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What Was I Really Thinking?

Updated on June 11, 2020
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Ms Macon is the Bitchface in Ask A Bitchface and often provides advice on dating, relationships, divorce, and Southern Belle-isms.

I Have Tried To Tell Myself A Million Times, I Thought I Could Save Him...

But was that really the reason behind putting up with the horrible abuse, the lack of basic respect, and the lying, cheating dirtbag that he revealed himself to be? Was a part of me looking to punish myself, like some sort of masochistic superhero, sacrificing my mental health to try to haul that narcissist from the personal room he had been gifted in hell?

You rehash things as often as your mind will allow you to. I have spent countless hours trying to locate that exact moment when I should have found the emergency exit and split. I can find hundreds of exit worthy events in the final times, but that very first episode nearly eludes me. How did it slip into such a torturous daily existance so quickly, and how did I miss the chance to pull the cord and jump?


Prior to him hitting me, before the daily berating, what was the event I missed between suspect and full on abusive?

I Know It Wasn't Overnight...

I know that there must have been a gradual slide between him showing me what an abusive sack of shit he is, and me understanding that the man was going to end up taking my life if I didn't get out now. I just don't remember it.

I know I have PTSD. I also know that it can affect the way that you remember the trauma. I have been told that it is simply my brain protecting me from memories that it knows I wouldn't be able to handle. Yet, I wonder sometimes if that's the best way for my brain to assist. I almost think sometimes that I want to be able to trace back the very instant that it went from borderline abusive to full-blown narcissistic rage and abusive incidents.

My mind, though, in an effort to protect me, it seems, has decided that I can't handle that information. It put the nix on the memories and basically advised that we will not be investigating that avenue anytime in the near future. My mind has decided that avenue has been closed for road construction, and it must be federally funded because it's looking like at least a 7 year project.

What really bothers me is the lack of answers...Why would you do this to me?

The Critical Thinker In Me Wants Answers...

Why would you treat someone this way?

Why me? What did I do to make you want to destroy me?

How do you excuse your behavior?

Although I know I'll never have answers to these questions, they still plague me just the same. It's a horrible mental cage, knowing that if you just had a few answers, you could file the memories away in the past, or run them through a shredder twice. It seems that the more you look for the reasons, the further from having them you actually are.

I want to know why he chose me to abuse. I want to know so that I can seal off that part of myself and be sure that it is never seen again. Whatever his green light was, I need to identify and destroy it, because it allowed him to worm his way into my life.


Looking Back With Clarity...

I know that my need to be the fixer of people led to my demise. I should have bailed at the first sign of trouble, but that's always been a problematic situation with me. I like to believe that I can heal the broken parts of people. As it turns out, the grafts that I give to them come from pieces of my own wellbeing, and I nearly lost my life in the process.

I have become wiser. I have realized the value of letting go, of cutting your losses, of walking away from bad investments. That doesn't mean, though, that I don't still revisit this trauma and wonder "where was the moment I should have recognized the danger?" Often I think that if my brain would let me remember the moment, I would be able to let this go. That's probably not true, though.

You're the reason I don't try to move on...I can't trust my own judgment anymore

I Think My Hiatus From Dating Is Fear...

I no longer trust my ability to recognize a predator. I no longer believe that I can spot the warning signs in time to save myself. Out of fear of making another decision this epically bad, I abstain. I have a permanent barrier around my being, and it lends me comfort. I don't want to have another encounter with someone like you. I don't even want to know anyone else like you.

I would spend the remainder of my life alone before I would lend another moment of my life to an abusive piece of shit like you.

Have You Found Abuse Kept You From Trying Again?

After leaving an abusive relationship, did fear keep you from trying again?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 MsMacon


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