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Dating Beautiful Russian Women-What Is The Pull Of The Russian Woman To The Western Man And Western Men Want Russian Wom

Updated on September 11, 2013

What Do Russian Woman Want?

So many are inquiring about choosing beautiful Russian Women for marriage because of qualities they possess. Russian woman are known to be hot,sensual,beautiful,loyal,passionate,and great accent! Western men are graving the feeling of dealing with women that don't step on their egos.What's not to love? But good luck with that fairytale!

Dating a Russian Woman or having a Russian Bride has been a fascination for men for hundred of years.They believe the privilege of a Russian Bride to be the ultimate for having a loyal, beautiful, and in most cases younger wife.There are so many other qualities these beautiful Russian women you want to meet are known for.

These Russian women have been known to stick with their partners for life through all life turns and twist. I believe if you believe all Russian woman are the same you may in for a great disappointment.

Who wouldn't love being with a sensual,young,sexy,adoring,hanging on to your every word Russian bride? Just imagine how jealous everyone would be every time they saw you with your beautiful sexy wife hanging onto you as if you were her very air...

The Real Truth About Russian Women

Back to earth man...This is a fairytale that can come true but when you find compatibility and love in your partner just like in any other dating situation.

There are Russian women without morals, social grace, and some could be heartless and cold that may want to marry for their own selfish reasons.My suggestion to you is to get to know any woman your dating.

There are all types of men as well as women in the world, make sure you know who you are dealing with. You become the type of partner you want to attract. If she doesn't like that person then on to the next!

It is just not enough to be Russian to make a match in heaven. These very stereo types have led men into romances that ended in pain. Just like any marriage gone bad.Visit the Russian Woman Guide for more information about Russian woman as potential brides.

My Opinion: I believe a woman that challenges you and makes you do and be your best for her and you is a keeper. A woman that will fight with you and for you is gold. A woman that will stop you from hurting yourself even if she has to sit on you is a real woman and priceless partner. Hopefully you find these iqualities if Dating A Russian Woman is your choice.

How To Talk To A Russian Woman - Learn To Speak The Russian Language?


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 4 years ago

      Thanks for Commenting LS!

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

      Not one comment from 2011 until today?! I suppose I can take that as a license to write a lengthy response.

      Western men have bought into the stereotype that women of other cultures are more interesting, submissive, and feminine. In other words, "The grass is greener on the other side." Finally, they kick up their heels and jump the fence. Before it is done, they will learn new lessons that will help them to see that human behaviors are universal, not just local or national.

      I know of a woman who carried herself loosely in her neighborhood. She was disliked by women and used by men. One day she got tired of her life always ending on a dead-end street. So, she moved to another state, soon married, and seldom come back home to visit family. A man feels safe not knowing, and he is curious as he wanders after the new. Many men say that these Russian women are very attractive. I ask, have they just gotten attractive in the past few decades, or have they always been attractive? Ok!

      Dating in other races, cultures, etc. is trendy, and many people do not need much persuasion to do it because they are already curious whether they admit it or not. Besides, “everybody is doing it.” I see it growing more and more. I recently went to New Orleans for a weekend with my family, and the people in general caught my attention because they were unlike most people in my state. These people seemed so mixed, and the identifiable races were so diverse. Yet, I was unable to identify the race of many a person.

      Western men date and marry Asian women at an all-time high. Such dating practice is universal and is not just between two groups. Odd coupling is popping up everywhere according to media connections and personal observations. The mail-order bride practice beats them all, I must say. That is stranger than strange—not the marriages, but the method of acquiring them, transporting and paying big money for the transaction as if they are commodities is shocking among civilized people. (The desperation in comparable to the American Colonial days when men had few women to marry. So, they had more brides shipped from Europe when it was possible and affordable.) Many of these present transported brides are from Russia and Asia. Many Western men seem to be truly busy these days.

      Many non-Western women who have discovered how desperately gullible some Western men are have answered the call and gone to market. They are the merchandise. They advertise and network all over the media, especially the Internet, and the desperate men are the buyers. “E Pluribus Unum!”

      There are good Russian women as any other women, but there are many on the prowl for a fat kill. The point is that there are many good and bad women everywhere, and the grass is not always greener on the other side. It just appears to be greener because many men wear dark sunglasses as they peer over the fence.