desires when searching for a partner. We are not that different after all, right?

What do women want in bed?
Another tricky question that leaves men puzzled is what do women want in bed. This question is difficult to answer since many ladies feel embarrassed and uneasy about expressing their desires and saying out loud what they really want to get.

Above anything else, women want an intelligent lover. Someone who is able to read body language and the small signals that a woman is sending out.

Women need to feel comfortable in bed to get the most out of the experience. Make her feel at ease. Tell her that she looks pretty and sexy – most women feel embarrassed about displaying their body.

Show her that she can trust you. As soon as you build trust, she will open up. She will share her fantasies, the things she likes, what she would love to try and how she would like to be touched.

Naturally, the preferences of each woman differ. Concluding that these tips are universal is wrong. Some women prefer to dominate, others like slightly aggressive lovers. You need to know the thinking and desires of a woman to turn a night of passion into a major experience for both of you.

No two women want the same things
All this said is fine but you have to understand that no two people are the same.

Applying universal rules of thumb to your relations with women will hardly do the trick. Each situation has its specifics. Each woman has her needs. The one tip that remains universal is listening. Listen to your lady. Listen to the things that she says openly and to the issues that she only hints of.

Keep your senses open and be active to find out what women really want. As time passes and you gain more experience, you will get better at this art. Learn from your mistakes – there is no such thing like negative experience. As long as you put effort in understanding your lady, you will sooner or later discover what she really wants.

Learn How to Impress

Are you a guy who is finding it difficult to impress the ladies and how to "read" their minds?

There are various important rules to follow, if you want to be successful. For a start, you should trust your instincts. Men who overanalyze will get confused and they will find it very difficult to read the signals and to respond in an adequate manner.

Be confident! Take control! Women like that. Asking her about what she wants, being overly inquisitive and attentive can easily force you into the friend zone. Though you should be a gentleman, learn how to get information without looking too "soft." It will decrease your chances of success. With experience and a lot of communication, you will learn how to become the man that every woman wants to be with.


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    • ewriter25 profile image

      ewriter25 8 years ago

      Great article. I totally agree. Well written :)

    • ZarkoZivkovic profile image

      ZarkoZivkovic 8 years ago from Serbia

      Nice hub, great to hear a woman's point of view.

      Mine is unfinished: but that is just an introduction. I'm planning on writing a few more on the subject.

      Great to have you as a follower :)