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What Love Is all about

Updated on July 29, 2016

Identifying With Love


     Everyone from time to time has said to someone, I love you, but how many of us have ever stopped to say, “What does love really mean.” The meaning of love to me is, looking beyond a person’s faults, and blemishes, in order to love an individual unconditionally. Many people are not able to love unconditionally, because they simply don’t know how it’s done.

     Love is in a category all by itself. I believe it is an instinct that God has put in all of us from birth. Anyone can say they love you, but I’m writing to tell you that this love thing is not just about saying it, but rather, love is shown by our actions. You can tell a person 100 times “I love you,” but if you never show them, it means nothing it will only be words.

     Love is patient, love is kind, and most of all love is unconditional. Love does not envy, It is not rude, and you definitely can’t buy it. Love is what love does. Love protects, and love forgives. I don’t believe people would have made it this long on earth without love.

     Love is a powerful action; don’t just look at it as a word, because love is deep and we as Individuals, need to seek out the true meaning of love. Let us take self inventory to see if we possess this thing called love, if we find out that we possess it, then we have one of the most powerful tools on earth. I say to you, let us love one another with sincerity and truth. If we possess love; we will see that love will withstand the tests of time.

What Love Is All About

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    • MagicStarER profile image

      MagicStarER 7 years ago from Western Kentucky

      What a beautiful hub. Especially with Valentine's Day coming up! You are really doing great here on HubPages! Welcome and happy hubbing! :)